Big Mac Sauce

This big mac sauce recipe will give any homemade burger a facelift. I try to limit eating out as much as possible for both health and financial reasons, so I was so happy that I got their approval for this one. They were gone in 15 minutes!! Wow, I am not a person who will spend that kind of money on a condiment bottle of whatever… this is not within my budget. Pretty much close. This big mac sauce recipe is much simpler and easier.

So where do I even begin! Gather your ingredients, Mayonnaise, French dressing, sweet relish, pickle relish, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, and diced onion. I tried it without sugar but it did not taste good enough. Also tested it without French dressing but felt it was way better with it. So test for yourself if you wish to and compare. Combine all the ingredients well in a bowl. Let the sauce chill in the fridge for 24 hours. When you are ready grill your burgers, homemade or store bought. The difference is biiiig. This happens to be a very nice sauce that was a game changer for my homemade burgers.

If you would are following a low carb diet, try this big mac salad from Maya. If you love this recipe please give it 5 stars! Adapted from 4sonrus. Gather ingredients Gather your ingredients, Mayonnaise, French dressing, sweet relish, pickle relish, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, and diced onion. Mixing Combine all the ingredients well in a bowl. Grill Birgers When you are ready grill your burgers, homemade or store bought.

Prep Time. Total Time. Course: Main Course. Hugs from Indonesia xxxx. I hope your cooking book would be like binder, because more easy to open and see while cooking. With explanation about cooking equipments and your amazing tips, history of the foods, plus lot of illustrations and pictures. Please let us know if you are going to publish your cooking book. Hi Agnieschka! Every little piece of me curious, fun, weird, chatty etc… will be in it! Dear Alex, the cookbook is a great idea, I love your videos and your recipes!

Will you do some sweet treats, like mousse au chocolat? Hi Hanna! Of course it will be available on Amazon. Hi Alex, I just discovered your channel today, while looking for a recipe of tikka massala. And I cooked it! Turned out amazing! Regarding the cook book, I think tikka massala should definitely be in it! Good luck! Hey Galyna, Thanks a lot for your positive and refreshing energy! Hi Jade! I hope the cookbook will be in English. I will be very happy if you consider a recipe from Pakistan. There are plenty of dishes to choose from from simple to complex.

The most exciting part will be to see how you will put your signature twist on any of the recipes I love that about you. Hey Ayisha! Which one are you suggesting? Hey man. Awesome idea to write a cookbook. I know the opposite has. You can definitely count me in for buying a copy of your book. Hey Thom! That is a great comment you left.

I like to inspire people, no to dictate to them. Much love.. First off, let me say that I love your videos! I once used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but university marked the end of it. All thanks to you! But I digress. Back to the cookbook! It seems important to me to speak about things I care about. Hey Alex, I quit like your turn on posh cooking recipes one with a beer cooler particularly. Could you try some of Croatian cousin? Also we have lot of indigenous species of stock and game. Best of luck with your book! Octopus under the lid is my favorite national dish.

Another great national dish is roasted duck stuffed with buckwheat, chopped liver and bacon. All the best, Selcuk. Yeah I absolutely love lamacun and pide and I hate so many of them in the past.

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Hey Alex, great idea with the cookbook! Oh, and include the ghetto sous vide — a friend of mine tried it and it really works great! I love your idea. It seems so right! I might do it as you said, cause it inspired me. Your videos have been very inspiring! For a long time I have dreaded cooking, it felt like an overwhelming chore. You have given me somewhere to start and have fun making delicious food!

It helps a lot that you give tips for keeping it simple. I am getting brave and trying new things and am definitely eating more regularly than I used to. I would love a copy of your cook book, preferably ebook or ipad book but willing to do hard copy if need be because I am just that excited for your book. Also thank you so much for making and sharing your videos and letting your wonderful personality shine through, it is greatly appreciated. Hey Jessica! So nice to read your comment! I ll let you know when the ebook goes public for sure.

Much love , Alex. I would like to see a simple recipe for a loaf of bread. A loaf that can have multiple uses from breakfast through dinner and beyond. Maybe you have one already? Maybe it is too simple? I am not sure but just thought I would throw it out there.

I have really enjoyed your videos and hope to continue into the future. I almost forgot, maybe some more fish or seafood dishes too? You always make me smile when watching them. I would love for you to try a gluten-free baguette. Keep on rocking…we love you! I think the idea is awesome!!!

