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I downloaded this and mcaffe did a right-click scan on it and it said it was fine, so i started to install it and i got a trojan which Mcaffee removed but I think the trojan came from the download. Pros: i didn't find out. I like this this is very fabulous, i like it too much, Thanks for developer who developed this awesome mac theme for window s.

I will never uninstall this. Yasir Zia Email: yasirzia live. Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Once you have WindowBlinds installed, simply open the I only use Windows for games, which is not very often.

Mac OS X Theme on Windows XP and Windows 7

And my friend, and old Windows junky who bought a Mac because it could boot windows rarely ever uses it now. So obviously there's still 'something' about OS X over Windows.

That's nice. How is this relevant to Boot Camp or anything being discussed on this talk page? Criticise OS X all you wish, but attempting to do so in terms of its pricing when compared to Windows is asisine. Oh and OS X gets many updates for free; how else can you explain starting at Go figure. Would anyone like to add to the page the fact that you really must use it?

I thought I'd outsmart Apple and merely partition my hard disk manually using Disk Utility. However I hadn't made a driver disk so I ran the Boot Camp installer package expecting to be able to skip the partitioning section. Not allowed. The software checks the partition map and doesn't like more than one big HFS partition there. So I had to reformat and start again. Connectionfailure , 25 June UTC. Section would look brilliant as a table. It currently is an unencylopedic list.

I am putting the text on the unsupported Apple s-video adapter back on the page.

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I am doing this because ever since Apple removed the s-video plug from the Powerbooks, this device has been the only official way next to third-party scanconverters of getting a tv signal out of a mac laptop or mac mini, and should therefor be considered an integral part of these devices. There are some sites especially in the video art world which write about this shortcoming, I am not sure to quote them on the page, but here are some links:. But here's a question. Can someone post operability with OSes that are in a different language?

Mac OS X Theme on Windows XP and Windows 7

The result of the proposal was move the page, per the discussion below. Edit the resulting redirect from Boot Camp as you wish.

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Ubuntuforum: Bootcamp won't be downloadable any more. That you can't tap the trackpad to emulate a mouse click? I thought Boot Camp was available before If so, this first line of the article should be more accurate.

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  • However, today is the second last day of the year, and I don't think they're gonna make it. How should we edit the article so it is up-to-date? Because not everyone pays taxes.

    Mac OS X Cursors for Windows 7, Vista and XP – Easy Installer

    Were the updates in version 1. Boot Camp is in no way similar to the method used by wubi to install Linux from within Windows.

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    Wubi creates a file inside the Windows filesystem that the Linux system boots from. Boot Camp actually partitions the drive and installs Windows natively on that partition. Do you use it when you boot or when you camp? How do you you lounch it and eat it? I read that a recent version of Boot Camp dropped support for installing Windows XP and Vista however, previously created partitions with XP and Vista were still supported. Anybody have a source on this or know if it's true? In the "Other Operating Systems" section, it says boot camp can be used to boot linux.

    However: A The source for that is a forum, which is hardly a reliable source or am I wrong? That same thing can be done by disk utility, so linux booting isn't really happening as a result of boot camp. I think we need to remove the reference to linux booting entirely. Any thoughts? If you love the way the macOS Transformation Pack looks but still want to keep using Windows computer, then all you need is the right app.

    It's a theme pack that mimics the appearance of macOS, providing you with rich Apple features and plenty of customization settings to personalize your desktop in any way you see fit. The macOS theme pack includes a login screen, wallpapers, themes, fonts, cursors, icons, sounds, finderbar, dock, spaces, dashboard, and launchpad. This kit simply transforms the aspect of your operating system in an elegant manner, basically installing a new skin. What should be mentioned is that it does not actually install any Apple-related applications, although some of its shortcuts may indicate this.