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Full registration allows access to the LCWireless and LCSecure networks and is only available to students, faculty, staff, and emeriti.

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The network registration process for other devices, such as smart TVs, Google Home, Alexa, gaming devices, or IoT devices is slightly different:. If the device is not functioning on the network, contact the Technology Help Desk. You'll get the quickest service if you already have MAC address of your device when you call.

Windows Laptops

You'll be able to use both networks when registered, regardless of which you're using when you register. In any web browser, navigate to network. Read and agree to the Network Usage Policy. Log in using your Norse Key username and password.

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Install and run the app. Wait 10 minutes for the device to be automatically registered. Reboot the device. Troubleshooting Can use Google and Luther sites, but not others.

  1. Failed Registration.
  2. Bradford Persistent Agent.
  3. Student Wireless.

This device isn't registered properly. Complete the steps above or contact the Technology Help Desk.

Qualys Dissolvable Agent

Finished registration, but no internet. I can only save it on to my desktop and thats the most i can do.

Help anyone? Adv Reply.

How to configure DNS on a Mac

March 29th, 2. Re: bradford dissolvable agent Hello, I am assuming you are at a university or something and trying to get your computer to be allowed on the network. My college mandates that Bradford Persistent Agent be installed. Fortunately for us, it is quite easy to install using Wine.

Failed Registration

I don't know if you are familiar with wine, but it allows you to run some windows programs. I will be happy to forward you the correct Bradford agent to install with wine. September 30th, 3.