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The terminal app command was the ticket! I had a problem where nothing worked. So I went into the terminal and spammed it 15 times. Slowly it came out.

How to Eject a Stuck CD or DVD From Your Mac

Taking my mac in for a check, something was making it stick. Your email address will not be published.

  • Use Terminal to Eject a Stuck CD/DVD;
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  • Use Terminal to Eject a Stuck CD/DVD.
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  5. Shannon Townsend says:. Sheila Berry Hudson says:. Ihsan Mohammad Ali says:. Samuel Mwangi says:. Liz says:. Lorraine D says:. Nelson says:. It may well be a side-effect of kids — one of which was the subject of one of my first GeekDad posts, way back in May in that case, it was paper shoved in an iMac's DVD slot.

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    Whatever the reason, I currently have four Macs with shot optical drives. That doesn't bother me.

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    3. How to Eject a Stuck CD or DVD From Your Mac.
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    6. What has been driving me crazy is what happens when someone inserts a DVD into a broken drive which then refuses to eject it. In the old days, Apple provided a manual eject button you pushed in with a paperclip; however, Macs released in the past few years have been lacking this handy feature.

      How to Eject DVD CD disc USB SuperDrive Macbook AIR (Maverick Yosemite Lion MD564M/A MC684ZM/A A1270

      If a disc becomes stuck in the drive for some reason, it can quickly become a cause of irritation and frustration. The Mac knows it's there.

      What if a disk won’t eject?

      It will spin the drive up, trying to read the disc, sometimes repeatedly. If you use the usual methods to try to eject it such as choosing "Eject" from the Finder, or dragging it to the Trash , you can be rewarded by an endlessly revving optical drive, as the disc is constantly spun up, remounted and clicks as it fails to eject.

      If you leave it, the drive will sometimes be quiet for days, but you know it's there and one false move — accidentally clicking on that icon — starts the maddening revving cycle. I was preparing to pass it on to the kids, but wanted to resolve the disc issue first, because I know they'd keep clicking on it and I was afraid we'd hit a state where it simply wouldn't spin down.

      5 ways to eject an external drive from a Mac

      I'm no prude when it comes to taking computers apart I was even Apple Certified back in the day , but pulling out, or replacing the optical drive in an iMac is a pain in the butt and something I'd rather avoid. A MacBook, no problem: access to components is easy. The iMac, less so. I've swapped out the RAM on this machine and removed the protective glass cover to clean dust off the LCD display, but there's no way I want to remove the display altogether to get at the drive beneath it. Not if I can avoid it.

      In case you are ever faced with this annoying situation, here is what I tried in order of escalating frustration :. Using the Terminal, enter the following command: drutil eject. If none of these solution works, there's a pretty good chance that there's a hardware problem.

      If not and you don't mind the risk of possibly damaging the optical drive, you can proceed to more drastic measures. Oh, and I could find no trace of a software solution, like an AppleScript to make the iMac ignore the drive. If someone knows one that works, that would certainly save some effort and potential hardware damage. Apple itself publishes a how-to on slot-loading iMac drive failures. This involves inserting a paperclip, then sliding it as the disc is ejected in an attempt to free it. Inserting a thin piece of cardboard into the optical slot as the disc is spinning can force it to stop and may then trigger the drive to eject the disc.

      The "try anything" school of thought and a few websites suggested that jamming a second disc into the slot and trying the standard eject methods may be enough to make the drive barf out both discs. A number of people managed to pull the disc out by inserting two credit cards working one on either side of the jammed disc and using them like pincers to yank it out. This guy even put up a YouTube video showing the technique in action.

      Didn't work for me. Still no luck, even after several hours and repeated sessions of fighting with this thing. I was about to pack it in, take the iMac apart and physically remove the drive.