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I really need this technique to work for a newsletter I publish.

How to Make an Image Background Transparent in PowerPoint

Hi I did this method twice! I had to group the shape together and when I filled it with picture it had a massive gap in the middle. What did I do wrong? Please help. Thanks for the comment.

How to Crop a Picture in PowerPoint 2013

The above method is for a single shape. If you are trying to fill multiple shapes with a single image, it would be best to combine them into a single shape before you fill them use the Union Shape tool to do this.

How to add a picture as a background in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

This might work better than grouping them. Thanks Wesley. You might like this article about other Photoshop functionality that can be achieved with PowerPoint. I used to struggle with Photoshop which is slow but by now I am enjoying the power of PowerPoint!! SO much helpful, thank you!

Move, Resize, Rotate, Change proportions, Add text

I am doing ppt for a birthday and your instruction are so easy to follow. Thank you for sharing this powerful technique in easy to use and clear instructions! Brilliantly explained! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BrightCarbon creates compelling visuals and storylines, helping us to convey value in a fiercely competitive marketplace. To crop an image to a square or rectangle 1. Select your image. To crop an image to a simple shape a circle, a triangle, arrow etc. To crop an image to a custom drawn shape something not in the Autoshapes menu 1.

Now select your drawn shape and right-click on it. Leave a comment. Related articles. Aug 05th Dec How to make your PowerPoint slides easier to present. Read article. Hamish Joy says:.

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Format a video in your PowerPoint for Mac presentation - PowerPoint for Mac

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Cropping and Resizing Pictures

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  • Method 1: Crop an Image by Dragging?
  • Gabriela says:. Stewart Thirnley says:. Sandy Rushton says:. Suchita Toshniw says:. Elizabeth Stodolski says:. Vy Anh says:. Lc says:. When the cursor becomes a four-headed arrow, drag it into position. If you need finer control than the crop handles can give you, or if you want to further refine a rough crop you did with them, use the Crop settings in the Format Picture pane.

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    • How to Crop a Picture in PowerPoint - dummies!
    • Format a video in your PowerPoint for Mac presentation.
    • Right-click the picture and choose Format Picture to open the formatting pane , and then click the Picture icon. Click Crop to expand those settings. You can adjust either the picture or the crop frame itself. Picture Position Width and Height settings indicate the size of the original picture. The Picture Position Offset X and Y settings indicate how far off-center the picture is inside the crop frame.

      For example, if Offset X and Offset Y are both zero, the picture is exactly centered inside the crop frame. Changing these settings moves the picture inside the frame. The Crop Position Width and Height settings indicate the size of the crop frame, which is also the size of the cropped picture. Changing these settings changes the size of the frame. If you make either one too big, it may be larger than your picture, in which case it will look like the picture is cut off. If this happens, you can always resize the picture inside the crop. See step 5 in this exercise for the easiest way to accomplish this task.

      The Crop Position Left and Top settings indicate the position of the crop frame on the slide. Input 0 for Crop Position Left, and the crop frame will be flush with the left edge of the slide. Add a 0 for Crop Position Top, and the crop frame is flush with the top edge of the slide. Crop to Aspect Ratio is the fastest way to create pictures that will perfectly fit your slide. To begin, insert a picture onto your slide and select it. The aspect ratios listed in the Crop to Aspect Ratio settings are typical slide and picture proportions.

      To crop a picture so it fills a widescreen slide, choose For a perfect square, click To crop a picture into a perfect circle, first use Crop to Aspect Ratio and choose Square, Then use Crop to Shape and choose the oval.