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This feels like a Microsoft thing to do in the worst sense of the word. Very annoying to weed out the garbage they left behind.

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To avoid crashing of Safari v1. File saving changes As noted by a number of readers, Safari 1. You can still specify the download location by holding down the option key while control-clicking a link. One reader writes: "I too am having flash problems. The file just downloads but will not play even though Safari plugins show the Flash plugin is registered. Also, with any flash-based video content on MLB. Haven't seen the problem with any other flash sites. For some readers, however, re-installing Flash does provide resolution.

Safari being updated outside of Applications folder? We normally recommend that users keep any Apple applications inside the default "Applications" folder so they can be properly recognized by Software Update and other processes. However, some readers are noting that the Mac OS X Due to the problems reported with Safari, I saved a copy of Safari in a subfolder of my user folder.

The updater updated this copy to 1. I switched the two, and seem to be doing okay. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

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Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Computers Mac OS X Some users, however, are experiencing slower performance after applying the update. MacFixIt reader Rick Zerman writes: "Safari would take 30 or so bounces to load about 45 seconds and then run exceedingly slow. After downloading jeditXXXinstall. You need to specify the -jar option for the Java application loader so that the loader will search the installation archive for the starting class file.

Without the option, it treats the archive as a single class file which it is not! The correct command line would be java -jar jeditXXXinstall. It's important to realise that java applications should never do this. The problem is almost certainly a bug in the JVM. Problems of this nature are often tricky to solve. Depending on your platform, there should be information logged about what caused the crash to occur.

Some recent problems with Java 1. The most likely cause is one or more plugins that are installed. To go the Utilities menu and select Activity Log. There may be many causes for this. Java by nature is more demanding on hardware than native applications.

Modern computers should not have much problem with this. The most likely cause is plugins that parse buffers or do other computationally expensive operations. If performance is important to you, installing a whole batch of plugins in one go is probably not a very good idea. Install them one at a time, so you can evaluate the effects of each. If you are experiencing slow downs when switching and saving buffers up to 20 second delays and you have the TaskList plugin installed, check that the version is greater than 0.

Versions after 0. The plugin is missing a requestDefaultFocus method. Plugin updates will be available from time to time, or you can email the author of the plugin to let them know of the problem. In Mac OS X Unfortunately it had some bugs. This is the result of one of these bugs. The only way to avoid this problem is to disable hardware acceleration for jEdit or your whole system.

You should note that the reason this is off by default is because of numerous problems with using the Mac OS X menubar. For example dynamic menus, shortcuts and check box menu items do not work correctly or at all. All bar the shortcut issue is resolved in Java 1. This appears to be a bug in Java 1. Once the splash screen has gone it should be safe to hide the application. Under some hardware configurations this can happen. It is only known to happen with Rage Pro graphics cards. There appears to be a bug relating to the graphics card drivers that cause any carbon applications using the card to freeze.

Since java 1. Follow the instructions here to disable hardware acceleration. Java 1. After installing jEdit on Linux, running the jedit command causes the error message:. How can I get jEdit to run on Mandrake Linux 8. When I try to start the program, I keep getting an error which begins as follows:. Kaffe is compliant with version 1. However, the latest version of jEdit, version 4.

I installed jEdit 3. But the mouse interacts with the program just fine. I have tried running it on Sun's JDK 1.

Mac OS X 10.3.9: Safari 1.3: Java Issues; Plug-in (AcidSearch, etc.) problems; more

This problem has been reported with various combinations of window managers and desktop environments. In addition, there have not been reported problems with the Sun and Blackdown JDK's when running under the Sawfish window manager. The dialog presenting this message asks if you would like to install the launcher. Select Yes and supply further information as prompted. A file named install. You can send this file along with jEdit's Activity Log if you continue to have problems running jEdit with the launcher package.

How to Fix Eclipse Error Java Virtual Machine or JVM not found

The problem is not with jEdit but may be caused by your installation of the Java runtime environment. Under Windows, Sun's Java application loader relies on entries in the Windows registry to find the files that create the runtime environment and a Java virtual machine. The loader java. The best approach to fixing this is to uninstall and reinstall the JDK.

I have tried various alternatives but still cannot install.

System Requirements for Installing the JDK and JRE on macOS

You should confirm that you have a Java runtime environment installed, which will include java. Make sure that the directory containing java. Otherwise you should give the full path to the chosen loader on your command line. When I run jEdit on Windows, it flashes, blinks, and doesn't display correctly! Why is your program so buggy? A workaround is to disable Java's use of DirectDraw by adding the following option to the Java virtual machine command line:.

How to Install Java in OS X El Capitan

General Problems Q: jEdit won't start. What should I do? Q: After jEdit starts, I can't see all of the plugins I have downloaded. Q: Why is jEdit's window movement and resizing so buggy? Q: What should I do when the installer displays the message, No such file or directory? Q: After downloading jeditXXXinstall. What am I doing wrong? Q: jEdit crashed the JVM, what gives? Q: Why is jEdit so slow to start up?

Why most Mac users aren’t at risk

Q: Why is jEdit so slow?