1.2.3 Installing StatPlus:mac LE (Excel 2008 & 2010)

When you enter an Excel function you are given additional information about its arguments that are not available from Real Statistics functions. You need to press Ctrl-A to get similar information, i. Hi, please help… Ive installed twice and still no luck? Jason, See Password Prompt Note that two version of the software for Excel are available from the website.

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This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, platform, or architecture of this application. Valerie, Which version of the Real Statistics software are you using? Have you installed Solver? I have installed Solver too. But I get the very same message she gets.

Do you know what I need to do? Tom, Let me ask some questions to try to resolve this problem. Are you running both the Excel version and Excel version of the software at the same time? You should avoid doing this. Are you using the old version for Excel or the old version? Are you getting the error message when you run the Logistic Regression data analysis tool as Valerie did or some other data analysis tool? Do you get this error message when run the Descriptive data analysis tool? When you select the Add-Ins option from the Tools menu do you see Solver on the list of add-ins with a check mark next to it?

Which version s of Real Statistics do you see on the list with a check mark next to it? If I type ver I get 5. However, having now uninstalled the older version completely, I no longer get the error message. If I close the dialog box, I get a results page of sorts, but there are no results in it. It has the data replicated, but all the calculation fields are 0 and the r squares are, as a result, errors.

There are none of the other calculations in the sheet. Grateful for any advice. This will likely cause problems. If you send me an Excel file with the data that you are using, I can run Logistic regression on my Mac and see whether it runs correctly. I unistalled everything and it started to work. Deleting the files in their entirety seemed to do the trick.

Apologies for wasting your time. But can I ask one more question. In the version, the Logistic Regression package drew a graph and calculated the number of successful estimates from using the model. Is that right? The predictions, in particular, were very useful. Tom, The version is identical and should also have the graph and the table with the number of successful estimates from the model. Hello, I am trying to download and run realstats for mac I am able to download the file. I am unable to run data files for tests. I have tried both versions for Excel There seems to be something wrong with the version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ann, The Rel 3. You need to follow the installation instructions on the webpage from which you downloaded the software. Probably the Rel 5. Pingback: Real Statistics Mac Rel 5. That seems to be the key to accessing the Cluster analysis tool. Any thoughts on why some menu options may not be available? James, If you are using the latest release of the Real Statistics software Rel 5. In the original interface, Multivariate Analysis is the 12th option on the list.

In the multipage interface, you need to click on the MultiVar page. Looks like a great software…. By error i happened to click on the downloaded app and disable macros…. Instead you must install the software and then use it on a new Excel file. See website for details. As soon as I can get a Mac for testing I will release a new version of the software.

If you will provide me with the information on where to send you a loaner MacBook to test and update your Real Statistics software, I will arrange to have one delivered. Simply return the MacBook when you are finished…having the updated software will be sufficient compensation since you provide it for free to others. Ben, Thank you very much for your offer, but since I wrote that message I have purchased a Mac. I am in the process of creating a new Mac release. I expect to issue the new release in the next couple of weeks. Do you have plan to have a new version to support Microsoft Office For Mac?

Delete the file that contains Real Statistics 2. Open Excel and go to the Tools menu and select Addins. You will be prompted to remove the reference to Real Statistics. Respond OK. Download the Real Statistics file from the website 2. Press OK. Is it possible to cancel this adjustment? I really need the actual values represented. Any help would be enormously appreciated. Evan, Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing to fix. You can create the boxplots manually without running into this problem as described on the following webpage: Creating Simple Boxplots in Excel Charles.

Thanks for the info. Does it work for unbalanced sample sizes? I get value! It should work with unbalanced models.

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Any insight would be appreciated. My colleagues with macs are all having the same issue. Steph, Unfortunately, this capability does not work on the Mac. You need to manually insert the data range e. Thank you so much for your quick response! It works fine when I manually input the data range in. Hi Charles, I just want to say thank you so much for making this add-on available for Excel for Mac. Thanks again! Nur, Thank you for your comment.

I am pleased that you are getting value from the website and software. I thought that the addon works with Command-m. Does it also work with Ctrl-m? Nur, Thanks very much for your comment. I had also seen documentation that Option-Command-m was the correct key combination, but now I hear from you that Control-m is the correct key combination.

Is it different for different versions of the Mac? Excel vs. Excel ? When I click More Information in the error dialogue, this is the message:. Elton, If you press Cmd-m do you get access to the Real Statistics data analysis tools? Any pointers would be much appreciated. Having no access to your brilliant program is driving me up the wall haha. It is possible that the Command button is not working properly. In any case, you can access the Real Statistics data analysis tools by selecting Macros from the Tools menu and entering InitStats on the dialog box that appears and clicking the Run button.

