If viewing videos and images in Safari and having the option to invert colors is important to you, I would hold off on installing the update and send your feedback to Apple. Another option is to use Firefox or another browser instead of Safari. I preferred Safari, but now I have no choice other than to switch browsers.

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If this smart invert behavior is going to expand into more apps than Safari, this will become a huge impediment to using the Mac. Add a "Invert colors classic " keyboard shortcut. There may still be 3rd party apps that do a simple inevert. Prior to when Apple included the feature, I relied in an app called Black Light. I am realizing now that the smart invert problem is happening not only in the Safari web browser but the Apple Mail application as well. Because I often encounter messages in Mail that have text in the embedded images, if I cannot read those bright images by inverting colors, and there is no alternate text, that means I cannot read the message content.

It may be that any app using WebKit, which is the framework available to developers to embed web browser functionality, is using this new smart invert behavior. These are now two applications I can no longer use. The iTunes Store is not critical but certainly is hindered when I cannot read text in bright images. My recent blog mentions this issue.

I hope it helps to raise awareness.

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Same here. Noticed it shortly after upgrading. I've reported it to the accessibility team by emailing accessibility at apple dot com. I suggest others do the same so they see the importance of this issue. I'm finding that I have this issue on my work MacBook Pro, which s still running Perhaps it is Webkit, as suggested above. And yes, it's interfering with my ability to do my job.

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I get a lot of screenshots to review with a lot of technical data embedded, and it's near impossible for me to work with it. They also did the same in my Apple TV 4th in tvOS 3 there was an option to invert color of everything in the system but now you cannot do that anymore. I cannot read charts and see video tutorials anymore.

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I just noticed if I print a web page, the images come out inverted. Smart invert doesn't seem to be as smart as we would like.

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The stylesheet should force images and videos to be inverted. I am not an expert in this thing but I hope someone help us to do it. The default is to load the contents from the clipboard. As of But there are no new controls to disable this "smart" image inversion behavior, as there are in iOS. I was transferred to an Accessibility specialist named Taylor. He was able to reproduce the bug.

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He said he would submit a change request with the development team. I received a follow up email from someone else, with the workaround of taking a screen capture, and viewing it in Preview. I replied to that email, saying that workaround won't work for video I emphasized that visually impaired people need a true "pixel by pixel" invert of the screen, that will work on still images and videos.

They replied that they will forward my request to the developers.

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  • Apple previewed this feature throughout WWDC. The software is already available to Apple Developers in an early access beta trial. Apple Accessibility specialist Taylor taught me that anyone can call Apple Care support with accessibility issues. You do not need Apple Care to get help with accessibility issues. Does anyone know if Apple has fixed this issue in macOS For certain reasons I am still on Making matters worse, I tried to download the See Better Invert Colors extension, but mojave wouldn't let me install it, saying "unsafe extensions" are no longer supported.

    Is it changed or do I need to set it manually? Click on Keyboard and then click the tab Keyboard shortcuts. Then scroll select the Acessability option in the left pane and scroll down and check the box beside Invert color. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question.

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