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If you have extra space on a disc, BurnAware Premium allows you to burn in multiple sessions so you can store more files on it later. Because of this feature, BurnAware can even read corrupted or multi-session discs so you can access the files on them. Since BurnAware can circumvent anti-copy encryptions, you can use it to make back-up copies of commercial Blu-rays.

So, you have to buy the more expensive blank Blu-rays if you want to copy your movies. Other programs we reviewed allow you to pick and choose what content you want to burn to a new disc. This feature also allows you to burn a copy without the original source disc, which is great for archiving your library and creating backups in case your movies get stolen, lost or damaged.

How to Burn ISO Image to DVD on Mac & PC

Leawo Blu-ray Copy can decrypt every type of Blu-ray protection currently in use. It can also strip region codes from discs, so you can copy movies purchased overseas. The software frequently updates its decryption database, so you can continue to copy Blu-rays when new encryption formats are released. However, you need an internet connection to get these updates. We timed how long it took each of the Blu-ray burning software we reviewed to make a brand-new disc.

Aurora Blu-ray copy blew all of the competition out of the water with a minute burn. The next fastest software was 42 minutes, which was achieved by four other programs. Our top choice took 48 minutes to burn a full Blu-ray movie. Probably the best thing about this program is that it is totally free. But there are some tradeoffs that come with that. Most notably, it lacks the ability to compress content on a larger commercial Blu-ray onto a smaller-capacity blank disc. Of the products we reviewed, Express Burn was the best. It also burns data discs, which are great for backups and a good alternative to cloud storage and external hard drives.

When a new program comes out or a software update is released, we subject it to a battery of tests and compare it to other products to find out which one is the best. We use each program to burn a new copy of a commercial Blu-ray movie, and our team of video experts inspects the copied footage for quality degradation such as compression artifact, motion blur and interlacing issues.

Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac – Best Blu-ray burning software on Mac

We also time how long it takes to make a new Blu-ray with each product. As we evaluated the best Blu-ray burning software, we subjected each application to a battery of tests:. Using each product, we burned test copies of multiple Blu-ray discs. We then asked video experts to watch each burned disc and note any video or audio degradation compared to the original. So, no matter which software you choose, you can burn copies that are indistinguishable from their source discs — as long as you have the right size blank Blu-ray, of course.

However, blank Blu-ray discs large enough to make perfect copies can get expensive.

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As such, the best Blu-ray burner applications let you compress the content on commercial Blu-rays to fit onto less-expensive, smaller-capacity blank discs or even onto DVDs. Step 2 Once you select the file, tap on the File option and you will see a Burn Disk Image to Disc option at the bottom of the options. Step 3 Now, insert a blank disc into the drive and click on the Burn option.

The burning of the file will initiate and the files will be burned to the disc in a while. Note: There is another method that users can try. You can simply right click on the image file and the Burn Disk Image to Disc option will appear on the screen. The process is simple enough to burn the files to disc but similar as the fact that we mentioned for the Windows OS, the Mac Finder also lacks the special features of editing and wide array of format support which is available in the Wondershare DVD Creator.

The ISO format is an international format that is used to contain the disc image. It is basically multiple files embedded into a single file that also contains the whole file system.

Step One: Convert Video Files to the Blu-Ray Format With tsMuxeR

This format was designed for archival purposes but soon after its release, it became a very popular method for distributing softwares among the users. The ISO files are most commonly stored with an extension of. However, there are differences between both of the extensions but it coincides under certain situations. They can also be used to create a bootable disc to store software. There are many types of software which are distributed through bootable discs in the ISO image format. It is often used for disk image files and contains raw pieces of the optical disc or magnetic disc.

As the raw image format contains data into multiple sectors which can be differentiated from the source medium. It has all the tracks of the file in the form of a raw image. The IMG file contains only the disc contents which are handled by an automatic program that can detect file systems. The IMG file format was specifically designed to create a backup copy of floppy disk into a single file.

When the Floppy disk went out of the trend and its use becomes negligible, then the use of IMG format also changed.

How to Burn ISO to DVD/Blu-ray Disc Easily and Quickly in Windows/Mac

Now, it is used to create a backup of the hard disk. The main difference between both of the formats is that. You can rename the. Video Tools For Win Prof. For Mac Prof. For Win Tunes Cleaner. Overview Guide Tech Specs Review.

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  • User Reviews 5 1 2 3 4 5 Ratings Distrubution 5 Star. Far More than Blu-ray Burner for Mac. Do More! Support to generate Blu-ray from videos This Blu-ray Creator for Mac can smartly burn all video source formats inputted to BD or BD, so that you can enjoy the high-quality Blu-ray video unlimitedly.