Remove a virtual machine in Parallels Desktop for Mac

Now watch the video clip to know how it works to quickly delete an app.

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As can be seen in the video demonstration, Osx Uninstaller takes less than one minute to totally uninstall Parallels Desktop. There is no need to worry about the leftovers that may occupy large disk space if you adopt this option to remove Parallels Desktop. A reputable uninstaller guarantees a clean uninstall and save you much trouble.

  • How To Remove Parallels Desktop on macOS and Mac OS X?;
  • Delete Parallels Desktop Library Files, Caches & Preferences.
  • How to Delete a Virtual Machine in Parallels on Mac or Windows!

An all-in-one uninstaller will save you a lot of time and avoid possible issues in the app removal task. Yet if you persist to uninstall Parallels Desktop without using this handy tool, you could follow the proper steps listed below to complete the task. Note that you should be logged into the Mac with an administrator account, and you might be asked for the password again during the uninstall process. What about the virtual machines created by Parallels Desktop?

The uninstall steps listed above does not affect your virtual machines. Most Mac apps are bundle software that can be easily removed by aforementioned method.

Totally uninstall Parallels Desktop on Mac with these methods

Yet some of them will create components like preference, cache and support files in different system directories during the first setup and daily usage. If you want to completely get rid of Parallels Desktop, it is necessary to delete all related components scattered around the system. Warming : deleting the wrong items from Library could do harm to your other apps or even system, so make sure to be very careful what you try to delete.

Meanwhile, it could be time-wasting going through each folder and searching for app leftovers. Luckily, you can make use of the Search in Finder to hunt down associated files.

If there are still some files you fail to locate or identify, do a web search about the app components. After moving all associated items to the Trash, you can carry out the last step — emptying the trash. Notice: the act is irrevocable, and everything in the Trash will be deleted immediately, so be very cautious when you are performing this part.

Easy Ways to Uninstall Parallels on Mac: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

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    Efficient Ways to Uninstall Parallels on Mac

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