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Well, as of macOS This means that, if you depend on this software, you need to make some changes. You have several options of which we will focus on below.

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Your first option is to buy a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac. Also, you can't share it with your family members, and if you happen to also work on a Windows PC, you won't be able to install the software.

Office for Mac 2011: Home and Business

So this isn't a very flexible option. Office is Microsoft's subscription service , which offers access to the full Office suite, along with with online features such as 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

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The Personal version allows you to install the software on one Mac or PC, one iPad, and one iPhone, so it's not ideal if you have two Macs; the Home version gives you five installations of each kind. These subscriptions also include 60 minutes of Skype calls to mobile phones and landlines per month. The advantages to Office are obvious: multiple devices, both computers and iOS devices, and cloud storage. If you want to use Office apps anywhere, this is the best solution.

Microsoft Office isn't the only productivity suite out there. In fact, unless you absolutely need to collaborate with others who use Office, there's no reason why you should use Microsoft's apps instead of others. These apps offer advanced features, and are easier to use than Microsoft's Office apps. If you're just working on your own, and don't need any special pre-designed spreadsheets, Word style sheets, or Power Point templates, these apps will do most of what you need.

Spreadsheet mavens may find Numbers a bit weak, and if you're used to using PowerPoint, the different features may take some learning, but all of these apps can handle most productivity needs. There is also an iCloud version of the iWork apps, so you can compose and edit documents in any web browser, and even share your documents via the web to others who don't have the apps. This is streamlined, and allows you to access your work from any device, but the risk is that you may lose Internet access and not be able to get to your files.

But you could do this, with either iCloud.

High Sierra leaves Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 behind, 2016 edition needs updating

All these prices are per user, so if you want apps for your family, Microsoft's Office is a better deal though Apple's iWork is even better, being free, but if you also use PCs, you might find iCloud. If you do use Apple's Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, you can save files in formats that Office users can read; you can also open files they send you.

In the Format menu, you can choose. If it sounds like I'm banging on a bit about the Windows version, I am — and for two reasons. First, Office for Mac will always be judged according to the Windows version, because Mac users want that level of power and flexibility, albeit in a more "Mac-like" package. Microsoft has partly proved that point by bringing Outlook to the Mac and by making the whole suite look and feel a lot more like Windows.

Second, Office for Windows is so good it makes me want to cry. You don't realise the vast difference between them until you use both, side-by-side. Once you have, it's almost impossible to go back to the Mac version. But while those of us who can be bothered might keep separate PCs for Office, there's trouble on the horizon for the virtual machine crowd, because, in the age of tablets, notebooks and the cloud, a lot of new computers don't have the firepower to run two operating systems comfortably.

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Increasingly, we're doing more stuff with less hardware. Some reviewers would say this is too hard on Microsoft; that Mac users should be grateful to have a version of Office at all. After all, Microsoft is under no obligation to develop for competing platforms. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't think Mac users should be "grateful" for whatever Microsoft bestows upon us.

I think we ought to demand the same high quality, great design and clever thinking from all our software vendors. I mean, that's why we're Mac users, right? And quite apart from any one reviewer's design preferences, Microsoft should not be shipping software riddled with so many known — and not insignificant — bugs.

High Sierra leaves Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 behind, 2016 edition needs updating

That's Vista-style sloppiness. The truth is, Office for Mac has always felt like second-rate software. Given the resources Microsoft has at its disposal, and the ever-increasing market share of OS X, you might think that Microsoft would want to protect the pre-eminence of its file formats with unbeatable software like Office for Windows. But, as with previous editions, there's little sign that Mac users are being taken seriously. Most will use Office for Mac because they have little choice, and it's hard to escape the conclusion that Redmond simply doesn't care.

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If you want a full and satisfying Office suite, there's still only one way to go: buy a PC. Am I the only person left who thinks that's simply not good enough? Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast.

Office for Mac Delivers the Goods [REVIEW]

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Friday 16 August Office for Mac review: better than its predecessor It's head and shoulders above previous versions of Office for Mac, but it's still not a patch on the Windows version of the same software suite. Microsoft Office for Mac is an improvement on previous versions, but it's not a patch on the Windows version of Office By Milo Yiannopoulos.