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I understand it isn't finished, but the base game that is there is already looking to be miles better than the original mod itself. If you lost interest, can't understand why people like it, then you're probably not a fan of DayZ. It's just like Dark Souls.

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It probably isn't for you. The visuals are outstanding, the game feels fluid animation-wise, movements, controls, and plenty of settings are there. I'm excited to see what else they will add to the game in the near future. You must be just an absolute miserable person in RL. I feel bad for whoever has to be around you. It's killing me that I couldn't buy it day 1, but it happened to release the only time I have absolutely no money right before Christmas. It's a multiplayer FPS, sandbox, and social experiment all rolled into one. I don't care if it barely works at the moment - an original, innovative game concept that barely works is far more substantial to me than a game that's unoriginal and finished.

It's really refreshing when a game comes out and I can say "Hey, I haven't played something similar to this a million times already! Rocket and his team may be slow as shit, but at least they have integrity and commitment to their vision - and when it comes down to it, these rare qualities are the most important for satisfying their unique fan base. I have no doubt that when it's finished, it will be one of the best non-competitive multiplayer FPS experiences around.

I love the "risk-reward" dynamic of the game. If it was just a hand-holding, campfire singing affair, it wouldn't be DayZ. Hell, the Alpha is very, very playable. I've run into like two common bugs and it doesn't happen enough to hamper the gameplay. Furthermore, I'm very impressed with this base game that they have released. Great to hear : I figured people who weren't die-hard fans of the mod were going to hate this. I'm a fanboy of the mod. It's one of the few games my girlfriends actually likes to play with me, because of the social dynamic.

I'm picking this up tomorrow once I get my paycheck. That's great man.

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If you ever need people to travel with, add me on Steam. My username is Elann They need to fix this unconscious thing. By the time I even find something to sustain me I'm still missing the goddamn can opener!

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Just let us respawn when we need. One could argue, find a zombie and just let it smack you to death, or starve which takes forever.

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That's the only major hindrance right now. Yeah can openers are pretty rare. I found two in the same room in the city last night. I was like yes!

Too bad I had no syringe to use my blood bag which is also rare. So much fun though. I like some of the complexity, but not all of it.

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I don't like the can opener stuff, nor do I like how advanced you have to go to use the medical things. I'd smash it open with a open, or use whatever other implement I had to get it open. I think the mod hit the perfect balance of realism and gameplay. An issue I am having with the game right now is night time. Is there a phantom Janitor a.

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That shit is annoying. I guess you have to be gullible to buy any game. You never really know what you're going to get until you play it. You could say "read reviews", but I don't recall a single BF4 review mentioning that the game mostly didn't work at launch Please Log In to post.

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This topic is locked from further discussion. Sleepyz said:. Can't play till tomorrow night though sadly. Well there goes the rest of my night. That is costly for an Alpha. Geminon said:. Geminon said: wis3boi said: acanofcoke said: It's still in Alpha? So here are my impressions thus far: The game is far more stable than the mod ever was.

The best part? You can now use your mitts as a weapon, though how feasible that is I'm not sure. Lost interest long ago. So I bought Dayz two years ago and I play it on a windows computer but DayZ is not designed with Mac in mind, you'd have to use Bootcamp. Popular Alternatives to DayZ for Mac. Probably a really stupid question but im looking to sell my gaming PC in the near future so that I can purchase a macbook pro.

This will allow. It's also. I'm now trying to use this program called crossover, the game loads fine n all but when I try to join a game it freezes and the black.