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What does it do? Nothing really… it just moves some things around, changes […]. Can ny 1 me help me out a little regarding this. If you are rich enough to afford one,dont look down upon the efforts of the poor. Macs are obnoxiously expensive for what you get. Windows for the win. Man is this neat-o. Installs flawlessly on my rig. The interface feels fresh on my Win7. Can anyone tell me what it is? I can certaintly just tell there are cue sounds for maximizing windows, minimizing windows, opening an app, etc.

But being idle and making those sounds are rather odd. I rather not be paranoid something is wrong or someone is looking through my computer. Dear DAVE i am also experiencing that annoying sound…. I have found the solution for that annoying sound. Who cares, one of my friends had this and easily deleted.

Just another way for Windows to copy a Mac. They already did it with the Dock and they say in one commercial they thought if it first. I agree.

Berikan desktop Anda makeover Avengers

Of course this could be good for Mac owners with Windows 7 bootcamped. What kind of games do you like?

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Macs can fun almost all the big games, warcraft, starcraft, sims 3, age of empires 1,2,3, even some easports games. And have you seen the support for those games? Read Blizzard forums about the mac… so many issues, especially when updates come out. AoE 1,2 and 3 are old news.. We give mac owners the old stuff, we get the new stuff.. And for gaming I just use Steam. But seeing that most major programs and games are on OS X as well, I rarely visit the Microsoft concoction. You have to create a restore point before installing the theme and if you had a problem after installing the theme do a system restore with that restore point.

Buy a mac? Over priced and last year PC hardware…. I have a personal Mac, but the computer I have to use at job is windows, then I rather that looks like my mac : Thanks for the help! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Mac Theme for Windows 7 Aug 22, - Comments. Steve Rogers says:. July 5, at am. Yuuki says:. May 12, at am. Danielmtzz says:. January 4, at pm. March 24, at am. March 10, at pm. March 7, at am. Ben says:. December 29, at am. Kyle says:. December 15, at pm. December 6, at pm.

October 26, at pm. Boss says:.

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The fastest way to browse on a Mac. And faster than any Windows browser, too.

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Kai says:. March 8, at pm. March 7, at pm. Cam says:. Klip suara ini benar-benar melengkapi nuansa tema ini. Akan lebih baik untuk memiliki beberapa ikon desktop yang dikustomisasi termasuk juga, yang mana The Avengers Windows 7 Theme tidak, tetapi itu adalah minor minor, mengingat kualitas gambarnya.

What do you think about The Avengers Windows 7 Theme? Do you recommend it? Apa cara yang lebih Lihat deskripsi lengkap. Windows 8 Baik untuk tablet: operasi layar sentuh, aplikasi baru, dan lebih mudah pada baterai. Unduh The Avengers Windows 7 Theme with dialogue. Unduhan Gratis untuk Windows.