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To facilitate switching my keyboard and mouse between the two I also bought a USB switch from Amazon. Recently in an effort to cut as many chords as possible I purchased a set of bluetooth headphones as well. Once I've paired the headphones to one of the computers and use the switch, something strange happens. If the headphones were previously paired with that computer I cannot get them to connect at all unless I delete them completely from the bluetooth settings and go through the pairing process all over again on the current machine.

It's my understanding that this shouldn't be happening, so is this fixable? I've disabled the native bluetooth adapter on the Mac and confirmed that the Mac now uses the USB adapter instead. This is caused by the way Bluetooth devices authenticate to each other. When the initial manual authentication occurs, both devices store a 'link key' which they use to automatically authenticate for future connections.

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Note: Scroll down to " The easy way " at the bottom of this answer if you don't care about what's going on and how to do it manually. What you want is for the headphones to think they're both the same computer, therefore you need both computers to store the same link key. I recommend the latter option:.

If you were using Windows on both computers, you could simply pair to both computers, then copy the link key from the last one to the first one. Seeing as one of your computers is a mac, you're going to need to do a little more work, 'cause they store the link keys differently. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Bluetooth Dongle for Mac? - Compatibility - WayTools

Asked 1 year ago. Active 11 months ago. Viewed times. Jimmy P Jimmy P 63 5 5 bronze badges. It doesn't matter if they're connected or not, but essentially yes. I can pair the headphones to both computers. After switching to one computer and then switching back the headphones will not connect. They'll try to connect; it'll even switch to connected status for a quick second, and then remain disconnected until I unpair and then pair them again. What is the make and model of the headphones? Sennheiser HD1 Hogstrom. That's what the link in the question is for.

JimmyP: External links can break. It's good practice to add any pertinent information in the question itself. I don't know if in actually they might also be recognized just as easily by a contemporary model machine -- but I decided not to test that and just went with the specific dongle that Abertheham suggested.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up -- and although my situation was different than yours -- reading your instructions still helped to resolve my problem. Dear abertheham , clear to follow instructions! Thank you.

Bluetooth Adapter that works in Sierra?

Thank you as well RomanM65 for the tip to make it permanent! The benefit is that I can turn the ASUS bluetooth off and back on from the hub in order to reset the bluetooth and get the keyboard connected again. The key is to setup the MacBook Pro 15 with that command line that tells the computer to look for external bluetooth sources first before going to the internal Bluetooth. It bypasses that crummy bluetooth module inside the laptop. Tried several restarts, and it only gives me the 'Broadcom Corp If you unplug bluetooth dongle mac will use internal.

Reply 1 year ago. Thanks Abertheham!!

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Finally someone who really managed to fix this annoying issue completely. I used a diffirent USB key from Trust. This also works. Thanks again! Sir, your instructions were fantastic! Within five minutes, I had the same dongle you mentioned, from Amazon, working! I walked to the kitchen, now loss of connection. Reply 2 years ago. Hopefully this saves someone from the headaches I experienced. A surprisingly low percentage of those offered on Amazon even attempt to claim that they work with Mac.

The re-pairing process only needs to be done once, and they will be remembered. Thus, you must run BTE and repeat the steps outlined here except downloading and installing, obviously in order to re-activate your dongle after every reboot. My personal work-around and suggestion: In keeping with the "no-cables-allowed" theme I almost certainly suffer from some degree of undiagnosed OCD , a little 2. They cost about 15 bucks and fit nicely in a drawer until needed.

BT must be paired to host devices, whereas RF peripherals establish connections independently from said devices. RF peripherals almost always come with a USB receiver often pre-configured which is required for use. Effectively, they just replace a physical, wired connection with a radio signal while maintaining the unrivaled plug-n-play compabitibility of USB.

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Obviously, you should have already purchased and acquired your new Bluetooth dongle. You can plug said dongle in at any point, but you may as well do it now. You'll be using Apple's development tools, so you'll need a developer account. This is a free, fast, and painless process, so don't let that dissuade you. It's linked to your already-existing Apple ID and uses the same password, so it barely even qualifies as opening a new account. It'll be worth it.

Make a note of the address before changing anything. Feeling pretty tech-savvy now, aren't you? Notes: At the time of writing May , the latest release was version 8. Older versions should work, but I'd start with the most recent release.

Mac Pro Bluetooth 4.0

I have read a couple experiences where only older versions worked, but the authors were using El Capitan, Yosemite, or some other version of OSX that has long-since been replaced. I've seen several people suggest downloading Xcode to get Bluetooth Explorer - this is incorrect. They are independent, stand-alone utilities. Once the download has completed, find and open the.

The program can either be run directly from the. However, I recommend the proper install because, If you're reading this, and just now figuring out that these resources exist, you're unlikely to need any of the other tools included in the. You know where to go to re-download the additional tools later, should the need arise. If a warning pops up, just click Open. Note: While this may technically "fix" your bluetooth conundrum, the author strongly advises against this course of action.

When you're ready: Click activate and enter your Administrator password. You should be looking at something like this. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Cheap, Sturdy, 1-Hour Quadcopter.

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