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I also think it should be a real tangible cook book. Being able to touch and look through the final product would be super cool!! The recipes listed sound very international. Best of luck!!! Me gusta ser tu primer comentario en Spanish. Soy vegetariana y siempre encuentro un twist en tus recetas. Espero el libro!!! Cuenta conmigo, Besitos. Pingback: Kitchen Hack : Slice 25 Tomatoes in 5 seconds! I like the Idea of a Cookbook in that nonchalant Style of yours. So please create it. And i like Books i can really touch, so make it please a real Book.

Hey, Alex! How are you? What about a crowdfunding project for your hard cover book? Hey Alexis. You are passionate like Gennaro Contaldo, you cook good like Jamie Oliver and you are also a really good entertainer! Summed up: People love watching your videos, buddy! Your comment is a blessing! There will be some good comforting recipes for sure in this book. Everything will be written. Ingredients, easy to follow instructions and even some alternatives as well….

Hi Frenchie, Of course you should make a book, I said so ages ago! Best wishes for your project, I like hardbacked cookbooks. Of course you should publish a hard copy cookbook, my dear boy. You and your channel are magnificent! I have made many of your recipes and they are always great. I wish it were already here, I would give them away as Christmas gifts. Keep up the good work, you brighten my day and those of so many others.

I would love a cookbook from you! Love the twists, the cheats and all the geeky informations about the recipes. And you should not hold on to french recipes, your twists on dishes from other countries are the best! Why not include drinks as well? Or at least give a recomendation on what to drink with each meal.

A must buy if you publish a book. Hi, Alex! I would love to own a hardcover copy of your cookbook. I love your Youtube channel and have learned so much from watching. The thing I love most about you is that you take the fear and intimidation out of cooking, which has always been a problem for me. Bonjour Alex! I am so excited of the idea of your cookbook.

If you can make your cookbook project that consists of recipe for guys like me to learn how to cook meals and bake with detailed but simple steps, I would love to buy your cookbook. Keep up with your work and follow your plan. I am glad you liked those. I really like your take on recipes. Good luck man! Wow, i am really looking forward to this, all the scrumptious, mouth-watering, delicious dishes that will be in your book. Hi Alex. I will be super super hyper quadruple excited for your cookbook and I would really love to buy it someday like definitely.

Great idea! Thank you so much for all the work you put in. My pleasure! I love making recipes and turning them into funny and helpful videos for you guys! Salut, Alex! Discovered your youtube channel today, and im feeling inspired. Especially tempted to try the french onion soup. Go for it Callum! Hi Alex! Pingback: Lastminute Thanksgiving Gravy! Latecomers Favorite Recipe… Channll. I know everyone has been saying it but hardcover would be best! I love your videos and I would definitely buy your book! Bye from Scotland!! Looking forward to the cookbook and making the king cake with puff pastry.

Hi Lisa! You are such an amazing inspiration for cooking! I enjoy watching you for your recipes and ideas and also for your humor and ability to make me laugh! Keep up the great work Alex! I would absolutely love to see a hard cover recipe book with all of your amazing and cool recipes and tricks! Hi Solange! I would love the cookbook. Like others I would prefer and would buy a hardcopy of the book. Hello Jennifer! Ahaha you are welcome in France any time, but considering my strongly-international-family, my cookbook will be available everywhere! Salut Alex! Best of luck with your wonderful cookbook project!

Love your work! Hi Kenz! Oh yes I am working hard to make a beautiful and bit-different cookbook. Hope you will like it guys and thanks a million for the support. I like the idea of a hard copy cookbook. I would definitely purchase it as you are funny and inspirational cooking wise.

Hi Callum! Pingback: French Hollandaise Sauce with a cheat! I discovered you on Youtube randomly and I love your videos and ideas and cooking tips. If you had a cookbook that would be even better… and please have it in real life book form so it can live my kitchen…. Love the idea of a cookbook! Would save me scribbling down notes as I am looking at the videos! Taking a few classes this time around. Hey Cindy! I kid you not I was just thinking after watching you Bart that you both need to make a cookbook! Please include your pancake recipe, it was the 1st recipe that inspired me to make something normally bought in box , at home!

