Once again the Lord of Terror, as well as his hordes of minions and demons, are trying to return to Sanctuary and it is up to the players and an unnamed hero to once again defeat them. The game's storyline is separated into four distinct acts, each of which follows a fairly linear path.

Diablo 3 System Requirements

Players progress through these acts by completing various quests that unlock new areas and allow players to gain experience and become more powerful for the challenges in the quests that follow. There are a number of side quests that are not required to move the main storyline along but they do allow players to pick up additional experience and treasure and gives some freedom of choice in the story.

Test my PC - Check Diablo III system requirements

The game also contains three different difficulty levels, Normal, Nightmare, and Hell with the harder difficulty offering more rewards in terms of better items and more experience. This experience and items earned on harder difficulty settings are not lost if the player would return to the easier difficulty levels. On the flip side, monsters are much more difficult to defeat and players are penalized in terms of experience when dying on harder difficulty settings. Players could play with their character created in the single-player mode in the Open realms games which was one of the multiplayer modes.

The game also supports co-operative gameplay with support for up to eight players in one game. One expansion pack has been released for Diablo II.

Diablo 3 System Requirements for Mac and PC

Titled Lord of Destruction, it introduced two new character classes into the game, new items and added to the original storyline. It also overhauled of the game mechanics for both the single and multiplayer portions of the game. I have, macbook pro snow lepord version Thank you for any help you may give.

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You are fine. That is above min specs. I'm a bit confused.

Diablo 3 - PvP Arena, System Requirements and Gameplay

It seems like that would not meet the requirements listed above, but I was able to play in the beta, and another website I was looking at seemed to say this graphics card was 'Low' but not unsupported. Thanks for the clarification It may be low for the PC supported page, but it is not supported for Mac. It does not have the vertex shader 3.

Diablo 3 System Requirements for Mac & PC

Pretty sure this will run on my MacBook 5. Need any more info? Thanks in advance, folks.

Should run, but settings all be defaulted to low since it has low shader support. Look at your system information and get these sections: Obtaining System Information 1.

[Mac] Diablo III System Requirements & Client FAQ

You don't have that Intel chipset. This is mainly for portables. I run WoW on the display with the ATI card, but D3 won't let me choose which display and will only poorly run in windowed mode on my ATI display, so if Blizz doesn't implement a "choose your display" option I'll swap them over.