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Latest News. Kementerian Undang-undang dan Hal Ehwal Anak Negeri ditubuh penuhi janji kepada rakyat Katanya, lagi objektif kementerian tersebut adalah menangani transformasi pengurusan hal ehwal anak negeri, status anak negeri dan Mahkamah Anak Negeri berserta undang-undang adat yang perlu dikemaskini dan digubal. Full Story. Lebih 1, penduduk, ahli AIM Kundasang dan Ranau hadiri program Korban Perdana Sempena majlis itu sebanyak lima ekor lembu telah dikorbankan sumbangan AIM Wilayah Sabah Barat di mana sebahagian daging korban itu telah diagihkan kepada golongan asnaf sekitar kampung Bahab.

Penduduk Malaysia Penjual ikan di Pasar Safma jual ikan guna bahan letupan masih dilakukan di pasar Safma di sini dengan peniaga didapati menyorokkan hasil tangkapan itu di bawah meja selain meletakkannya di tepi dinding berhadapan kilang ais di pasar berkenaan sebelum dijual. Wujudkan kawasan merokok di kawasan bandaraya masih dalam perbincangan: Arifin "Hal ini kerana jika kita tengok negara Singapura, walaupun ia merupakan sebuah negara yang tegas dalam perihal undang-undang, namun mereka masih menyediakan kawasan khas bagi perokok untuk merokok," Full Story.

Suami dilepaskan tuduhan memukul atas ihsan isteri Mengikut pertuduhan, Felik memukul isteri menggunakan lampu suluh di sebuah kampung di daerah Papar pada jam lebih kurang 7 petang, 27 April lalu. The report also pointed out that Taib, who is also the Chief Minister of Sarawak of 30 years, holds the monopoly over timber harvesting and planting contracts, export of timber, providing services to other countries for the maintenance of public roads as well as the production and sale of cement, as well as other construction materials, in order to accumulate wealth for his family members and cronies.

The Taib family holds a CMS is the main contractor for several state construction projects; including the construction of the new Sarawak State Legislative Assembly building worth RM million, the maintenance contract over 4, km of roads throughout Sarawak, and the maintenance contract over km of federal roads in Sarawak under a year concession awarded by the State Government. Sarawakians are left with a public infrastructure 20 years behind the public infrastructure felt in the Peninsular of Malaysia. This is turn causes the students to travel long distances and to walk kilometres of road every single day in order to go to school.

Deputy Prime Minister and also Minister of Education, Muhyiddin bin Yassin claimed that Sarawakians are blissfully living and working in content during his three day trip to Sarawak February 27 to February However, as shown by relevant data, Sarawak has one of the highest percentage of families living in extreme poverty in Malaysia. According to the speech by Minister in Welfare, Women and Family Development Sarawak, Fatimah Abdullah on January 31, , 20, people are living in hardcore poverty with incomes of less than RM a month.

Meanwhile, 26, people are living below the poverty line with incomes of less than RM a month and 15, people are stuck in a low income household with income of less than RM2, a month. The minister said that in the present situation, poverty and hardcore poverty rates in the state is recorded at 4. According to the 10th Malaysia Plan Table 1 in , 34, Sarawak family household earn incomes per month less than RM with their monthly per capita income of RM By , the poverty rate has fallen from 7. However, out of 27, from , household earn an income less than RM with a monthly per capita income of only RM It also means that during the 5-year plan, only 7, households are lifted out from poverty with their per capita income enchanced at only RM Based on that data, a total of 80 percent of Sarawakians earn an income per capita of less than RM per month.

The average monthly expenditure per household stands at RM2, It can be seen that even a family with two wage-earners, the standard of living is beyond their financial capabilities.

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According to the data provided by the Sarawak police, crime occurrences in Sarawak in stands at a total of 9,, an increase 7. However, the latest reports also pointed out that, in January , the crime rate in Sibu, Sarawak as compared to January last year, jumped as much as In other words, Muhyiddin is disconnected with the realities of Malaysians on the streets living in fear and living in poverty caused by greedy politicians and dirty politics. Muhyiddin fails to see eye to eye and understand the difficulties faced by the ordinary Malaysians.

Sarawak receives over RM Furthermore, allocation to Sarawak under the 9th Malaysia Plan accounts for 7 percent of the entire federal development cost, with majority of the allocation channeled to the development of basic infrastructure and the Sarawak Renewable Energy Corridor SCORE. Najib introduced a series of key performance indicators KPIs in order to strengthen the infrastructure of rural areas after replacing Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Hence, Sarawak becoming the focus of development under the 10th Malaysia Plan. Table 2 : Allocation under 8 th ,9 th and 10 th Malaysia Plan. RM14 billion [5]. According to Table 2, in the 15 years from till , Sarawak has received federal funding totaling at RM Yet, within those 15 years, the citizens of Sarawak have not felt the development in public infrastructure as opposed to what was occurring in the Peninsular of Malaysia.

