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So, save the messaging apps for screen sharing between you and another individual; there are other screen-sharing methods you can use when you want to remotely connect to your own Mac. Messages makes use of your Apple ID and iCloud to initiate the screen sharing process, so screen sharing with Messages won't work for Bonjour or other Messages account types; only with Apple ID account types.

In the selected conversation, click the Details button in the top right of the conversation window. From the popup window that opens, click the Screen Sharing button. It looks like two small displays. Make the appropriate selection, depending on whether you wish to share your own Mac's screen, or view your friend's screen. A notice will be sent to the friend, informing them that they have either been invited to view your screen or that you're asking to view their screen. The friend viewing your Mac's desktop can only initially view the desktop, and won't be able to interact directly with your Mac.

They can, however, request the ability to control your Mac by selecting the Control option in the Screen Sharing window. Either party can end the screen sharing by clicking the flashing double display icon in the menu bar, and then selecting End Screen Sharing from the dropdown menu.

In the iChat list window, select one of your buddies. You don't need to have a chat in progress, but the buddy must be online and you must select him or her in the iChat list window. A screen sharing status window will open on your Mac, saying "Waiting for response from your buddy. Once your buddy accepts the request to share your screen, you will see a large banner on your desktop that says "Screen Sharing with buddy's name.

Once someone starts sharing your desktop, they have the same access rights as you do. They can copy, move, and delete files, launch or quit applications, and change system preferences.

How to Share Your Mac’s Screen Using Messages

You should only share your screen with someone you trust. Select Buddies , Ask to Share your buddy's name Screen. If they accept the request, your desktop will shrink to a thumbnail view, and your buddy's desktop will open in a large central window. You can work in your buddy's desktop just like it was your own Mac. Your buddy will see everything you do, including seeing the mouse moving around their screen. Likewise, you will see anything your buddy does; you can even get in a tug of war over the shared mouse pointer.

You can switch between the two desktops, your buddy's and your own, by clicking in the window for whichever desktop you wish to work in. You can also drag and drop files between the two desktops. You can quit viewing your buddy's desktop by switching to your own desktop, then selecting Buddies , End Screen Sharing.

You can also just click the close button on the thumbnail view of your buddy's desktop.

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Share Pin Email. It would be nice if you could update your Quicken files from any Mac you have at home, but Quicken wasn't designed for multiple users accessing the same data files. So, when you're sitting in the den and you decide to make an online purchase, you have to remember to get up and go to the home office and update your Quicken account.

With Mac screen sharing, you can bring up your home office Mac on your current screen, launch Quicken, and update your accounts, without moving from the den. Before you can share your Mac's desktop with others, you must enable screen sharing. Now that you have your Mac configured to allow screen sharing, it's time to actually make a screen sharing connection.

How to Use Screen Sharing on a Mac

There are numerous ways to access another Mac's desktop. In this article, we'll use the Finder's Connect to Server menu, which requires you to know the name or the I. All this is needed is for you to be having a conversation in the messaging app with the user of the Mac you wish to connect to. The Finder has a Connect to Server option located under the Go menu. We can use this option to connect to a Mac that has screen sharing turned on. You can now interact with the remote desktop just as if you were sitting in front of that Mac.

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While screen sharing allows you to see what is occurring on the remote screen, you are also able to take control, launch apps, manipulate files, you may run into an issue with the performance of remotely running apps. This can include video and audio being out sync or stuttering, making screen sharing a poor choice for watching a movie on a remote Mac.

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