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I have all the songs off and now I need a way to strip DRM off of them. All I need is a tool that works. Posted by: JohnK 07 Feb I use Freecorder, a free tool that simply records the output of your sound card and converts it to mp3. Quality suffers, as the file is converted from digital to analog in the sound card, then back to digital and compressed to mp3. Posted by: MayCai 08 May Posted by: Felix 15 Jun After iTunes stoped selling DRM protected music, most of this software became unusefull.

The Big List of Audio Conversion Software

As file format converters they are not perfect. Their converter don't remember name - it's black worked out for me as best from all listed. Posted by: Dan 02 Oct Posted by: Jason Linsey 17 Jan But you don't give any consideration to video files. Posted by: summer 25 Mar Posted by: alfija 26 Mar Posted by: jessicawell 06 Apr Posted by: sadasw 28 Apr Posted by: slappHappe 13 Jun Thanks, I took the Audacity route which, very simply, is: The audiobook will play in iTunes on your Mac.

Complete instructions at my my blog Posted by: drmremoval 23 Jun Posted by: elle 02 Jul Thanks for your sharing this information, Tune4mac iTunes Audio converter is also better software on Mac. Posted by: medianoche 31 Aug Great information, thanks! Posted by: Tim 22 May Good stuff! Posted by: Anne 29 Jun Posted by: yogi 29 Mar Posted by: NewsView 13 Feb I just want to mention that NoteBurner doesn't appear to work anymore. The version compatible with my OS hangs up on m4p files when used in conjunction with iTunes If I assemble a playlist of M4Ps that read "Protected" under "kind" in my library, the first track will convert and the rest will not.

I feel as if I've been scammed! My library is one hot mess after subscribing to Match. I turned Match back on to re-grap M4As after they completely disappeared and now I have even more duplicates because what was on the iCloud became outdated while Match was off —— and once turned back on Match re-deposited playlists I had removed or edited locally with older copies.

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The old standby for those who wanted to create MP3 counterparts is to rip a physical CD back into iTunes. As far as I can tell, however, that method no longer works, either.

For one, iTunes 11, even though the option to "get track names" is checked, won't grab them. Long story short, Apple has rendered a lot of the workarounds that have been mentioned on the Internet ineffectual. My DRM "crime" consisted of my total ignorance that my pre iTunes purchases would not be "future proof" enough to run on a non-Apple device.

Get rid of DRM legally so you can listen to great sounding tunes

Hey, Apple I used that dang iPod for 10 years. Do you think I'm going to spend more money buying iTunes content or subscribing to iCloud services if I am disgruntled by your micro-managing tactics? I realize Apple wants to protect their "ecosystem" business interests but at some point don't the changes rendered by iCloud-capable versions of iTunes cross the line into anticompetitive business practices? Posted by: Belinda 21 May Thanks for your sharing.

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Digital Rights Management or DRM is the way music producers and artist used to protect their music after it was been purchased from the internet.

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This means all of the songs that are protected by DRM are only good for single use, or cannot be transfer to other portable device since to convert protected wma to mp3 is prohibited under DRM. To get a vividly processed audio track, then make use of Apowersoft free audio recorder.

This is an outstanding free web base recording application that is easy to use with multiple features that you can take advantage of. By using this program you can simply convert drm wma to mp3 free with these steps.

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  5. Another recording tool that you can use is this sophisticated application that is design to meet all of your audio recording needs. This is none other than Streaming audio recorder. This recorder can also produce a clear recorded audio output just like the first recorder that we discussed above.

    WMA to MP3 Audiobook Converter - Convert DRM WMA to MP3

    But this program has more advanced features under its arsenal. In addition to its ability to record drm wma to mp3, it also enable the recorded audio to be added into iTunes library with its simple add to iTunes functions which is fantastic. Just sync your iPod to your PC to update the library. If you are willing to gamble for a recently becoming popular drm wma to mp3 converter then you can use Noteburner audio converter. This is a great application that supports any audio file conversion. One of the key features that this program is trying to sell is its ability to remove any protected copyrights such as DRM in WMA.

    Many of its users still think that it can only be used for removing DRM from iTunes music, but as a matter of fact the converter also enables conversion from audio file with DRM to other audio file format that includes WMA format. Then Record it! Here are the top of the line recorder that you can make use of: Apowersoft free audio recorder To get a vividly processed audio track, then make use of Apowersoft free audio recorder.