From the total approved funds, as of December 31 st , only RM1.

Of the road projects in Sarawak planned, only projects have been completed. Amongst them, 13 projects valued at RM Millions of ringgit have been spent on badly designed and lack of, if not, absent of quality infrastructures in which, fail to benefit the citizens of Sarawak. Hence, the lives of ordinary Sarawakians are arbitrarily jeopardised every single day, using those roads constructed by the greed of the few, affluent and influential.

The BN lead government introduced the controversial project Sarawak Energy Corridor SCORE in , with the plan to construct 18 large dams all over Sarawak, coal mining quarries, and oil and gas refineries. It is one of the five regional development corridors planned throughout the country. But the biggest beneficiaries are the Sarawak State Government-owned Sarawak energy corporation Sarawak Energy which received billions of ringgit worth of memorandums.

Another 7 dams are expected to be completed post Those two damns are the Batang Ai dam, completed in and the controversial Bakun Dam completed in The contstruction 18 large dams are expected to cost RM 44 billion. These large dams were constructed and planned to increase electricity supply. Yet the question is whether Malaysia is in need of that much wasteful energy? As expected with mega projects, huge portions of land are needed. Hence, native lands are robbed, illegally seized and sold. Prime million year old rain forests are destroyed; rare flora and fauna are killed and chased out of their homes; thus increasing the chances of human and animal confrontation.

Lives are lost and at stake. The environment is notoriously raped without remorse. Their heritage destroyed and burned to the ground. All for the sake of the greedy few with hands made of Velcro. Dipping their sticky fingers into coffers and taking what does not belong to them. Muhyiddin confidently believes BN will regain Sibu parliamentary seats in the 13th general election. However, behind every smile is a secret.

The secret of Muhyiddin and those like him are greed and the fear of losing power. Sarawak is known as the bastion of BN Due to poverty and the lack of access to knowledge and infrastructure, Taib Mahmud may have the added advantage over the poor of Sarawak, particularly those in the remote villages of Sarawak. To Taib, Sarawakians are easily bought over and bullied. To Taib, Sarawakian votes are his and only his. The relationship between Taib and his votes cannot be broken.

But he forgets, all that is will not always be. Sarawakians are not blind; they are just precluded from their basic rights under his iron fists. They are blind to the beauty of Sarawak.

Nazri: Maintain original names of places to preserve national heritage

Their blindness is caused by greed. The greed to rob, plunder and destroy. Their greed haunts them. And yet, your average Joe and Jane on the street not only does not fully understand the ETP, they seem to be left out from the fruits of labour of the ETP. The real figure was a minor The failure to attract foreign investment to Educity, Iskandar. Of the ten institutions approached by the government, only two have been fully functioning. Najib used ringgit Malaysia as the currency for GNI, however in an earlier report, American dollars was used instead.

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Why the discrepancy and non-compliance of currency? Najib also claimed an increase of 22 percent in private investment from to However, what can be seen is that still the major contributor of investment are from the government. Yet, he seems to have left out the representatives of those institutions facing immense struggles of bureaucracy causing a mismatch of departments put in place and a lack of students with staff interested to work in Educity. Malaysia be a leader in global shopping but Malaysia also suffers a heritage loss such as the crumble of iconic places in Jalan Sultan, Tun Perak, Lebuh Pasar and even the infamous yet iconic Pudu Jail and the non-discriminatory loss of our million years old forests particularly in East Malaysia.

Najib may have claimed much successes over the implementation of the ETP but what remains is the amount of gold felt by the common people of Malaysia. Purchasing power parity is 2x of the Malaysian GNI. Instead, a much smaller RM million equipment refurbishment and training centre project was highlighted. Lfoundry in Germany is declaring itself insolvent and going into bankruptcy proceedings. Instead three additional heritage routes and the upgrading of Masjid Jamek were highlighted instead.

Strangely though, no progress update was given in the Annual Report on this huge project. The initiative will consequently allow for. Khazanah Nasional Bhd and Permodalan Nasional Bhd have identified a total of 10 companies to be divested to Bumiputera companies. Eight of these have officially been tendered for divestment. It recently lost its listing status as it was not able to regularize its financials. RM5 million was invested but only 22, Malaysians registering for it.

Lfoundry scrapped its operations in Kulim Hi-Tech Park.