Also I hope this comes out as an actual book so I can hold it in my hands! Good Luck dude! Oh oh oh thanks Ayan! Hey Alex, Just wanted to first say how awesome and usually hilarious your videos are. Been following you for a while now, and have been trying out your recipes along the way. Maybe place the original recipe on one page and use the entire backside for the twist along with some background as to how you arrived at this idea, and maybe what types of people it would be good for? Hi Neel! I guess you are right, the twist brings a lot of personality to the dish.

You are by far my favourite Youtube-cook, and I look forward to the book! Hi Anton! I think you of all people should make a cookbook. Your sense of humour and ability to twist things for the better is just genius and I would love to see it in print. I mean I use your all your videos collectively as a cookbook so… Why Not? I would love to have this in my life. I like to watch recipes on youtube because you can rewind it as many times as needed, but sometimes you just want disconnect and cook and read, so a hardcover book would be wonderful.

Love the channel and your cooking. We love your videos Alex!! You make delicious food and your funny personality got us hooked!! Haha keep up this channel — we love it!! Hey Alex! I can tell that you have a great knowledge about cooking, yet you succeed not to be stiff or too formal! I love the fact that your recipes are so doable and fun! I think a cookbook would be really great. Pingback: Sweet Crepe vs Savory Galette! Pancake Day Special! Hey Alex I love your way of cocking!

I have watched all your videos at Youtube, they are perfect. I would definitely be interested. I really love your idea for this cookbook! It is really the kind of book I need! I especially like the details about cooking time, difficulty, and not to mention variations! I would definitely want to buy this book! I really love your videos and recipes. And I love the idea of you making your own cookbook. I love French Food a lot. And your Boeuf Bourguignon recipe is what I often cook. But I love the old school made of paper kind of book as well.

But when it comes to cooking i prefer using my iPad or laptop and watch videos. Which I have already mentioned. Maybe not only one. Already thinking of giving it to my family and friends as a present. Why not! Anyway, I wish all the best and thank you for all your videos. Hello from India! Abhishek here. Love the stuff on Youtube. You are simple and talented, let the book show that.

Hey Alex, First of all I love your idea of a cook book. I personally love the french cuisine. Maybe you could do the classic versions and also a twisted version next to it. If you could pass that spirit you have in the videos to a cookbook, I would buy it, for sure! That makes me watch your videos and try your recipes. Go for a hardcover! Great channel. Hey Alex you were the first person that I watched on foodtube your food is so amazing though you are a selftrained chef.

But I would definitely buy urs and help you out in every way I can. You are a nice guy Alex and a good chef, I love the freshness and the new type of cooking you bring to the table. I stumbled upon your channel today and totally LOVE your videos! I finished almost all of your videos today ;D I am thrilled to know that you are thinking about publishing a cookbook!

I will be happy and honored to buy it! A hard copy will be great, but a ebook version will also be good for casual reading! Anyway, all I want to say is that I absolutely appreciate your efforts! Please keep doing this amazing work! And I hope I can buy this amazing cookbook in the near future!

Also, I think your best bet would be to go hardcover, but also make it available on a digital format to appeal to both tradition lovers and techies. Also, I just want to day that I simply adore how simple yet tasty your recipes are!! Cooking them has given me so much confidence in my own abilities, and has given me the added benefit of impressing my French teacher :D. I hope to see this cookbook come into fruition with love and patience.

Write it either way, hard back or ipad, love your vids and your sous vide steak is awsome. I some times I finish on my Komodo Kamado, but the blow torch is a kick for my quests. Thanks, you have an awesome channel. Can you include some Moroccan inspired cuisine in the book? I noticed when i was in Paris there were so many delicious Moroccan dishes there. Hi Alexis! Big fan of your passionate, crazy, fun-filled and delicious videos!

A cookbook sounds amazing!! Hi my lovely Alex! You know what I mean? It should be comfortable to use in kitchen… nice organisated chapters etc. Your so fun and have an amazing personality and your videos always make me laugh. You are without doubt the best chef on YouTube even better than Jamie Oliver.

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I wish you all the best on this new venture and good luck with the future: : Maria. Love the croque monsieur sticks and the crazy sous-vide steak I still have to try that last one though!!!! Good luck!! A cookbook sounds like a really good plan! I would love to buy a cookbook made from you! I hope you make it with the same humor that you have in the videos and that you use the same twists och simplicity. Dont think anymore about doing it, just do it!! So a cookbook would be great!

