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You can do this with a chiclet keyboard like yours, but I don't recommend it. The scissor braces holding the keys on are easily damaged. To remove hair, dead skin etc from keyboards, I usually use either a shaving brush or a fine tipped paintbrush not one that has been used for painting. To clean the keys, oil marks, smears, or discoloration, buy some Isopropyl alcohol also known as rubbing alcohol, or lens cleaner fluid ,. Unplug the keyboard, or power off if it is a wireless one. Then, dab or squirt some isopropyl alcohol onto a folded tissue, and wipe it on the keys.

It is safe to use on all hard surface materials, like plastic, metal, glass, mobile phones, reading glasses etc. It will dry out skin, but isn't harmful if it spills on you. Keep it away from pets though, as a tablespoon is enough to harm a cat or small dog. Isopropyl is very flammable, so don't smoke near it etc.

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It will evaporate on it's own, in about seconds, but is very effective at cleaning electronics, including grease, thermal paste, fingerprints, and sticky labels or gummy type adhesive residues. A disclaimer: this is not the Apple recommended method, nor do I take any responsibility for wrecked keyboards. It is the way I have found to actually get rid of the gunk on my keyboards.

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Take out the batteries so it's not sending a signal to the computer or unplug the keyboard of a wired type. You could also use a disinfecting wipe as long as it's not too wet. Holding the keyboard upside down, wipe the keys and surrounding aluminum with the cloth. You could probably use a tiny bit of grease cutting spray cleaner like Fantastik on the cloth but the main thing is that no liquid gets into the keyboard.

It WILL wreck it. I have destroyed too many keyboards by getting water or other liquid in them. Usually a couple keys will just stop working. Occasionally it will start working again after drying out. Do not use a hair dryer on it. I made that mistake and melted one of the keys on my last keyboard.

How to clean your keyboard with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol

I'm back to using the old style of keyboard now which seem to hold up better. I've used this on a multitude of different surfaces. It's designed for screens, but you can also use it on the plastics and aluminum housing of almost any electronics device and it will not harm the finish. Here's a closeup of the back panel showing their recommended uses:. I routinely clean my Apple hardware with it and have not had any problems. Make sure you use microfiber cloth the kit includes it and not paper towels or rags, and you'll be fine. Cleaning your Apple products. There are hundreds of uses for this product in cleaning four more here;.

I like spray on glass cleaner preferably alcohol based and either paper towels or a microfibre cloth for applications like that. For seriously grubby plastic keyboards, I actually prefer Ammonium Chloride based all purpose cleaner - but it might react with the Aluminium in undesirable ways.

How to clean your Apple products

Since your KB doesn't look all that grimy, glass cleaner should be fine. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more.

Cleaning iMac w/Rubbing Alcohol - Damage? - Apple Community

How do I clean an Apple Wireless Keyboard? Update Cancel. Is it true that my ISP is spying on my web browsing? Does DuckDuckGo fix that? You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Quora User , Couldn't find the perfect keyboard. Before the age of plastic packaging, alcohol used to be bottled in glass bottles. I've never heard of one leaking or of all the alcohol evaporating through one. Glass is certainly more impervious to the action of isopropyl alcohol than is virtually any typical plastic.

Jan 5, PM in response to pokey b In response to pokey b. I am not sure that the "glass surface on MacBooks or iMacs is actually glass but a very tough, optically clear, specially coated polycarbonate material. When I purchased my iMac, I couldn't stand the additional glare from both the glass panel and the screen behind it at that time, Apple never glued the clear panel to the LCD screen, but left a small gap between the two creating almost a double, offset kind of light glare, and the clear panel could be removed as it is only attached by strong magnets , so I removed the so-called "clear glass" panel and just attached a black metal frame that just hides all of the perimeter magnets.

It feels and has the weight of a plastic panel. It is a very light panel, even with the thin metal frame glued to it! It is covered by a black border all the way around it to hide the thin metal framework behind it which is used for it to be attracted to the magnets on the face of the iMac to attached this clear panel to the front of the iMac. So, using any glaas cleaning products or any type of cleaning products NOT formulated for plastics, WILL etch and scratch such plastics. Jan 5, PM. My i-Mac, being a mid, It too has the front panel held on with magnets, although I've never had it off.

I worked for one of the major PC manufacturers for almost 19 years, last 5 years in the PC group. IPA is one of the few solvents that are safe to use as cleaners and paint solvents on PC parts. I just tried a scratch test on the edge of my i-Mac It is definitely glass. I can't really speak to other models, other years production. I know some Macs over the years did use PC, among other polymers, in housings recall the colored transparent Macs , but in recent years Apple has tended to avoid the use of plastics as much as possible re all the aluminum housings now used.

But I agree, yes, it is doubtless a good idea to follow Apple's recommendation for cleaning surfaces of it's devices. I neglected to mention earlier, what I find to be the best screen cleaner is a very low concentration of a mild dish washing liquid like Dawn in water on a clean, soft fabric cloth followed by a wipe with another cloth damp with water. I will get a little more aggressive with cleaning my hard-wired keyboard key caps, but that's another conversation.

If it is glass, it is a very thin slab I can tell you. It is a very light weight glass panel even with the metal frame adhered to it! Since my iMac's have the LCD exposed, I use just a warm water microfiber cloth wrung out damp so it doesn't drip. I sometime use a little Dawn dish soap, as well, but only a very small amount and I try to wring out a good majority of the soap suds just to make sure I leave no soap residue of the LCD screen.

I agree, it is very thin judging from what can be seen at the edge of the screen. I use the same type of solution to clean my glasses daily which also have an anti-glare coating. It works very well. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: crssbns crssbns. What do you guys think?

Could I have damaged this coating by cleaning with rubbing alcohol? All replies Drop Down menu.

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Loading page content. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. Mar 10, PM in response to crssbns In response to crssbns You may have damaged this by using the Rubbing Alcohol. No Doubt about it! Does it look cloudy? Here is a link to properly clean your desktop Mac. Apple bonds the glass panel directly onto the LCD screen, on the new models , now. So, there is the potential for the LCD to get damaged.

Only clean your iMac body and screen when your iMac is turned off. Not good. And not good as this seems to be a fairly new Mac. So Sorry.

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  7. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Mar 10, PM in response to crssbns In response to crssbns If your screen doesn't look etched, streaky or cloudy when dry, you probably lucked out and not damaged the matte coating, glass or LCD. Still not sure about the internal electronics, though. If your cloth was really wrung out, nothing may have not been damaged. Again, lucked out. Don't ever use that method and cleaning solution, again! User profile for user: PlotinusVeritas PlotinusVeritas.

    Mar 10, PM in response to crssbns In response to crssbns crssbns wrote: What do you guys think? Dont think you have, I know you have. User profile for user: seventy one seventy one. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Mar 10, PM in response to seventy one In response to seventy one Yeah, I know they sell that Apple stores also sell keyboard covers, which contradicts THIS: Apple additionally now recommends against using these keyboard covers on current Macbooks: "Leaving any material on the top case could result in damage to the display when you close it.

    User profile for user: gtnmynlsdn gtnmynlsdn. Jan 5, AM in response to crssbns In response to crssbns Just an FYI and reminder to all those who may not know or have forgotten. User profile for user: pokey b pokey b. Jan 5, AM in response to crssbns In response to crssbns I am a chemist working in the plastics industry.