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Step 1: Launch Boot Camp Assistant software. To launch it, go to Utilities and click on Boot Camp Assistant to open it. Step 2: Once launched, click Continue button on the introduction screen to see the list of options available for your Mac. You will see three options:. Download the latest Windows support software from Apple. Simply select the other options available and click Continue button. By default, all three options are enabled. Click Continue button to proceed to the next step. Type in the password and click Add Helper button to continue. Drag the divider between the partitions to set the size of the partitions.

Your Mac machine will automatically reboot to begin installing Windows. From here on follow the on screen procedure until you need to select a partition to install Windows. In the Where do you want to install Windows? Click Ok button for the prompt.

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Follow the on screen instructions to finish installing and configuring Windows 8. The support software is on the same USB drive if you have selected Download the latest support software from Apple in step 2. Here you will find all Apple drivers and other software.

Manually install all required drivers one-by-one. If you want to install drivers for third-party hardware such as NVidia and ATI, you can find the required drivers under Drivers folder in the same drive.

How To Install Windows 10/8 On Mac

Good luck! If you get Software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing message, click Continue Anyway button. When you switch on your Mac, hold down the Alt key or Option key to see an option to boot into Windows or Mac. Apparently the mac mini model does not support bootcamp 5 or windows 8. Well I tired it out anyway and it worked flawlessly. Mounted windows 7 ISO in mac, went through the bootcamp wizard.

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One reboot put in windows 8 USB. Loaded windows 8 and installed drivers from bootcamp5. Only 2 drivers did not install, coporcessor and SM Bus. These drivers can be found in bootcamp 4. Great Post. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. Since I could get the DPC storm at will now, I figured the only thing I could do was to hook up a kernel debugger and start debugging the shutdown and wake up.

That got me thinking about how Apple computers boot. A crazy idea popped in my head at this point.

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Restarting into Windows 7, I heard its startup sound and after logging in, I manually put the computer to sleep. One key press and the log in prompt was right there. No jerky mouse problems or DPC storms at all. Let me know if this helps you out. I have also tried re-downloading the windows drivers and helper tool to a usb flash drive and booting with the drive attached but each time I am getting the same response.

Using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on your Mac: The Complete Walkthrough

Posted on Mar 20, AM. Page content loaded. Mar 20, AM. Thanks, how do I perform a startup recovery on Windows? I'm not seeing anything on screen when I try to boot to Windows is there a key I should be pressing?? Thanks for your help the other day, I tried to mark is as helped but the whole conversation had disappeared.

Windows 7 on BootCamp with Black Screen?

Please ensure it is a USB2 device. Mac restarted, I pressed F8 and variants of and I have a black screen with no signal.

Seems like this happens before Windows even has a chance to start booting. I tried booting to the USB key and got the same result. You can try the Alt key method and see what is result. The Installer should have a Repair option at the bottom left as shown in the photo album.

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  5. When I try to boot the affected mac using alt with the iso on a usb I get the same problem with a black screen.