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BearShare is a file-sharing program that lets you find, download, share, and publish audio and video files. An ever-growing community of millions of registered users ensures quick location and download of virtually any type of file available on the P2P network. With the power of the Bearshare network Download and manage torrent files with an efficient, lightweight, and customizable application.

BitTorrent Free. Search the Internet for torrent files, and download and upload files on a peer-to-peer network. Bit Che Free. A good virtual private network, or VPN, solves that problem. By connecting you to a server in countries where those services are available, you can stream freely and easily without any blocks to service.

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VPNs also provide protection online from various security threats, such as data thieves who spy on payment systems, or brute-force attacks that allow hackers to break into your computer and steal data. Of the many options available, we recommend ExpressVPN. This includes a day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. Here are the best alternatives to both services that will get you all of the music you could want or need.

However, its blocking methods can be bypassed with a VPN, which will allow anyone to stream Pandora for free.

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Some sources report anywhere from 1. We decided to go with the higher number. A close competitor to Pandora, many music lovers prefer Spotify because you can exert far more control over your playlist than with Pandora. The paid option includes the option to download your music and take it with you abroad. There are some countries where Spotify is not available, however, including China.

Famously purchased by Jay-Z in , Tidal is a music streaming app that has lossless audio and music videos as distinguishing features. The service boasts over 52 million songs, more than most other music streaming options on our list of Bearshare and iMesh alternatives.

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