For me it doesnt matter what material you use, because I think that a cookbook with staines on it just makes it look real and beautiful! Keep up the good work, and please give us more videos!! Love your videos! It would be great if you had lots of vegetable recipes. But although your posh French accent is sometimes not all the time a bit hard to follow, I bet reading your genius in a cook book will be fantastic! By the way. I think you could make a really amazing cookbook!

Part of what I like most about your cooking videos is that you make French cooking really understandable and approachable! I look forward to your cookbook Alex, and I wish you all the best in life! I have no doubt that your cookbook will be a success no matter what form it comes out in! I love all of your videos and I take inspiration from them by switching up a few things to make them suit my Vegan lifestyle. I put my trust in you with this project to do what you think is right — no matter the outcome people will be buying it in spades! I would love to have a cookbook like this!

I just recently found your channel and, with a French boyfriend, I feel the pressure from his family to learn how to prepare more French dishes. Your recipes and videos are fabulous and easy to follow! No matter what format, it needs good photos and loads of them.

Any recommendations? I would love to buy your book! However, just an idea, it would be cool if you kept a little of your Frenchy vibe through the writing… Like not being a perfect translation from French to English because pearaonally I think that that is almost part of your comedic style with your YouTube and social media and stuff. Hi Alex, Many thanks for inspiring me to start cooking more often. In the past, I was always messing about cooking and baking in the kitchen, but life sort of got in the way and I sort of fell into bad for me convenience foods BLEK!

Stay safe, healthy, and encouraged! Love the idea. I particularly like the idea of having the technical tips in the book with great drawings I enjoy the science and technique that you share in your videos. Keep Cooking Matt. I also love a little line about the origin of the recipe because it feels like we are all sharing an on-going food story together that always had a happy ending because we get to eat! Good luck with the project!

I think a real life fe book would be awesome, throw your humour into it as well as your love. I love working with dough, can you have some dough recipes in it? Take care! Frusen Gladje used to sell a flavor called Mocha Chip, which seems basic, but it tasted so delicious. Maybe use an Ethiopian coffee flavor? It is the first time I get to know a foodtuber that convinces me that I can make every single recipe they present.

I think the simplicity and the ease of your instructions would be a incredible to put in a book. I would buy one for me, and my friends, and my family, hahaha By the way. I hope you get to know the Brazillian cousine and enjoy it. This cookbook looks amazing. Giving anyone the chance to try your recipes, despite their ability in the kitchen, food restrictions or whatever, is a basic aspect of your channel and one of the reasons I like it so much.

Keep up the good work! Hey Alexis! I have to say I am already hooked. So I am perusing your website looking for your French Onion Soup recipe, and found out about your cookbook. Love that idea, you sweet Frenchie! Been watching you since you joined FoodTube. Your recipes are just so practical and super tasty! I assume, it is better to have a real book in our hands, so that we can keep it for years. Sounds like a great idea! A cookbook would be really neat. Started watching your videos a couple of months ago, and I just feel like they have helped me a ton. Your videos are always interesting and fun to watch.

I really hope you finish this cookbook someday! Awesome recipes, humor, and creativity. Hola Alex! I think creating a cookbook would be a wonderful idea. Also, coming from the diverse educational background you do, I think many people will be able to relate to you and will learn from your advice. Keep up the great work.

Hi Alex, I really love your videos and how you make them funny without making them stupid and manage to teach us the good stuff in an easy way. Best of luck with your book I think both hard cover and ebook also……maybe an app? Alex — Love your youtube channel, and especially the videos made with Le Parfait products! Our suggestion for the cookbook would be TONS of beautiful imagery with your recipes showcased with Le Parfait jars, terrines, and jam pots!

Thanks, BN. Oh, I love the thought of a French Guy Cooking cookbook! The fact that you have alternatives to some ingredients is great, I love your style of doing things and your videos always make me feel good and slightly hungry. I love that fact that you embrace your culture, but also try to de-stress some of the harder recipes. I can not wait to see the book in whatever form it will come. Cheers, from Romania.

