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Click the Firefox menu , then click Exit. Click the Firefox menu at the top of the screen, then click Quit Firefox. Click the Firefox menu , then click Quit. In rare cases, extensions are installed globally, into the Firefox installation folder. See this Mozilla Developer Network article for more information. Follow these steps to remove a globally installed extension:. Based on information from Uninstalling add-ons mozillaZine KB. Was this article helpful? Home Firefox Fix slowness, crashing, Problems with add-ons, Cannot remove an add-on extension or theme.

Note: The Refresh Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information. Consider using it before going through a lengthy troubleshooting process. NET Framework Assistant 3.

Click on the Get Add-ons option in the left menu pane if it is not already selected. An introduction to Firefox add-ons will appear, including a video describing the various ways you can personalize the browser through these third-party programs. Also found on this page are some recommended add-ons, each one accompanied by a description and a button.

Add-ons, extensions, and plugins - what is the difference

To install and activate one of them, simply click on said button once until it turns green. The sampling of add-ons shown on this page are just the tip of the iceberg, however. Scroll to the bottom and click on the button labeled See more add-ons. If you wish to install a particular add-on, select its accompanying Add to Firefox button. A new dialog will now appear in the upper left-hand corner of your browser window, detailing download progress. Once the download is complete, click on the Install button to continue. Some add-ons require Firefox to be shut down to complete the installation process.

In these cases, a button labeled Restart Firefox will appear. Click on the Restart Firefox button if you are ready to close your browser at this time. If not, the add-on will be installed the next time you restart the application. Once an add-on is installed and activated, its features become available immediately within Firefox. Return to the Add-ons Manager interface and click on Extensions , located in the left menu pane. A list of all installed extensions should now be displayed along with icons, titles, and descriptions for each.

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Coupled with each extension in the list is a link titled More , which loads a detailed page about the add-on within the manager interface itself. Click on the More link. Located on this page is a section labeled Automatic Updates , containing the following three options accompanied by radio buttons: Default , On , Off.

This setting dictates whether or not Firefox checks for and installs available updates to the extension on a regular basis.

How To Disable Plugins/Add-Ons/Extensions In Multi - Box

The default behavior for all official extensions those obtained from Mozilla's website is that they be automatically updated, so it is recommended that you do not alter this setting unless you have a very specific reason to do so. Not available for all add-ons, clicking on this button will allow you to modify settings specific to this particular extension's behavior and functionality.

Also located on this page, in the bottom right-hand corner, are two buttons respectively labeled Enable or Disable and Remove. To uninstall the extension completely, click on the Remove button.

Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant

Located to the right of this message is an Undo button, which allows you to quickly reinstall the extension if you so desire. To manage browser appearance themes , plugins or services in a similar fashion to extensions, click on their respective link in the left menu pane.

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Each of these add-on types will present different configurable options and settings based on their individual purpose. Click on Safari in your browser menu, located at the top of the screen. When the drop-down menu appears, select Preferences. Safari's Preferences interface should now be visible, overlaying your main browser window. Click on the Extensions icon, located in the top row.

Disable or remove Add-ons

A list of all installed extensions will be displayed in the left menu pane. Select an option from the list by clicking on it once. On the right-hand side of the window the respective extension's icon, title, and description should be visible along with several options and links. To activate or disable the extension, add or remove the check mark next to the Enable extension name option; found directly under the description. To completely remove the extension from your Mac, click on the Uninstall button.

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