Pukul isteri guna ekzos, pengawal keselamatan ditahan polis

Instead of the ETP, Malaysia should emulate South Korea and Taiwan in reinventing its economy and moving up the value curve to high-quality products. RM40 billion will go to the government in net taxes. But using its forecasts for income and population growth, and inflation, the target should be RM54,, not RM48, Malaysian investment abroad of RM Cypark Resources Bhd has covered the 26ha former landfill in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, with up to 32, solar panels, turning the area into what is said to be the largest solar photovoltaic PV farm in the country and South-East Asia.

But bigger reforms are absent from manufacturing and the labour market that suffers from entrenched affirmative-action policies. Competition Act gazetted in and the first case is solved. The goal is to develop graduates who are industry-ready and employable. But World Bank note the figure was only Foreign education institutions are struggling to launch in Educity.

Eastern Sabah Security Zone

Of ten institusion approached to open campuses, only two institutions have officialy fully operated. Recycled old projects such as the Tanjung Agas that was originally launched in with an investment shot of RM8 billion [24] that is relaunched under ETP as a transforming project. IHH Healthcare IPO falls flat, expects not dividends as it is no longer attractive to investors nor is it supportive of its rich valuation. Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak merasai tekanannya apabila kadar sokongan terhadap beliau menunjukkan penurunan. Keadaan tidak menyebelahinya apabila beberapa kajian turut meramalkan Najib akan gagal dalam penawanan semula kerusi dua pertiga majoriti dalam Pilihan Raya Umum ketiga belas PRU akan datang ini.

Keadaan ini bakal mengakibatkan Najib menjejaki langkah bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang terpaksa mengangkat bendera putih dan berundur selepas PRU ke yang lalu. Dalam usaha saat-saat terakhir menarik sokongan rakyat, Najib menangguhkan penetapan tarikh pembubaran Parlimen walaupun telah sudah tamat penggal 5 tahun Parlimen. Contoh kejayaan menurut GTP beliau termasuklah; penurunan kadar Jenayah, peningkatan dalam purata pendapatan isi rumah, kadar inflasi terendah di rantau dan lain-lain. Namun, ianya juga didapati bahawa beberapa isu penting tidak mendapat perhatian, terutamanya kadar hutang dan defisit negara.

Selaku Menteri Kewangan, Najib tidak kelihatan berprihatin langsung terhadap hutang negara yang kini telahpun mencecah RM,juta, di mana mencakupi sebanyak Sedangkan beliau beria-ria dengan pencapaian program-program transformasi yang diperkenalkan dan giat digerakkan olehnya, Najib tidak mengkaji dengan teliti keadaan kewangan negara yang kian membimbangkan, ataupun sengaja ditepikan demi mempertahankan air mukanya sebagai pemimpin tertinggi dalam negara, lebih-lebih lagi, demi mempertahankan tampuk pimpinannya. Pencapaian yang diraikan sememangnya dihiasi dengan peruntukan dan perbelanjaan yang tinggi-tinggi belaka.

Contohnya, jumlah perbelanjaan kerajaan Najib bagi tahun mencapai sejumlah RM Walaupun negara terpaksa berhadapan dengan deficit yang meruncing akibat ketidaktelusan dan ketirisan yang serius dalam pentadbiran, Najib tidak menunjukkan dedikasi dan usaha untuk menjimatkan kos dan menolak perbelanjaan yang ghairah. Kekayaan negara dan kebajikan rakyat terpaksa digadai, sekadar-kadarnya demi memenuhi keangkuhan seseorang pemimpin.

Kajian Politik untuk Perubahan KPRU , sebuah badan pemikir dan penyelidikan berpendapat pengumuman kejayaan GTP dibuat berasaskan perasaan positif palsu yang diberikan untuk membuktikan Najib berjaya menakluki gunung kejayaan sosio-ekonomi di bawah pentadbiran beliau. Najib turut mengancam negara akan menjadi teruk jika berlakunya pertukaran kerajaan.

Adakah kita mahukan seorang pemimpin yang menggugut keselamatan jika kita tidak mengekalkan kuasa beliau? Menurut beberapa kajian antarabangsa dan badan bukan kerajaan, di mana berada kejayaan yang didokong, pastinya terdapat kegagalan yang disembunyikan dan dalam isu ini, terdapat beberapa kegagalan 7 NKRA di bawah GTP. Terutamanya masalah penurunan kadar jenayah yang berbeza dengan persepsi rakyat terhadap jenayah yang tidak didapati dalam laporan yang baru-baru ini.


