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Following months of negative press , horror stories over repair costs, and upsetting the core fan base of the MacBook platform, Apple has confirmed that there is a flaw in the new butterfly keyboards of the MacBook an MacBook Pro machines. Introduced in , the butterfly keyboard promised a narrower profile and the ability to design thinner laptop computers around the new input mechanism. Users who have had previous repairs can discuss the issue of a refund with Apple.

Essential Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Ought To Know

A plain-looking support page updated late on Friday confirms the details :. Apple has determined that a small percentage of the keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:. Look closely and see if the area under the keys looks clean or clogged with debris, lint, dirt, etc. If the undersides of the keys are clear and clean then there could be a problem with the key switches themselves. Though that is more likely to be some and not all at the same time.

That would have to diagnosed by a tech such as an Apple store genius bar.

An ode to Apple’s awful MacBook keyboard – TechCrunch

If the keyboard needs cleaning it is probably best to find a good electronics techniician or Apple authorized repair service where they can carefully remove the key caps and clean the base and then replace the key caps. Feb 21, AM. Page content loaded. Question: Q: my macbook pro keyboard buttons are become hard to press.

Apple's solution is absurd

Because, as I say, the act of using the keyboard results in audible clackclackery. Several colleagues have garnered dagger glances and been told to dial it down at conferences on account of all the key clattering as they worked. Yet a keyboard is made for working.

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Or it should be. Instead, Apple has made a keyboard for making audible typos.

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As design snafus go, this is up there with antenna-gate. I guess you could type really slowly to try to avoid making all these high-speed typos. But that would have an obvious impact on your ability to work by slowing down your ability to write. So, again, an abject mess.

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This demonic keyboard has summoned Siri unasked. Thanks stupidly pointless Touch Bar! No thanks to the technologies involved.

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It equally countlessly fails to dis engage when re-pressed. The result? Though it was Casey Johnson, writing for The Outline , who raised the profile of the problem last year, kicking up a major stink over her MacBook keys acting up or dead after a brush with invisible dust. Since then keyboard-related problems have garnered Apple at least one class-action lawsuit. Meanwhile, the company has responded to this hardware headache of its own design like the proverbial thief in the night, quietly fiddling with the internals when no one was looking.

Most notably it slotted in a repair earlier this year, when it added a sort of silicon gum shield to wrap the offending butterfly mechanism, which is presumably supposed to prevent dust from wreaking its terribly quotidian havoc.