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It allows users to change cutting tool conditions, cutting parameters, weeding line settings, and more. A Macintosh with an Intel Core processor is required. There is one important caveat.

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Student licenses may not work. Start here to browse your Graphtec cutter selections. Roland has been at this for quite a while. Their Stika hobby desktop cutters were among the first to offer a bundled software solution that doubled as a simple vector design program and a plug-in for Corel and Adobe customers. Cut Studio can be used as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, or as a basic standalone design application.

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It supports common design functions including, rotate, resize, and text on a path. It quickly and easily enlarges, reduces, positions, rotates, and mirrors images, and it has a very powerful but easy-to-use bitmap tracing function. Click here to browse your Roland cutter options. Replies: 4 Views: Replies: 2 Views: Kvg Apr 12, Question Cutting Master 4 default number of copies sleepyeyed , Jul 12, , in forum: Graphtec. Replies: 0 Views: Playtime IT Jul 1, Share This Page.

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Search Forums Recent Posts. Non-Merchants Browse Products. Search Media New Media. If, say, you're importing something created in Corel that's packing a outline done in Corel you'll get all manner of weirdness at each corner.

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If this is the case, you need to convert the outline to an object back in the source program. As far as entering text directly into your package, which is just Flexi with another name, if the characters overlap you'll have to weld the text to get rid of the overlap. You can also use the 'Autoweld' feature of the production manager but I've found the this feature seems to work based on principles unknown to any civilized being and is somewhat less than reliable.

Better to manually weld what you need welded. Mar 15, 9 RebeckaR Active Member 3 18 Mar 7, utah If those little divots are appearing where the cut starts and ends, you may need to look at the offset setting located on your cutter. There is a button on design central as an undocked pallet using the txt arc for the top of the arc and right next to it is a button for the bottom of the arc.

Mar 16, 11 bob Major Contributor 5, 83 Nov 4, earth Not quite. Improper offset manifests itself as either rounded or over driven corners, not endpoints. Once set, offset doesn't age or change.

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If the machine was once working properly then offset is an unlikely cause. All offset is is the delta between the blade's center of rotation and the cutting tip. This physical offset is what makes the blade rotate in order to track in the direction of travel. Most always caused by debris in the mechanism.

I would like to know what version of CorelDraw would work with my cutter?

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Also, does the corelDraw 11 work with windows 7? I have read some says it will some says it will not. I have read several forums and related information. However, I am new to the vinyl world of cutting. I do know CorelDraw so that is not new to me. I would appreciate any helpful information on what everyone is using or likes to use with plotter cutters. The question must be: do your plotter work under Windows 7? And yes, CorelDRAW 11 works under Windows 7, but since is a quite old version, you don't have all the feautures of the new version.

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Hello solidrock; CorelDraw by it self doesn't have drivers for the plotter to cut. You will need another program or a bolt-on to use Corel. A lot of the plotter's come with something to use to cut with, if you aren't sure what you have call the people you bought it from and ask.

As far as what ver. Newer is better. Windows 7 does work with my plotter using LXI software that came with my cutter.

What version of CorelDraw would you suggest? I have also read somewere it must support the VBA plugin which I am a little unfamiliar with.