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You inspire me so much. Your post about writting a cookbook made my day, Alex! Your YouTube channel suggests a cookbook would be a great idea. A print edition would be preferred, since I gauge the utility of a cookbook by how well used they look after a few months bends in the spine, stray food stains, etc. Hello Alex, I think a cookbook would be really great. I would love to see you take on a Ginger-pumpkin soup recipe. Greetings from Greece. Hi Alex, I love your channel and your way in coiking and your way ti make us see paris its great!

To make cook book is a fantastic idea and interested to. Your idea about stories , replace some ingrediant , solution of some problems and presentation is a exellant one and rarly who do some thing like that. I wish if you can laboled every recipe wirh the calories it contain. Have you thought about organization? Also, I would prefer to purchase a hard-copy cookbook to add to my collection as well as for gifts to mes amis gourmands. I love your channel and think the cookbook idea is awesome! Keep that creative spin on the recipes to set the cookbook apart. I enjoy when you feature food from around the world and put a spin on it — like bahn mi.

This is so exciting!!! I have loved your videos since day one and would be so happy to have your cookbook hardcopy for the detailed recipe of your dishes and twists. Best of luck! Enfin un livre avec tes recettes! I love your video with the christmas salades. If your cookbook is ready, I sure want to have one. I had to watch it a dozen times. Hiya Alex! To see a cookbook from you with all of your personality and creativity would be fantastic.

Cheers, Nick. I love the idea. Sharing tips and recipes is a way to transmit passion and knowledge…. Hi Alex, I live this idea and I love the fact that you mix up so many cultural cooking styles together. Please do a contemporary section where you go off the limits to mix the food cultures together to bring out something extremely unique. I live the hardcover part too. Hi Alex, I looooooove watching your YouTube videos!!! You are fun to watch and the food always look delicious! I love the idea of the cook book and I would definitely get a copy of it when it becomes available!

Some step by step photos will also be very helpful! Also definitely would like to see a lot of new spin to the traditional and timeless French dishes! Maybe you will have a chapter called international where you would incorporate all other non French dishes or fusion dishes in that chapter!! Anyways just some suggestions, but again definitely would love to see you publish your first cook book.

I love the idea! I really love all your recipes and as a vegetarian I really like the idea with the layout and alternative ingredients. You are a really great cook! Thank you. Dear Alex, Love your video! Your make everything simple and easy and fun. Good luck with your project! I also think a hard copy cookbook is preferred. I think a cookbook would be great, hope you are still working on it.

A classic french dish I have always wanted to try is ortolan. But, owing to numerous factors it is not plausible. Do you think you could do a recipe with a twist for ortolan? Maybe with quail breast or chicken thighs? A French Guy Cooking hard copy cookbook would be an exquisite addition to my carefully curated selection of cookbooks! And, as it being my ongoing quest to full mastery, please do include the Pizza Odyssee! Bonne chance! Please make a book, Alex. I would love to have your recipes written down.

I think a hardcover copy would be great! A hard cover book would be great. Please work on it. I like your tips for cooking, they are easy and simple. The twists you suggest or share in the video are also brilliant. Looking forward for your cookbook. This would be amazing! Other than the recipes, which I know would be fantastic, I think that it would be great for you to include an extended bio page.

We want to know more about you! Your journey with youtube, behind the scenes, what got you interested in cooking etc Love from Thailand, Pauline. Oh my goodness, I would love to see you come out with a cookbook. Your love and enthusiasm for cooking is infectious. I would love to cook more French food for my family. I already want this masterpiece! Greetings from Hungary! I think you have the right idea for this book.

The idea that cooking has to be difficult and complicated to be tasty is ludicrous. Some of my best recipes are the simplest, sometimes even born out of trying to replicate another recipe without all of correct the ingredients. I love the idea of having a real paper book too, there are some beautiful pieces of art out there masquerading as cookbooks. Don P. Drop me an email if you want the details. This is a great idea, I would like to see a hard copy version, since its easier to handle while cooking. Pingback: How to Fold Nepalese Momos 3 ways! Food Videos. I love the idea of suggesting alternatives for ingredients!

Have fun working on it! I really enjoy your videos — especially those based on traditional French recipes or techniques made quicker or simpler to do. The book idea is lovely, however, I find online recipes at a website more helpful than books. I do use books, but it is nice to go to a website, do a recipe search, and have the option of printing it or just reading it from a device. Thanks, and keep up the great work! A cookbook! I already love your cooking videos, which I find very informative and rather innovative and funny.

