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For example, Windows and Mac computers use different file systems for reading hard disks and removable drives.

How to share an external hard drive between Mac and Windows

That way, wider compatibility means more customers. In that case, we should look for help from a third-party solution. So, we made a list of the best options so you can choose the one best suitable for you. The developer promises a satisfying performance, which is another plus for this program.

So, if you need to perform this action only once, you can take the advantage of the free trial, and get the job done free of charge.

HFS Explorer will automatically recognize the drive and show its content. From here, you can manage and export files and folders from the drive to your computer. Additionally, to be able to use HFS Explorer, you need the Java runtime environment installed on your computer. You can download HFS Explorer from this link.

You can also buy new computer programs on disc or put blank discs into your computer to do things like copying photos, documents or music. CDs and DVDs are played within optical disc drives that come as part of a computer. There are two types of these drives:. All-in-one and touch-screen computers often have a drive in one side, immediately behind the screen. If this is the case, as it is in Apple iMac computers and iBook laptops, just gently feed in the disc and the computer will take it.

Step 2: Now you need to find out how to open your disc drive. This is normally done with the push of a button. In the laptop left , the button is actually on the tray. Press the button on your computer. If the tray is motorised, it will open completely. If not, it will open slightly and you can gently pull it open.

How to read a Macintosh CD on a PC

Which side of the disc is uppermost is important. The side that has writing on it should be facing up. And will your software work better?

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I suggest you to download and test the trial version of the software. You will be able to record 60 sec of song and check the quality. Mac OSx Any advise?? I have an external hard drive that all my music is on. Will your free software play it? Do you offer a search engine to find the songs?

You have a broadband connection:

Can I display the lyrics window only on a separate monitor? Is the Registration key good for any computer or specific to the computer you download to and can it be restored in the event of a system crash? Also I saw in the comments that the songs had to be on the computer. Is this true with the pro version?

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Can your library be stored on external drives? The registration key can be used on another computer if the previous one crashes. The songs can be on external drives too.. I downloaded free version fro official site kanto karaoke player, for Mac but it is not opened. What is the error you see? I have the free version. You advertise a FREE karaoke player. Is it only free for a trial period?? There is also a FREE version wthout time limitations.

But for advanced features it requests paid version. I have over , karaoke songs that are all zipped. Years ago I was a KJ Host but now want to start again.

How to Share files between a Mac and PC in 5 easy steps

Will your program support that many songs and can I leave those songs all on my external? Yes you can. You have two ways to start: 1. Import all songs in a playlist of the program 2. You can use the PC Explorer feature to navigate and browse songs from your external disk. Your email address will not be published.

Get an External Disc Drive

Kanto Karaoke Player is the player If you have a MAC and you want to use another monitor to display the karaoke lyrics of songs, we We already wrote an article about the best alternative to VanBasco and Karafun karaoke software. Now we want talk about Karaoke is the best way to enjoy get togethers with friends and family at parties, weddings, birthdays or any If you have stored on your PC o Mac a lot of