iZotope TRASH 2 v2.05b for Mac Review

Throughout the wild ride, the ear-friendly Limiter keeps you and your speakers safe. The heart of Trash is its dual-stage multiband waveshaping distortion—allowing you to chain pairs of distortions together for sonic manipulation. Split the signal into multiple bands and apply distortion independently to individual frequencies, each with their own custom waveshape.

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Use the new Waveform Trace to see exactly how you're mangling your waveforms in real time, and DC offset filtering to keep them centered and on track. Be extreme or be benevolent: the power of audio annihilation is completely within your control. With distortion, tone is everything. Trash 2 gives you two new redesigned Filter modules to drive the frequencies you want into distortion or tame the ones you don't want.

Shape the tone and make it your own with re-engineered Filter shapes and new Vowel Filters. Trash features extremely realistic amp, device, cabinet, effect and speaker convolution modeling, freeing you to place your audio into another space or object entirely.

Choose from classics, combos, boutique models, and stacks, or play with creative synthetic impulses from a number of different sources. There's a tone and character for any situation—let Trash bring you outside the box with telephones, clock radios, sheet metal, plexiglass tubes, piano cabinets, tin cans, and more. Still want more? You're in luck! With the Convolve module, you can teleport your sound wherever you please by loading in your own audio files.

Controlling distortion goes far beyond simple filtering and limiting. To get the most out of your tracks, Trash 2 includes a multiband Compressor and Noise Gate to squash the peaks, add grit and character, silence the noise, or draw out sustain. With the addition of sidechaining support, multiband processing, and an updated compression algorithm, the Dynamics module is sure to be among the most powerful tools in Trash 2.

Trash isn't just about distortion. Go a step further by using a classic lo-fi Delay. Choose from delays that include: tape delay with saturation and nonlinear tape machine artifacts, tape-tube delay with added tube saturation modeling, classic analog delay with analog degradation, and lo-fi digital delay with quantization noise and aliasing. Increase your distortion potential with new presets and impulses in our versatile Expansion Packs, each designed for exclusive with Trash 2.

Trash 2 can unleash sonic mayhem on any signal that runs through it, but with that power comes great responsibility. With a sophisticated sense of restraint, Classic Textures is Trash 2's most responsible pack yet. Or, choose from 70 new presets to coat your mix in everything from 80's synth grit to warm wax to earthy, retro moods.

It's easy to get a feel for Classic Textures—give your sound the subtle nuance it deserves. The Edge Expansion Pack is full of extra-exotic and extra-gritty presets for a broad range of sonic treatments, perfect for unconventional guitars, synth basses, synth pads, drum mangling, and more. Bit-crushed, filtered, and filled with an extra-dirty vibe, the Edge Expansion presets offer a more angular, vintage, and experimental "edge" to your Trash 2 experience. With 30 new Impulse Responses for further tone coloring and 70 new Presets built directly for these impulses, the Edge Expansion content was born to bring out the best of Trash 2's warm, jagged, nasty, subtle, classic, out-there sound.

Plugin Boutique do not have nor do they claim any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Plugin Boutique or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the product or the accuracy of the description. First released in , it has gone on to stand the test of time, being used on various We put the newly updated distortion plugin to the test Attack is an electronic music magazine dedicated to impartial, independent insight, news and reviews on technology, technique and creativity.

The new UI is slick and it sounds heavier than ever. Loving the new algorithms. Mac Gurus teach software skills - Tutorial-Videos, gear reviews, and software news for creative people. Choose from over impulse responses or load your own to put your bass in a washing machine or your keys in a cave Find a new voice: make your audio speak and growl with two redesigned Filter modules, each one featuring new vowel formant filters, screaming peaks, node modulations, and more Start trashing your audio immediately with an extensive new preset library and an ear-friendly Limiter that ensures you can play without fear Trash and Burn Not all distortions are created equal.

Shape Shifter Invent a distortion that the world has never heard. Follow Your Impulses The power to morph sound from one object to another is yours with the new Convolve module. Multiband Trash Module The heart of Trash is its dual-stage multiband waveshaping distortion—allowing you to chain pairs of distortions together for sonic manipulation. Apply different distortion types to up to 4 frequency bands.

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Chain two distortion algorithms for each frequency band for up to 8 different flavors of destruction. Choose from over 60 different distortion algorithms. Design and edit your own distortions using the new graphic-based Waveshaper. Filter each stage with the included Post Filter. Filter Modules With distortion, tone is everything. Get twice the filter action with brand new Filter 1 and Filter 2 modules. Add LFO and envelope modulation per node to get wahs, wubs, tremolos, and other sweeping effects. Let your Filter settings react dynamically to other incoming audio with new sidechaining support.

Put both Filter modules in parallel to achieve different combinations of filter settings simultaneously.

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