Welcome Mac Users. Solver is Now Included in Excel 2011!

Not the best, but it should work. You can, of course, access any of the Real Statistics worksheet functions in the usual way. Thanks for alerting me to the keyboard issue. It turns out that Control-m is what I need to press in order to pull up the data analysis tools in excel. Can you do the weighted multiple regression with the mac version of Real Statistics?

I have excel The only close options I have are linear regression or logistic regression. Thanks for you help! I hope to add it shortly. I followed your instructions but at the end the real statistics manu does not appear. This is brilliant! Your software did both like a champ. Best wishes! I cannot seem to find the weighted linear regression function in the real stat resource pack. Is this function currently unavailable for Mac? Sorry Rach, but this capability is currently only available on the Windows version of the software.

I hope to create a new Mac version shortly. Hi Charles , Thank You for developing this software. Can this software be used with Excel for mac? The software can be used for Excel for Mac. You need to download the version on the referenced webpage and not the version for Excel for Windows.

NO BS: Download Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis Toolpak (On Mac)

This version of the software will not contain some of the newer Real Statistics capabilities, which are currently only available on the Windows version. I hope to provide an update for Mac soon. I download the RealStats add-in for the Excel Mac I followed your instructions for installing it in Excel. Do you know how I can fix it? You should never need to supply a password.

Let me ask you a few questions to try to determine what is going on. First open up a blank Excel workbook. When you go to the Tools menu and choose Add-Ins, do you see RealStats on the list with a check mark next to it? When you open a blank Excel spreadsheet and then select Addins from the Tools ribbon, does RealStats appear on the list with a check mark next to it? I am not sure which problem you are referring to. If you are being asked for a password then you have not installed the software correctly. In order to use the software on a Mac running Excel or Excel you must follow the following steps:.

From the Tools menu choose Add-Ins. Check the Realstats option on the dialog box that appears and click the OK button. Then complete step 3 as described above. Hundreds of people probably thousands are using the Mac version of the software without problems. Marco, I am very pleased that you got it to work. I see that you are writing in Italian and so perhaps you can help me here since I live in northern Italy about one hour from Milan, and perhaps you know some way for me to get access to a Mac.

Hello, I have been using Real-Statistics for Mac ver 3. However I have recently upgraded to Office for Mac. Which version of Real-Statistics should I be using? Many thanks, Kieron. I have not tested the Real Statistics software with Excel for the Mac. I would suggest that you try using the same version that you are using now 3. Please let me know whether it works. I am using Excel for Mac as well.

I managed to install RealStats add-in according to your previous instructions.

The Solver add-in is installed in my version of Excel. After terminating the frozen macro with red control window button, a new blank sheet with no results appears. Milos, Unfortunately, Rel 4. Currently the only release for the Mac is Rel 3. Thanks a lot for your work. I downloaded and used your software for mac succesfully with the version release Sorry, but this capability has not yet been added to the mac version of the software.

It is currently only available on the Windows version. You use it in the same manner as you use any other Excel function. Hi Charles, I found your site when looking into how to calculate Jenks breaks — thanks for all of your work to make Excel more statistically advanced! I did not see a Multivariable Analyses option in the Excel version — am I missing something?

It is currently only available in the Windows version. I am running Excel version I tried to install it as instructed by going to Tools, Add-ins and browsing for the file. My OS is El Capitan, version Susan, I have not heard from any other Mac user that received this message. I don-t know what is causing this problem. Perhaps someone another Mac user can help you.

Was there any assistance that other Mac users were able to provide with what this means? I have identified that there may be an issue with the use of the Solver Add-in, but have not been able to confirm this problem. Can you tell me anything else that might be different about your setup? I am using Excel I am trying to do weighted linear regressions, but I am not sure if this resource pack can perform the operation or not.

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The current resource pack for the windows version has that option. Will Excel for Mac be receiving an upgrade soon? Thank you so much. The current Mac version does not perform weighted linear regression. I am hoping to get access to a Mac soon so that I can issue a new release.

I am not using ActiveX on the Mac or Windows versions of the software. I did not see your directions until after downloading suggestion put the download button after the installation instructions. My system uses Yosemite How do I uninstall the Pack and then get it to work in Excel. Once you have done this you just need to follow the installation instructions that appear on the same webpage.

