2. Reset (or update) your Internet browser

However, some people swear by other popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. There are a few apps which promise to optimise your Mac and speed it up. Applications which free up your disk space and memory can also help to increase your Internet speed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Make sure your Mac is not close to a corner or a wall. Also rotate it and see if the performance improves. I moved and had terrible problems. Then I saw this advice on the web and so moved my Mac. Instant improvement.

Restart your Mac

If for example the Duplex settings are different, then you might want to change them back to the standard settings. Otherwise, just leave them as they are.

You may also like. When to use: your Mac is still running an older macOS version e. High Sierra or Mojave , and you meet the basic requirements of the new upgrade — latest macOS Why it helps: a newer macOS version typically runs faster than an older one, though it depends on the model of your Mac machine.

1. You put off updates for too long

How to do: there are a few things you need to check before getting ready to update your MacBook to macOS Catalina. For example, check whether your model is compatible, whether you have enough storage space, and most importantly backup your data, etc. Why it helps: by disabling or turning off features like Notifications, Transparency, and Animations, Magnification, File Vault, etc. The only con is the upgrades can be pricey. Learn more from our review here. It comes with an illustrated guide on how to replace the memory.

How to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac

This video from CNET is also worth checking out. Once you purchase your desired SSD, watch this video for how to install it step by step.

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The manual methods can be quite time-consuming to implement and may require you to have a certain level of technical skills. As its name indicates, this app aims to help you clean your Mac and free up more storage space.

Slow MacBook: Why is my MacBook Pro running slow? - FiX

In addition, you can use the app to batch uninstall unwanted programs, and permanently erase files that are private to you. CleanMyMac is super sleek and intuitive, just hit Scan to get started and then Clean to fix issues. MacBooster — an app developed by the IObit team. This app stands out for its all-in-one concept. It includes a handful of useful utilities that can monitor the overall status of your Mac system. To get started, simply run a quick System Status scan and it will find and suggest fixes. You can also move on to the Tools sections for further optimization.

Did you manage to tune up your MacBook even a little bit? Fair disclosure: we are just normal loyal Mac fans like you. Due to complexities of the subject matter, your results may vary. Also, some of the recommendations contain third-party affiliate links. A new window will show you everything Chrome is doing on your Mac.

How to Fix a Mac That’s Running Slow

Sort either by memory or CPU by clicking on the top of either column. Highlight any running process by clicking on it followed by the End Process button to stop it from running. Outside of Chrome's built-in tool, you can use your Mac's Activity Monitor for dealing with rogue app or process after you identify it. You can either troubleshoot like I did, closing each tab, window or app until you figure it out, or you can highlight the process in Activity Monitor and click on the stop sign button with an "X" in it.

You'll see a prompt asking if you want to quit or force quit the process. Even if your Mac is brand-new, you'll still run into apps and programs that can slow it down from time to time. Those processes are pretty vague and have no direct way to link them to a specific app that's running on your Mac. In those instances, it's a good idea to go back to the obvious troubleshooting tips that we can all overlook at times. They could very well make a difference.

There are other issues that can slow your Mac's performance. Stuff like random login items, running out of hard drive space, or old apps you no longer use can impact performance. It's a good idea to learn five tips to help you speed up your Mac , and also addressing common Mac issues and how to fix them. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.