Best Batch File Renaming Software For Mac

Each of the renaming actions can operate on the Filename, Path or Extension of the files.

How to Batch Rename Files on Mac OS X Easily from Finder

Use Path renaming to organize your files in directories based on the creation date. Or maybe organize your photos in different directories by date and GPS Address. Anything is possible.

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Dates can be formatted exactly the way you want it by either selecting one of the pre-set formats or to specify your own. For a complete list of supported File Attributes, see the changelog.

Renominator: A powerful and easy-to-use file renamer for Mac OS X

Numbering can be added to the beginning or end of the filename. It's possible to exactly specify the number of digits to allow for better sorting of the files by filename.

File renamer for Windows and Mac OS X

The numbering can start from any number and it is possible to skip numbers as well. Maybe you want to add the same text to the beginning of every file, or add a number to the end of a folder full of MP3 recording to keep them in the right order.

Or perhaps that intern spelled the company name wrong on every single one of a hundred files, and you need to correct that word on every file? In the olden days, you would have to either a research, download, buy, and learn to use a new bulk-renaming app or b , punish your intern by making them correct everything by hand, before finally resorting to a anyway because the intern screwed it up again.

How to use the Finder’s powerful bulk renaming tools

Now, the Finder has powerful bulk-renaming tools built in, so you can just take care of it all in a couple of minutes, and have your intern make you a coffee instead. If they can be trusted to do it, that is. Step one is to select all the files you want to rename. Step two is to right click the list, and choose the Rename xxx Items. This pops open the rename sheet.

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Add Text is the simplest of these. You just type in the text that you want to append or prepend to the file name, and choose whether to place it before or after the name. JPG , for example.

NameChanger Will Batch Rename Files for Free in Mac OS

Next up is replacing text. Just type the text you want to remove into the first box, and the text want to replace it with in the second box. The most powerful of the three options is Format Text. The previous method only let you replace text which already exists in the file name. The option lets you change the file name, and also add numbers to the end, in the form of a counter. In all three, you give it a base filename.