Now the dialog boxes will not remove themselves after execution or upon cancellation. All dialog box options are greyed out and unavailable. Must force quit to remedy… Uninstalling package as soon as I get free of your trap! Sorry Lee that this happened to you. There is no trap. Lots of people are currently using the Mac version of the software without having these sorts of problems. Are you using Excel or some other version of Excel? Uncheck the Realstats option on the dialog box that appears and click the OK button. I will try to make it larger in the next release. Replacing some of these sentences with an actual recommended location would be helpful.

Where did you find these, so that I can make this clearer. Can you please tell me what went wrong? This will happen if the matrix is not invertible i. Please send me a spreadsheet with the data you are using and the results you received, and I will try to figure out what went wrong. I tried to install the software , created the googledoc of the issues… this happened to me on PC and on MAC with both pathways.

Press Alt-TI i. In the dialog box that appears check the Realstats option or Realstats , Realstats , etc. Jeff, Thanks for telling me this. I will try to fix it in the next release. Is everything else working in the Mac version of the software? It looks like it might be font-related? Ed, I hope to have a new Mac release of the Real Statistics software available this week. Although the dialog boxes will still be small I have tried to improve the readability.

If you would like to test the release I can put it online later today as a beta version. Thank you very much for volunteering to help with the beta testing of the latest Mac version of the Real Statistics software. I have just made Release 3. I have just tested it, but not as extensively as I would have liked since I only had access to a Mac computer for a few hours. I would appreciate your checking to see whether it can be used on a different Mac besides mine. The mathematical part of the software is identical to the Windows version, but some of the interface has been rewritten for the Mac.

Some features are not working. For Mac users, I have had success copying the RealStats RealStats will appear on the list. Check the box, then click the Select button. I installed the Real Statistics resource pack on my Mac, under Excel , without any problems. But, when I go to Data Analysis Tools under the Real Statistics menu, the Real Statistics pop-up box is quite small, and the text is difficult to decipher. Is there an option available to expand the size of the pop-up box?

In any case, I will look into making the size of this dialog box adjustable in a future release. Happy to say it installed correctly on my Mac running Excel I immediately did a PCA analysis on a covariance matrix I had recently constructed from equity price histories: it performed flawlessly. Thank you for all the hard work that went into creating this add-in.

I have Excel for MAC. Which version of your RealStats should I use? Sorry for that. Is there a passwd that I should be entering? You do not need to provide a password to use the software. The usual reason for getting this message is that the installation process has not been completed as described on the referenced webpage. You said that you selected RealStats from the Add-in options. For the Mac I think this should be something like RealStat instead. You probably need to use the Browse button to find the correct file. If you have followed the Installation instructions then I suggest that you download an earlier version of the software.

This can be obtained from the referenced webpage. Try using Release 3. You will need to follow the Installation instructions. This time you will need to use something like RealStats 1 Oct from the Add-in options. I am most definitely selecting the correct one. Do you still have them? You will receive this message if you try to open the file. Just follow the instruction on the referenced webpage, namely. Hi, I am experiencing the exact symptom.

I downloaded the package and it is called RealStats. I open excel and choose it as an add-in not opening the file and I get the exact same errors and prompts for a password. Was this issue ever resolved? Barbara, Please confirm that when you select Add-Ins on the Tools menu that you see the Realstats option on the dialog box that appears with a check mark next to it. I have installed realstats They are all coming up name. It sounds like you have installed the software on your mac, but you still need to have Excel recognize the software.

You do this by accessing the Tools menu and selecting the Add-ins choice. Next click on the Browse button in the dialog box that appears and choose the realstats Press the Close button. Finally check the Realstats option on the dialog box. This is described on the referenced webpage. This add-in set is really nice. But I am seeing a bug in the t-test routine. Everything else starts fine. If more information would be helpful, let me know. Alistair, Are you running the latest version of the software Rel 3. Just to confirm, are you able to run other data analysis tools e.

I have the same problem as Alistair. I am running the latest version 3. Release 3. The main differences are that there is an error in the p-value for the KAPPA function one-tail value instead of two-tail value and the dialog boxes for the data analysis tools are not so nicely formatted. Please let me know whether this version works properly.

Firsts of all I want to congratulate you for the excellent work on creating the Real Statistics Resource Pack. I have the same problem described by Maryam and I already tried the two previous version and it persists. Are you using Excel or an earlier version of Excel for the Mac? Hi Charles, I just downloaded the RealStats I am wondering, should I have moved the. Seems to work OK, but must I leave the file in the Downloads file? I assume the fonts will scale-up too? The algorithms are high-performing and based on the most recent computational methods.

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