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This happens when the free space on the disk is presented in the form of small scattered fragments and it is impossible to save a large file on it.

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The fragmentation has some flaws, for example, your computer needs more time to find and read the information on the disk. Also, the disk wears out quickly due to the need for accessing the disparate sectors. Defragmentation is the reverse process. The files on the hard disk are reorganized in such a way that the parts of one large file are stored side by side.

In short, defragmentation removes the gaps between the recorded parts of the files, collecting them into a single whole part. As a result, defragmentation allows you to speed up your computer. The main purpose of this component is to automatically prevent fragmentation of disk storage. Moreover, Apple computers use SSD hard drives that have a different algorithm to eliminate fragmentation. Thus, there is no need for Mac disk defrag.

The only exception where you may need to defragment Mac is the following circumstance:.

Defragging OS X El Capitan partition?

The macOS does not provide a tool for defragmenting the hard drive. The only thing Apple recommends is to make a full backup of your data, format the hard drive, reinstall the operating system, and then recover the files.

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There are several apps for this task:. Also, never use these programs on a Mac with an SSD. Otherwise, you can damage your disk and the system.

How to defrag a Mac? — Do Macs need defragmentation?

Clean up your Mac periodically in order not to get your startup disk full. Enough free disk space will never cause fragmentation of files. If you want to defrag your Mac, you should make a backup copy with Time Machine and reinstall your operating system. You are here: Home How to Defrag a Mac?

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  6. Is it Necessary? Sometimes, you know, the problem is fully by your actions — like reading too much files at one moment, or placing torrent-tracker downloads directly to this drive. By the way, the most hidden reason, I think is a low electricity power — you never know when this happens…. I have defragmented my Mac formatted external hard drive since it was painfully slow. I wondered how it got them? Most of the videos were large and had various components probable that what made it fragmented.

    Mac El Capitan Disk Utility Explained

    Outstanding article. Thank you for the explanation as I had pondered defragging on many occassions.

    How to Defragment Mac Hard Drive

    Luckily, my Mac has never sent me on that chase. Again, greatly appreciated. Dear OWC, The author failed to mention the easiest method of defragging your drive; clone it, erase the drive, and then clone it back. This is what Apple actually recommends in their Tech Training certification program. When the data gets copied back, it is automatically placed in the optimal sequence on the disk. Thanks a lot. This was useful.. For those of us that were Apple II users back in the days of Unicorns.. I bought it when I got my Macbook and until the display finally failed it just kept cooking to the end!

    Good article, cleared up issues for me. I rarely use a lot of large files-most well under a gig so it has just kept chugging along. The swap space is very important though-I forgot about that! The minus sign on the left below the Login Options is used to delete an existing user account on your Mac. The plus sign there does the opposite: it adds a bran new user. The one below the text referring to hiding an application is NOT for hiding an application.

    When do Macs need to be defragged?

    This is the minus sign you can use if your Mac is running slowly because it has too many apps opening at login. Click an app in the list, then click the minus sign. If you then change your mind, use the plus sign to add it back again. This is the message in the text above the minus sign. It is not a message about the minus sign. A lot of helpful and useful info here. I am one of those who moved to a Mac from Windows. It will be a one-way trip. I work on computers as a side hobby and learning more about them is always good. I took my laptop to the Genius Bar at Apple because it was running so s l o w l y.

    One of the things the Genius did was to look at the list of processes in the Activity Monitor. But if one can find from Apple which ones are not needed e. I use and love CC cloner. So copying to it would actually lock you into a partly fragment drive. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.