Except no CD. My purchase history shows no entries for initial buy or subsequent upgrades, over the years.

Thanks a lot for wasting valuable research time. I'm 70 years old this year — the clock's tickin', dammit! JJBodamer, you don't have to swear [even semi-swear] and there's a good many of us here older than that. So actually we don't even know what your question is? Do you have or not have a working installation of Family Tree Maker? We know Terry does not because he said so. You haven't said if you have a working installation or not.

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At least in this thread. Even if you had installed an old edition, you would still have to pay for a new edition. Can you please let me know if the edition which we bought online is registered.

Family Tree Maker 2017: Getting Started and Taking a Look Around

Also if it has been can I download the version without loosing anything more. I have been doing research for over 30 years. I have never seen anyone yet that can trace their family back to these early dates year , etc, and document their line back this far. There is always some skips in their proof.

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Decided to upgrade. I was able to get the free upgrade to FTM After I registered this, I went through upgrade process again and it then showed I had I did not attempt to contact MacKiev and request other options. The great thing was I was able to upgrade to It converted my previously downloaded trees from Ancestry and reconnected and synced. Last time whenever reinstalling I used to have to delete trees from my computer then download new to sync. But that was never an issue since I did all my changes online and not within FTM.

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I have the version and had an older version before that the older version was better. What can I do to upgrade please and can I transfer data to another genealogy provider? I was told to use Geni. This is very discouraging and frustrating to have to do that as I am a senior citizen with failing eyesight… also extremely time-consuming! Any suggestions on how I can continue to build on my FTM tree and be able to print it out? Please HELP! SrI have uesd Family tree maker for 10 yrs and tried to down load i am 78 yrs old How can i get a up date.

I purchased the FTM Now, there are no green leaves on any of my names and have no idea how this has benefitted m e! There is no telephone number given for FTM so that I can talk to someone on how to proceed! Could someone please respond on how this version has helped me? I do have a current subscription to Ancestry. Mine did not link automatically. Now I have to figure out how to get them linked without uploading them to Ancestry since they are already there. I do not have a family tree on Ancestry nor will I ever.

I investigated the option and when Ancestry told me that if I put a tree up, then they own the copyright an I forego all my rights to the material -yes, I lose everything I researched, after paying them for the ability to research. We bought FTM , It would never install on my laptop. I spent 4 hours on the phone with someone from Ancestry. The icon still shows up but it goes no where.

How do I find my serial number, so that I can activate my FTM upgrade from FTM ??

No one can tell me my hard work belongs to them. I do a lot of research in libraries, cemeteries, court houses, etc that have nothing to do with Ancestry but I do put that info in my FTM so I can print reports, etc. It will be interesting to see what the new company has in their agreement. Made my new laptop with 8Gb ram and 1Tb hard drive run like a slug; tried de- and re-installing several times over the years. Same slug result. Laptop works great without it. Funny thing is I bought a Win 7 desktop and upgraded to Win 10 last summer.

But if I find a family member that still shows up in the list, I can trace down to the new individuals. My Ancestry tree has less than names. I prefer to choose who to add. I also go back and forth with having a membership and am currently in a not active membership period. I do my own backups to my external hard drives and memory sticks. You dont understand about syncing! And secondly its free to have a tree on Ancestry , so many misconceptions being banded around! I downloaded it when FTM no longer worked.

Hope this helps. With FTM I ended up with duplicates in both my home tree and the one on Ancestry and in some cases it added info to the wrong person.

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Currently, the following languages are available:. MacFamilyTree 9 requires macOS For the sync between different devices an iCloud account is required. What customers say. Great product and outstanding support. I wrote this morning with a question and received an answer in less than 5 minutes.

Finally, a user friendly genealogy app that is enjoyable for me to work with on my iMac. The price is right. And, you own it - without having to rent it. There are so many options for making reports, and website building, and working with photos within this new version. This is my favorite genealogy app, now. I have been using MacFamily Tree since the beginning and have watched as it has improved over time.

I love this app and especially appreciate the ability to use it on my iPhone and iPad. These folks do a terrific job! Thank you to the developers for writing an exceptionally useful app!