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By now Psychemagik have made edits of everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melodies, synth playing—it's quite It blew my mind, it's such a beautiful song, the lyrics are heart-wrenching, the chords and.. There's so much imagery, as well as the lyrics a few of probably the most.

Steve KIW seems to pop up everywhere. There are lo-fi chord changes that sit over off centre drums avoiding a club sound, in its.. The lyrics in 'Birds' is a spiritual piece of writing, where do the lyrics for that song.

GO INSANE TAB by Fleetwood Mac @

The equally overwhelming "I Love You Dad" sees the same chords and.. Go Insane Live Chords. Originally Posted by JbbyStew Find all posts by David. Originally Posted by David.

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I posted the "Go Insane" sheet music in an old Ledge post of mine. I assume the chord progression for the current performance is very close, if not identical.

It may use a different tonic, but that's not relevant. If I knew how to use the Search function, I'd try to retrieve the old post. I'll try and figure out what the C chord he's playing it. It sounds just like a plain old C major but it doesn't look like that's what he's playing. Could just be the angle of the video I suppose.

Fleetwood Mac chords and tabs - 142 chords and tabs

It also means that he's still playing it in the same key as the studio version which is quite surprising since for the acoustic version he dropped it down a bit and now he's put it back up. I didn't think his voice could have taken it back up. Last edited by Peestie; at AM..

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Both of those work great.