Create an encrypted disk image in macOS

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Ask a question. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Thanks in advance. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. Note that there is no option to remember the password in your keychain in this setting. However, when you open the file and supply the password, you can then choose to remember the password at that time.

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Click the Choose button to set your password and the Save button on the original Disk Utility page. This will create your new disk image in the location you specified in the Where field. After the initial creation, the folder will be unlocked for you. The folder will remain open and unencrypted until you eject it. Once it is ejected, re-opening the disk image will again require the password.

Keep in mind that any files you copied into your disk image are still present in their source location. You probably want to delete the unencrypted source files. The steps to create an encrypted disk image from an existing folder are almost identical. There is a disabled menu option named Change Password but there seems to be no way to enable it. However, there is a command line utility which that can be used instead. Open a terminal by navigating to Launchpad and finding the Terminal application.

How to Recover or Remove Microsoft Word 2011 Password on Mac

The Microsoft Office suite has many applications and there are varying degress of password protection support. The docx format for Microsoft Office applications is essentially a compressed set of xml files.

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The plain text of an unprotected Microsoft Word document is easily found unzipping the docx file. However, once a document is password protected it seems to be encrypted.

Password Protecting Files on a Mac

The file command in macOS shows the different types. Whereas unzipping an unprotected file yields a number of plain text files.

How to Password Protect Word Documents on PC and Mac

This would seem to suggest that strong AES bit encryption is being used. The protection option for Microsoft Word is in the Tools menu. Select Tools then Protect Document to show the password set dialogue box. The first section of the Password Protect dialogue box is fairly easy to understand.

Enter a password to open the document to prevent anyone from opening it.

You can then optionally set a password to modify the document. If a person has only the first password then they will only be able to read the document and not modify it. If you check this box then people opening the document will see the following message. They can simply click No and open the document in modification mode so it has limited value from a security standpoint. However, if you have specified a modification password then this message will not appear.

Password Protect and Encrypt Word Document for Mac - The Ultimate Guide

Unlike macOS applications, Microsoft Word does not require you to enter the current password to change or remove an existing password. There are two different concepts of protection with Microsoft Excel. Password protecting the file from being opened is a different process and there is some overlap in the settings. The differences are this:.

User account menu

To apply workbook or sheet protection, select the Tools menu and then the Protection item will allow you to select between the two options. Password protecting the entire workbook from changes is fairly straightforward. Enter a password and you can optionally check boxes to specify protection for the structure of the document and also the window sizes. It is also on the Review tab in Mac Word If you will be protecting more than one document and want to save some time doing it, you can use a free add-in that we offer called AuthorTec File Doctor.

File protection is one of the features this add-in provides. The link above is the download and if you'd like more info about the add-in use this Tutorial Link. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. You won't find it in Preferences because it is document-specific, not a global program setting.