Overview Left 4 Dead 2:

Be the last person surviving the battle, get yourself that Chicken dinner! Mastering Creative Destruction is going to take some time no matter how you play the game, but when you play Creative Destruction on PC and Mac with BlueStacks 4, you can reach the top with a lot more ease than the rest.

BlueStacks is the Android emulator your mother warned you about with an exclusive community with chat, a mega-fast gaming engine, and ease of use that puts you right in the action faster than any other emulator on the market. Not everyone likes to admit this, but we like violence. Since real-life violence is no good for anybody involved, give your followers what they crave by streaming Creative Destruction to major online outlets like Twitter, Facebook Live, and Twitch.

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BlueStacks 4 now makes it easier than ever to get your fans into the game with exciting live streams that allow you to play and chat with your followers at the same time. Since you are on your phone, we are going to send you to the Google Play page. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is recommended. Read more about Creative Destruction on our blog! There are several survival situations that you have to complete in the game if you expect to win. You work with a team in the game. The first challenge is escaping from a roof to get to the subway.

There are zombies on the ground below, but you have plenty of weapons to deal with them. You have to get through the building with a torch light; but look around every corner as there are surprises everywhere. When everyone is firing a gun then you might feel a bit safer as this is when most of the zombies will be killed. The game can be played with the computer as the rest of the team members or with four other players who are online. Pick up the Medkit and nearby weapons in the opening location.

At the beginning of every level there are several Medkits, which are thick, rectangular red packs, and several weapons. Head over and pick them up. On the first level, they sit on a table right next to the door. Pistol: Your automatic first weapon. Pistols are weak but accurate and, most importantly, have unlimited ammunition. If you find another one on the ground, you can pick it up to dual wield them, effectively giving you double power, shots, and firing rate. Medkits: Medkits heal your character completely. You can also use them to heal teammates. You can only hold one at any time.

You should always try and have Medkits, at a minimum, in your party. Melee Weapons: Katanas, baseball bats, chainsaws, crowbars, and other melee weapons attack in a wide swath in front of you, often killing Infected instantly. They are good options in the early difficulties, and, with the exception of chainsaws, can be used infinitely. They replace your pistol. Stay together at all times.

This is the number one piece of advice you need to follow, in any game mode, to survive L4D2. The game is cooperative, and while it may be fun to run off and act like a hero, more often than not this will get you killed. One mistake can leave you stranded and turn your team of four into a team of three. The best way to survive is as a unit. So stick together, watching each other's backs at all times. The importance of teamwork cannot be overstated. The game will punish players who head off on their own, and so will your teammates.

Move through the levels as quickly as possible.

Zombies will spawn even if you are standing still. They are not set in place and waiting there, in the same place, like most other games. Therefore, the longer you sit around, the harder the game is going to get. You need to be constantly moving forward, sticking together and clearing rooms before moving on.

If you see side rooms, set two people at the door, then quickly send the other two in to look for supplies or guns. Whenever you need to open a door, push a button, or otherwise trigger an event usually noted on the screen , tell your teammates and give them a chance to heal, use an item, or reload. Then move forward as a team. Prepare yourself in advance for hair-raising Crescendo Events. At the end of some acts is the "Crescendo Event," an enormous, incredibly difficult finale that requires you to complete some task or survive for a certain period of time.

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In the first level, Dead Center, this occurs when you need to fill the car up with gas. There will be a long, eerie silence. But once you start filling up the windows will shatter and an enormous Horde will descend upon you. Before starting a crescendo event, heal up, find all your supplies, and make a game plan with your teammates. All crescendo events will be noted to you by a "!

Some of these events, like the car in Dead Center, only end once you've completed your objective ie. You can't just sit there and wait it out because it will not end.

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Pay attention to the dialogue and objectives to end the rush as soon as possible. Understand the layout of a typical L4D2 level. When playing L4D2, you can choose a variety of different modes. All of them, however, are built on the same foundation: You have a setting, such as a mall, rainy town, or carnival, and there are 5 Chapters in each setting to survive.

Each chapter is it's own level, which is often begins with ease before getting progressively more difficult. At the end of most chapters is a big event you must survive, and at the end of each setting is usually the most difficult challenge seen so far. As you play through each game mode, note where the major events and challenges fall, helping you stay better prepared next time you play. The basic objective of the game is always "move forward.

When in doubt, save your items. The levels will only get harder. At the end of each chapter is a safe house with supplies, medkits, and ammunition. No zombies can enter it until you open the door, so this is a perfect place to catch your breath. Know that the items, enemies, and timing will change every game. Left 4 Dead 2 has a hidden AI Director that adjusts the game based on how you're doing.

This means that you can't assume you'll get the same items or challenges each time you play. You need to be constantly adapting. If you decided to use a Medkit early on, assuming you'll get another one a few rooms down based on your last play-through, you'll be sorely disappointed when it doesn't appear. Even the number and intensity of enemies will change from game to game. You need to focus on the present moment if you want to succeed. You must play to your current situation, instead of trying to figure out one perfect strategy for each level.

Method 2. Mow down the common infected while trying to save ammunition. Your basic zombie, Infected, are fast-moving, easily killed generic zombies. Their power, however, comes from the fact that they attack in swarms. There are two types -- "Mobs," which spawn behind you and hunt you down, and "Wanderers," who stand around until you run into them.

When in a group, they are called "the horde.

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  • Kill Boomers from a distance. Big, fat behemoths, Boomers call attention to the horde. If they puke on you, you lose vision and all the Infected immediately attack you. To defeat them, shoot from a distance, or shove them away and then shoot if they get too close. When they die, they explode, puking on everything around them, so only kill from afar. They burp and gurgle, revealing them from a distance if you're listening. Stay away from high damage Spitter acid.

    Overview Left 4 Dead 2:

    Lanky female zombies, Spitters shoot acid on the ground that hurts everything it touches. They also create a puddle of acid when they die. Dodge their acid and shoot from a distance. They make wet, spitting sounds. Strafe and kill Chargers from the side. They run in a straight line, pinning anyone in their path and knocking over objects in their way.