I will definitely buy one! The cookbook is a great idea! Thank you so much! Katherine :. Hi Alex, I really enjoy your channel. I also really think your cheap recipes are super! Look forward to the cookbook for sure. One of the last times I tried to cook, the fire alarm went off, and the fire department came. So, I am definitely a new cook!

I like how many of your recipes are easy to follow, and I look forward to it! Part 2 Recipe Idea. Just discovered your channel through Brothers Green Eats. I love your creative presentation and how you explain things! Bon courage!!! I will send chorus of angels whispering the beautiful songs of cook book ideas!! Please include some vegan options for your sister.. AND arrange a cookbook tour!!!! Must stop by Canada, Quebec City and Montreal.. And oh.. Love you much! Cheng-Feng Lin. Your recipes are actually good… The salted butter caramel was a huge hit on my breakfast table!! Thank you so much.

I am also looking forward to news that you are coming up with your own book. And I am hopefully waiting a Korean recipe to appear on your page. Dear French Guy Cooking, I really love your Youtube channel and hope you will proceed making youtube videos for a long time. I am seventeen years old and really love learning how to cook, especially of your videos.

I watched a random video of your channel, and immediately loved your sense of humor and passion for cooking. So within a few days, I had seen almost every video you have made. I really hope your cookbook will be released soon, and I will directly buy it when it comes out.

I smile through every video. This is an amazing idea, it would be like an expression of yourself. One day I would love to meet you as well you seem like such an honest and down to earth person. This is going to be epically awesom! Please do a printed book! And please include a chocolate dessert! I am thrilled you are thinking of doing a cookbook. We wait for your videos every Sunday and would definitely buy it! Good luck. I love cooking, I love cookbooks, I love simple, not too heavy French food! Your Channel is one of my absolute favourites! I was already wondering if you would ever make a cookbook!

Please, do! All the best! I went to the market in Anssie once and they had a huge Variety of cheeses. Had no idea what to choose from. I would love it if you made a cookbook! It would be awesome if it was a hardcover and available here in Canada. You should make an Argentinian paella but maybe with some other twist. That would be wonderfully delicious. Grated mushroom — who knew? Thaank you. Im off to find more of your vids. All success to your cooking endevours.

Cheers and way to go. I like the idea of it too I love your videos they inspire me to cook also helps me make a lot of stuff with ease. I would love to see you come out with a cook book. Your enthusiasm and honest perspective makes me look forward to seeing anything you produce. Nice videos and some great culinary ideas! Even scientists acknowledge nowadays that the fight against animal fat was a big mistake. Perhaps, with that initial kickstarting use the money you get from the kickstarter or indigogo campaign with your youtube sub as correlation , you can find a publisher, like random house or something, to really make the book take off.

Jamie Oliver has collaborated with you a couple times. Why not ask him how he published his first book? That is a huge accomplishment. I am looking forward to the updates of the cook book. Please keep us updated. Best, Ted. I really love your recipes, I like the ebook idea, but I personally prefer an actual book. I was like should i click so i did and i found this page. You make me want eat like a french man.

If you can throw in some math table or some thing like that to help brake down the numbers. I like to read text books from school, Knowledge is Power. Maybe a recipe for Irish Sodabread? Something I have always wanted to try, it would be awesome to see it! Love the idea Alex!! I you feel you must include some recipes I would support your decision.

Mother sauces and their variations would be nice. Also can not make a pan sauce after cooking a steak to save my life so any help you might have would be great. We all love you on Youtube for our cooking advice but if your are going to put out cookbook it has got to be sexy. Keep top the good work!

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Something local which locals eat daily. It does sound like a great idea. It also looks like an idea that has been considered and reconsidered for a while. That been said, I am very anxious to see the final product. On a personal note, my humble suggestion would be to have it as clear as possible. I mean a clear page with no distractions in a way that I can find what I look for really easy while cooking. Does that make sense? So, for example, no matter in what page I am, my eyes will easily find the info I am looking for — cooking time for that part of the recipe; or hints; twists.

When I think about this I think about colour schemes, shapes that make sense; a pattern of positions over each page along the book…. Please, make a real book version of your cooking book. Sorry for bad english. Cook from Russia. Hey French Guy cooking team!