How to remove formatting in Excel using Format Painter

Delete contents of selected cells Windows shortcut. Mac shortcut.

Numbers for Mac: Numbers for Mac keyboard shortcuts

Fn Delete. This shortcut will delete the contents of selected cells, leaving formatting intact. On the Mac, Control-B also deletes cell contents of one or more cells. Related videos The videos below demonstrate this shortcut. Why pivot tables? In this video, we compare formulas and pivot tables side-by-side to build the same reports to demonstrate how powerful and easy to use pivot tables are. How to enter data in Excel.

In this video, we show basic ways to enter data into a worksheet. Posted on Nov 21, AM.

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In order to delete content of multiple cells in excel, the keyboard shortcut is: Select the cell where you wish content to be deleted, Then, press the "fn" key, hold and then press the "delete" key. Dec 4, PM. Page content loaded.

I don't know, but I'd take a guess that you highlight by clicking and dragging as if you would select a group of pics you'd like to delete or copy in your "finder" then hit the delete key? Nov 21, AM. Highlighting the cells is not an issue. Pressing the delete key only delets the contents from one cell. I am new to the macbook pro and appreciate your trying to help I am able to highlight many cells at the same time I am sure I am missing something!

Oh, I see. I am new too. I don't have my Mac with me now so I can't check for myself I am at work. I want to try it now when I get home as you have piqued my interest!!! Are you keeping the command key pressed down at the same time as you press the delete key? Or maybe you have a basic keyboard?

That Damn Delete Key in Excel for Mac

Do you have the separate number keypad at the side? My guess is bring it in to the Genius Bar at any store if no one else can help. Plesase post Excel related questions on Microsoft's own forums for their Mac software. Apple Communities only provide support for Apple products:. Nov 21, PM.

I found out how to delete cells next to each other - just highlight, go to top menu, edit and then clear. Something is better than nothing.

0014 Excel Shortcuts: How to Clear Cell Contents

May 21, AM in response to expressright In response to expressright. May 21, AM. Install " KeyRemap4MacBook. Now the assigned key will remove all contents not formatting from any selected cells in Excel. Aug 22, AM. Pressing the delete key would only clear the contents of one cell of a selected range. This fixes that problem.

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