Adakah inisiatif mengurangkan Perasaan Takut terhadap aktiviti Jenayah Crime — Reduce Fear of Crime yang telah diperuntukkan sebanyak RM juta pada tahun telah membawa kesan positif kepada rakyat Malaysia? Ianya terbuka untuk perdebatan. Walaupun kerajaan menegaskan kadar jenayah di negara ini telah menurun, akan tetapi, Kumpulan pemerhati jenayah, Mywatch mendedahkan PDRM hanya menggunakan kategori jenayah indeks bagi mengira kadar jenayah tetapi tidak mengambil kira jenayah bukan indeks dalam NKRA walaupun pentadbiran Najib telah menjelaskan perbezaan antara persepsi rakyat terhadap jenayah dengan angka Pemandu merupakan suatu perkara yang amat penting kepada rakyat.

Oleh demikian, ianya didapati bahawa pengumuman GTP hanya fokus kepada pencapaian dan kejayaan yang mislead merupakan satu taktik Najib bagi menarik balik sokongan rakyat demi mengekalkan kuasa pentadbiran negara beliau. KPRU menegaskan bahawa Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara yang mengamalkan sistem Demokrasi, adalah wajar untuk memberikan peluang kepada calon pemimpin negara untuk menyampaikan dasar-dasar kepada rakyat.

Manakala, rakyat harus diberikan peluang untuk membuat pilihan yang paling tepat semasa PRU tanpa ugutan oleh mana-mana pihak. Oleh itu, KPRU menuntut perdebatan antara Najib dan Anwar diadakan sebelum PRU, dan bukannya terukan persembahan solo beliau dengan berada di pentas berlakon dengan dirinya. Namun, beliau masih tidak kelihatan bersedia untuk menyahut undangan Anwar Ibrahim yang telah berkali-kali mengajak Perdana Menteri untuk berbahas.

Sekiranya Najib begitu berkeyakinan dengan keberkesanan dan kejayaan program transformasi serta dasar-dasar lain yang dilaksanakan kerajaan BN, mengapakah beliau tidak sanggup berbahas dengan Anwar Ibrahim untuk sekali gus menyerlah kemampuannya yang tidak dapat dipersoalkan? Pada April hingga Julai , beberapa kes rompakan terjadi di kawasan tempat letak kereta pusat membeli belah, termasuk Mid Valley, One U, dan Publika.

CPI bertambah baik daripada tangga ke tahun kepada tangga ke tahun Mengeluarkan buah sekolah berprestasi rendah kepada jaluran yang lebih baik. Skor purata pencapaian pelajar Malaysia dalam Matematik dan Sains merosot dengan ketara. Skor Matematik merosot kepada mata berbanding dengan mata pada tahun Dibelakang negara-negara seperti Korea, Singapura, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong dan Jepun, yang menduduki lima tangga teratas seluruh dunia.

Skor Sains merosot kepada mata pada berbanding pada tahun E-Kasih telah berjaya mengeluarkan , rakyat daripada belenggu kemiskinan. Lebih , unit kediaman mampu milik. Sepanjang tiga tahun ini, 4, usahawan wanita telah dilatih, melebihi sasaran awal berjumlah 4, yang telah ditetapkan pada permulaan GTP 1. Berdasarkan kenyataan Timbalan Menteri Wanita, Keluarga dan Pembangunan Masyarakat, sebanyak 2, orang usahawan wanita dilahir bagi tempoh Januari sehingga 31 Ogos Berdasarkan kenyataan Najib pada Jun , jumlah isi rumah sebagai miskin tegas yang berdaftar di bawah sistem e-kasih telah berkurang daripada 50, kepada 33, Ini bermaksud jumlah isi rumah miskin tegar bertambah Lebih 1.

Lebih ribu isi rumah di kawasan luar bandar kini telah mendapat akses elektrik. Sebanyak 53, unit rumah penduduk miskin luar bandar telah dibina dan dibaik pulih. Sebanyak projek bernilai RM Sebanyak 13 projek sakit Laporan Ketua Audit Negara juga mendedahkan bahawa TNB meluluskan projek bernilai RM65, bagi membekalkan elektrik kepada lima buah rumah terbengkalai di sebuah kampung di Bera, Pahang. Sehubungan itu, laporan berkenaan menilaikan prestasi projek BELB sebagai tidak memuaskan dengan hanya Pengenalan bas dalam bandar Go kl.

Menaik taraf monorel.

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Bilangan bas sedia guna berjumlah kurang daripada 50 peratus keseluruhan bas sebenar. Kadar kemiskinan negara menurun daripada 3. BR1M menjadi inisiatif tahunan. Dasar Gaji Minimun masih belum dapat dilaksanakan secara keseluruhan.