Force Refresh Without Cache in Google Chrome for Windows

These instructions work for Firefox , SeaMonkey , and other related browsers. Unlike other browsers, Konqueror seems to bypass its cache whenever you reload a page. If you would like to keep the data in your cache but test Wikipedia without using it, you can use the "incognito" browsing option. Note: This method only works if the developer console remains open.

Browser extensions are available for download that force the cache to be disabled at all times. Click the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner. Navigate to "Settings", "Clear browsing data" and then "Choose what to clear". Tick only the box: "Cached data and files".

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To completely clear the cache in Internet Explorer 9 and later versions:. To completely clear the cache in Internet Explorer 8 :. To completely clear the cache in Internet Explorer 7 :. If you would keep your data in your cache and test Wikipedia with an empty cache, you can use Private Browsing mode. Note: On a Mac the "Tools" menu does not have a "Preferences" option. The Wikimedia servers cache a version of articles.

When improperly displayed content is contained in a template or other transcluded page, bypassing your own cache might not be enough. You may need to purge the server cache of old page versions. Add this to the end of the address. For example, to purge this page, visit one of the following:.

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Don't put this on article space pages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia information page. This is an information page.

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Keyboard Shortcuts But you could also save the script as app in Applescript Editor, drag it in the dock and just click on it. Yeah, as you say in the last line, I think AutoHotKey is probably the way to go. Have it send the reload keys, wait a short period, then send keys to rotate windows, wait short period, and loop that for as many windows as you have. Since all of these windows are opening the same website, I'd suggest you beam the changes from your server to them, since the initial connection is already made.

In my opinion, it'd save you the trouble of looking up extensions that do it client-side, since there's one "broadcaster". EDIT: I originally thought of using "Refresh:" header or something by sending a command to the webpage, which upon it receives it, forces a reload. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. On OSX, how can I reload all visible browser windows at once?

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How to reload all tabs in chrome

As an aside: If you use a browser like Chrome, that brings back previously-opened windows on startup Then add the step Run applescript and paste this script: tell application "Safari" repeat with theWindow in every window whose URL of tab 1 starts with "http" tell theWindow to do JavaScript "window.

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How To Reload All Tabs In Chrome, Firefox Or IE

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