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You could have the Server in a different range but only if you have a router to 'route' between the two ranges. Note: Changing the IP address of a server is not a trivial matter. You should first back up your user accounts by both doing an Open Directory archive if you are using Open Directory and exporting from Workgroup Manager do not include the servers Administrator account. Aug 30, AM. Aug 31, AM in response to jimcsong In response to jimcsong. Based on that and that the Mac and Ubuntu can ping each other on the subnet, this confirms they both are in the same correct address range.

However it does suggest something obvious which you may have already addressed. When the Mac or Ubuntu is in the 10 subnet it needs to have defined a 'default gateway' aka.

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Using the subnet as an example If however you leave the field blank, or forget to change it from the original 10 subnet compatible entry then the Mac will not know where to send traffic that needs to be routed onwards and outwards from your LAN. The LAN switch needs first to 'hear' an IP packet from the device with its new IP address in the packet so it knows to update its cache.

Aug 31, AM. Page content loaded. This isn't something that I need to worry about. As a side note, I've tried restarting everything: modem, router, computer, networking, removing and readding the wireless network, etc. Also, I've made sure the DNS service on localhost has been turned off.

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Similarly, here's the output of ifconfig on my other computer running Ubuntu Looks the same to me with both the IP addresses and subnet masks. The Ubuntu box can access the internet before and after the change. Aug 30, PM. Have you tried ping in both directions, i.

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Did it fail the same way in both directions after the change? Ubuntu initially could not ping Mac destination host unreachable but could SSH into it via its IP address firewall was disabled. After changing to Aug 31, PM in response to jimcsong In response to jimcsong. Aug 31, PM. How do I change the default gateway though?

I only see an option for "Router" which is correctly set to Is there a command that I can run? Sep 1, AM in response to jimcsong In response to jimcsong. Just a different name for the same thing. On the Mac mini in System Preferences - Network Settings, it will list all the available network interfaces.

Can you list these along with the status colour each is, usually Green, Orange or Red. It should be the last one - Manually, if it is the second one then the DHCP server could still be sending the old and wrong value for the Default Gateway aka. It is possible to either have two physical Ethernet interfaces both plugged in to the same LAN, it is also possible to have multiple virtual interfaces using the same physical interface.

I often use the second option to have both a manual configuration and a DHCP configuration at the same time for testing, or two manual configuratoins when I am changing a router setup. If you have either two physical interfaces or an extra virtual interface it could be causing the confusion. The other possibility that occurs to me is that somewhere in the depths of Mac OS X it is failing to properly update its configuration file when you make the change.

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It maybe that what we could do next is to delete the interfaces in Network Preferences and create a fresh one. However lets check the above first. Sep 1, AM. When you changed the settings on your DHCP server to hand out The DHCP server tells the client what IP informtion to use, including the address of the router the client should use. Therefore if you change your DHCP server to use a different subnet you'll also need to identify the correct IP address for the router in that subnet typically the IP address of the router itself.

Its IP address changes from Sep 1, PM.

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Also, I'm only using Wi-fi. No other network interfaces set up or even an ethernet cable plugged in:. Sep 2, AM in response to jimcsong In response to jimcsong. Sep 2, AM. Communities Contact Support. If Next time this happens could you capture all output from netstat -a -b and see if there is Plex Media Server process listening on Still trying to dig further into it.

I have suspicion that it could be my router dying too though. I have the same issue.

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Only way to resolve it is to log on to my QNAP and restart it which takes around 30mins. All works fine then for a few days. I identified one of my issues. Made a new directory for Plex only and it solved some issues with large files. Now I am having trouble with having Plex becoming unresponsive after a few concurrent streams.