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It is available as a stand alone application or for an additional cost as a customizable set of files. The CMK file available for download is the stand alone version.

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It is fully functional and complete. The customizable file requires FileMaker Pro 5.

What Is Church Management Software?

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FileMaker database to keep records of most church functions. Church Membership Keeper is church management software designed for any size church. It is a cross-platform shareware package of files that will allow a congregation to track a complete range of information for each member of the church including children.

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The program allows the church to keep track of ministry involvement, tithes, giving, pledges, gifts and donations, favorite scripture passages and songs, family relationships, anniversaries, birthdays and much more. CMK includes the ability to print labels, letters, post cards, phone, address, and picture directories, financial reports including the IRS required financial statement.

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Updated Troi Text Plugin function. Fixed the ability to store primary records. Updated contact information. Windows file updated for compatibility with current Mac version.

Common Features of Church Management Software

The company also releases application for iPhone, thus being able to assist church-going mobile device users in their ministry. An overview of their products can be viewed on their website www.

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Church Membership Online. Probably the most forward approach to church management is to take it online. Having all the data on a website so that every member, volunteer and congregation staff can update and work together on it regardless on their location is a real advantage. They also offer reliable and inexpensive website hosting plans for churches and ministries, namely Church Office Online. Pro Presenter 3.

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The program can be adjusted to any size display, allowing slides and backgrounds to grow or shrink easily and its output screen fully supports any resolution, from standard-def, HD or even ultra-wide resolutions for multi-screen installations. ProPresenter also supports Quartz Composer documents, an advanced graphics rendering system based on mathematical computations. These documents look like QuickTime movies, but are much smaller in size and can even accommodate external audio or video inputs.

Tutorials can be found on their website. Church Software Plus.