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You don't have to apply the same amount of foundation all over your face — if the skin on your forehead is clear and even-toned, you might only a little foundation there, or none at all, while you might need 2 layers on your chin due to redness. Use a beauty blender sponge if you want sheer coverage. Dampen your beauty blender with just a little water, then add liquid foundation to the tip. Blot the beauty blender on your face for sheer coverage without streaks. Use your fingers to apply your foundation for a natural look. The heat from your fingers and the act of massaging the foundation into your skin can help give you a more natural glow.

Use a foundation brush for more coverage and to create definition. A foundation brush can help you get more coverage, especially when you stipple, or blot, the foundation rather than wiping your brush across your skin. It can also help you get makeup into creases that may be hard to reach with a sponge or your fingers, like around your nose. Apply concealer or more foundation under your eyes if you need extra coverage.

The MAC Makeup Brush Bible

If the area under your eyes shows dark circles, you may need a heavy concealer or an extra layer of foundation to help you get a fresh, even skin tone. Apply this after your foundation and blend it so it matches seamlessly. Choose setting or pressed powder to set your foundation.

Your finishing powder can be either loose or pressed, as long as it is light enough to look natural over foundation. If you are happy with the coverage from your foundation, choose a translucent powder. If you would like more coverage, use a powder that closely matches your skin tone. Choose a beauty blender, powder brush, or powder puff for application. Using a beauty blender with powder will give you a full coverage look, a powder brush will give you a soft glow, and a powder puff will create a matte finish by absorbing oil. Start in the center of your face and work your way out.

Just like when you're applying your foundation, you'll get the most even coverage by applying powder to the center of your face and then blending your way out. Coat your brush, puff, or blender with powder, then gently tap the tool on the side of your beauty container to remove excess powder.

How To Apply Foundation With A Flat Foundation Brush

Apply the powder with a stippling motion. When you apply your powder, you should blot it onto your face, a technique known as stippling. This helps you to get an even look without allowing the powder to cake onto your face. Make sure you blend the powder all the way out to your jawline. Dust a clean brush over your face to remove excess powder. Finish your look with a setting spray. Makeup setting sprays are a mist that you lightly spritz over your face after you've finished applying your makeup.

They'll help lock in your look so you look your best all day long! It is best to go to a cosmetics shop or the cosmetics counter at a larger chain store and have a professional cosmetologist help you pick a color. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful You can use concealer! A concealer or color corrector is a type of cosmetic that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin. It is similar to foundation, but thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 5.

It depends on your skin type.

If you have normal skin, choose a light moisturizer in cream or gel form. Dry skins should look for richer, oil-based moisturizers, and those with oily skin should use light, water-based gels. If you have sensitive skin, choose a hypoallergenic moisturizer. You want to blend it outwards so the colors are noticeable, but not pigmented like a clown's makeup. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. After applying MAC foundation, my skin becomes dark and dull, what do I do?

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. When applied after foundation, do loose and pressed powders have the same effect on the skin?

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Yes, loose and pressed powders have the same effect when applied after foundation. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. Cecilia Flores. You could go to a dermatologist and have them tell you about your skin if you really want to know precisely which products could work and how to take care of it. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. They have professional makeup artists to help you match products, find them and try them on. What can be used instead of primer. I use lactocalamine as daily cream. Can I apply foundation after applying it? How To Apply Foundation Properly. How To Apply Foundation Primer.

How To Apply Liquid Foundation On Face?

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