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Time Machine is simply unreliable no matter where the backups are stored, and it's a matter of when, not if, it will poop itself and need to start over from scratch. That's based on multiple personal experiences, relative's experiences, and everything I've seen online.

An added benefit is it uses disk images which are very easy to copy to new locations, or extract data from a different computer. Just a note that while CCC does offer versioning backup I don't use that feature, so can't comment on how well that works. Agreed with above posters. TimeMachine is "better than nothing" but far better options exist. I'm personally a fan of SuperDuper for a nightly clone.

Resolved: Making Better Mac Backups - The Mac Observer

This combination has worked well for me for years. Lot of weird myths floating around about computers, I don't know where this one came from. I don't even understand what distinction you're trying to make between a "true" backup and a "data dupe", as I've never heard that term used in a professional IT context before. Data backed up on a NAS is a backup. It just doesn't fulfill all three maxims of the backup strategy. No single backup will; that's the point of the strategy. A single offsite backup won't be compliant either. My favorite mantra around work is "All cloud means is someone else's NAS".

Backup means a copy not on your main system. I'd rather restore from my home NAS than over the internet. BackBlaze exists In my strategy in case of catastrophic loss at home - that's the "house burned down, but I still have the kid's baby pictures and critical legal docs" and OK You're absolutely right, I definitely used the wrong word there. I meant more of a "no matter how many copies, if they're all at your house you're still in danger" kind of expression. I personally have my iMac TM'd to a 4TB external, the iTunes library which lives on another 4TB external has the music folder backed up to a 1TB pocket drive on demand Automater script that I run every few days by hand; should really look into scheduling that , and another 4TB drive that holds all the misc stuff.

The iMac, iTunes drive, Music drive, and Misc drive all back up to the Backblaze account, since it'll handle any non-TM drive that's directly attached to the computer under the "unlimited 1 computer backup" personal account. I gave a NAS some thought a few years ago, but with how cheap externals are, it's a far less compelling solution anymore than it used to be when you needed to have a half dozen drives together to get a big bucket of storage. Thanks I am surprised to hear that someone still has this problem on I have not had it since That way I don't lose all snapshots should one of the destinations become corrupted.

If you mainly use the Synology for backup, I would separate the 2 drives so you can have 2 destinations. I've used a Time Capsule for around 7 years now and never had a problem. Restored data across three different machines and never had a verification issue.

What You Need to Know Up-Front about Computer Backups

Maybe I'm just lucky. I only saw it once during the whole time I was using High Sierra. When I upgraded to Mojave, all of a sudden my 15" MBP couldn't keep a backup intact for more than a few days. Finally I just manually deleted all backups for it and started over.

Since then, I've had the backups for the 15", the 13", and the iMac each puke one time. I only bothered with a repair, using this procedure , for the backup for the iMac. Things have been fine for the last couple of months--I suspect the It's worth noting that my Time Machine target is running High Sierra. It's a Mac mini that doesn't meet the requirements for Mojave.

Maybe I would have had better luck with a Mojave target. ChronoSync offers a lot more rules for backing up if you have certain criteria. I have OS X Sometime between all that I changed my network switch, which may have helped the issue.

No Excuses: 7 Free Mac Backup Apps

Dumped a netgear to a cisco. Anyhow all good now. Backup Software Mac software. Best Mac Backup Software 1. Smart Restore option lets you restore selective folders quickly, wherein Custom Restore option enables you to restore the files you want manually. As it is compatible with multiple platforms, you can access your data anytime, anywhere and from any device with a single Right Backup account.

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All you need to do is log in to your account and retrieve the documents, photos, music or videos that you want back. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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There are some wrinkles here, best explained by Glenn Fleishman at Macworld. A good approach is to start simply, learn the ropes of basic, local backups, then augment your strategy with new, expanded capabilities. The key is a layered, well-understood approach combined with good attention to a backup schedule. Finally, many of our readers are experts in this area. Thanks for the reminder.

This does shine a light on how much TimeMachine needs to be updated.