How to Create a Screen Video Clip

Only day free trial.

Use QuickTime Player

The Lock to Application and Batch Production options are not available. ScreenFlow ScreenFlow is a full-featured software which makes it easier for you to create screencasts, edit and share your captures everywhere. Pros: Create screencasts with high quality. Record any part of the screen or the whole screen. Intuitive user interface. Transitions, annotations, text, closed caption, audio and video filters are available. Provide many effects to animate titles and logos.

Export directly to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.

To screen record your Mac with audio:

Cons: Exported videos will be watermarked. Exporting video to HTML5 is not supported. Pros: Beautiful and simple interface. Support 4K-resolution videos. Dozens of styles, video filters, effects and sounds. A collection of video clips to create amazing trailers. Cons: Lack the screen recording features. Basic audio editor users report. Pros: Offer the magnetic timeline.

Advanced editing tools and multichannel audio editing. Customize projects with filters, transitions, animations, and templates. Create videos with extremely high quality. Upload files to popular websites.

Video Capture Software for Mac - Free Software, Apps, and Games

Cons: Recording the screen is not available. Limited day free trial. Figure 8 3. Volume bar : After selecting your audio, test your audio by talking in a normal voice to test the volume. You should see a few green bars appear as you talk Fig.

Figure 9 3. Primary Video Source : If you'd like to record video of a presenter, you can select a primary video source under the Video drop-down. But you do not need to include this if you just want to record audio Fig. Figure 10 3. Additional Sources and PowerPoint 4. Additional Sources : You can also add up to two additional video sources here if you want to record your screen or an additional camera Fig.

After starting the recording, you must put your slides into presentation mode in order for them to be recorded Fig. Note: If your PowerPoint contains any motion on the slide, animations, embedded video in the slide or someone is annotating over the slide, then screen capture must be selected to be able to capture that content.

How to record the screen on your Mac

Starting, Stopping, and Pausing 5. You can now begin recording. Figure 14 5. Click STOP to stop the recording. You will have the option to upload the recording or delete it and start again. When the recording is paused, Panopto is continuing to record, but that section will be edited out of the final version. You can always get this content back by using the editor. Hotkeys : You can use Panopto for Mac hotkeys to start a recording, pause, and stop, all with a few keys so you don't need to minimize the content you're recording to click the buttons.

Manage Recordings 6. Once everything has been recorded and you have stopped your recording, you will be taken to the Manage Recordings page 15 Figure 15 6. Manage Recordings shows you all of the recordings stored on your computer, as well as the processing status of your recording.

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