Choose what happens when you insert a CD or DVD

To begin, your two Macs must be on the same local network. Now, on the Mac that has the media drive ie. Double-click on that icon and you should be able to see the contents of the disc.

How to Load a Disk onto an Apple iMac Computer |

Any other options? If you have that other Mac with a media drive you can create a disk image and copy it to your drive-less Mac. Disk Utility will take some time creating the disk image. Once the image has been created, copy it to the MacBook Air over the network, double-click on it to mount it, and run it as if it was the original disc.

CD Player for Mac

Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration. However, there are some options available for playing videos on a Mac:. Once connected, the external SuperDrive acts just like an internal one. That means you can insert a DVD into a drive on one Mac, and watch it over a network using another machine. For these you need to use a directly connected SuperDrive.

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This app is bundled within OS X. If you have a SuperDrive on your Mac, insert a disc into the machine and the program will automatically launch. The app is easy to use, and will either fill your screen instantly or present the DVD menu screen in a smaller window.

When viewing DVDs in full-screen mode, the controls appear as a pop-up panel at the bottom of the screen much like the Dock with Hiding turned on. At other times these controls appear as a floating panel. To make fine adjustments to sound and picture quality, open the Audio Equalizer and Video Color, respectively. Only one can be open at a time, the other then being available from the dropdown menu at the top of the panel.

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The same dropdown offers the Video Zoom control. This control lets the user magnify and re-frame the action in the viewer window.

How to Use Apple SuperDrive in Windows

This option can be also accessed from the Window menu. When you minimize the DVD Player it keeps playing in miniature on the Dock so that you can keep an eye on the movie while doing something else. Note that all recent Macs feature a video output port. With an optional adapter, this will output the screen in S-video or Composite video — useful if you have a widescreen TV and want to use your Mac as a DVD player.

With a laptop, you can consider hooking it up to a bigger computer screen. Have you tried reading subtitles aloud to your son? You can also rip the DVD, which is illegal we must warn you, and edit the soundtrack so that there will be greater pauses between the words to fit the slo mo.

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The songs will be ruined, of course. But these actions as such are the violation of the federal copyright regulations.

Use an External Optical Drive

So, reading subtitles seems the only way out. Oups, sorry for the delay in answering, we missed the question. The Macbooks lack the DVD drive since Once connected the external SuperDrive acts just like an internal one.