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Many of these commands appear as seperate posts all over the web, but never in one big list. I have tried to keep the amount of sudo commands down to a minimum as this can easily destroy your system. Especially if you go sudoing every thing. I have tried to give the best description I can, if you have a problem leave a comment and I will see if I can solve it. The list is in no particular order.


Most of these commands are Leopard compatible and many may not work on Tiger. Try them and see what happens. It changes the 3D dock to a flat 2D version. To enter copy and past the following code.

15 Great Mac OS X Terminal Commands That You Might Not Know

One of my favourite hacks that enables you to put a small gradient behind an icon. I think this should be enabled by default. This little Terminal command enables you to add a message of your choice to the Login window.

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Pretty cool and deserved a screenshot if I new how to take on while not logged in. If you want to revert it do the following.

How To Watch Star Wars In Command Prompt Via Telnet?

Clicking on it shows all the windows from one application F10 default , option clicking it shows all windows F9 default. If you have some trouble with Address Book it may be useful to open up the debug menu as well as this use some of the hidden features. Make sure address book is closed first before applying the code. If you want to revert it remove YES in the string.

15 Great Mac OS X Terminal Commands That You Might Not Know

This little hack lets you increase the size of the magnification of the dock icons. If you want massive icons on you desktop this little hack lets you increase the icons to pixels x pixels. This is massive, may slow down on older machines. If you use the screen shot function, you may want to change the format of the images, this is not easily done normally.

Where jpg is in the code you can change this to the format your want, png bmp gif etc. You need to log out and back in again, or restart for the changes to take effect. If you get a bored of the space picture used on the login screen, you can change it with this little bit of code. Change the file location in the second half of the string to the exact file location of your chosen picture. This is a Safari 3 hack, so it might not work.

This changes the blue bar that goes across the address bar into a small blue pie chart. Insert false instead of true to reverse. If you right click on a file you can open it with many applications. Sometimes your OS can get a little confused and list many applications. This is to clear this list and start again.

Star Wars Terminal Movie

The code below is all on one line. This simple hack changes the delay time it takes to drag windows around in spaces, its currently set to 0. This little hack enables the double arrow set for up and down, left or right, to be at both ends of the scroll bar. Handy if you like the double arrows. Use System Preferences to reset.

This quick little hack for Safari that removes the tooltips you get when you hover over certain elements. Command 6 enables you to change the magnification. This command enables you to change the size of the dock.

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Use the sliders in System Preferences to reduce this size. Probably one of the coolest hacks. The technique is simple. First, find your Emacs version number. Replace You get a directory of all the available games. Make a note, or take a screenshot. You can switch to the next game at any time by repeating this process. Enter the command below in the terminal and enjoy. If you are working on Time Capsule or any backup device, you can change how frequently your system is backed up. Simply enter. You can change this to suit whatever frequency of backup to Time Machine you want.

If you switch through different previews you will notice that the image resizes itself each time to adapt to the new image. If all this working in Terminal has you a little shaken up, you should probably talk to someone about it. Luckily Terminal has a built-in psychologist ready to hear all about your troubles.

Watch Star Wars In Linux Terminal via Telnet - It's FOSS

You can actually have a little fun with it, too. You can fix a lot of issues and even customize your Mac all with this simple looking tool. Brian is a technology nut who loves all things Apple. Along with tech blogging he owns and operates a website dedicated to Craft Beer knowledge and information: Craft Beer Academy. With a love of sharing information and finding the newest tech out there, he is a great source for interesting news and instruction. I tried all of these and only the make it snow works… I have not had a lot of experience with terminal though so that may be part of the problem.

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