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Environment 'I will never forget the awful sight of his legs. Both legs terribly mutilated and blood pumping out made a gruesome sight after the shark's two attacks on him'.

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Health Mackay woman's six-year battle to reclaim her health has revealed a shocking invisible illness. News 'It's a bigger show, it's a noisier show, it's got a lot more attractions. News Queensland Mines Inspectorate has released a preliminary report into last year's underground coal fire. Whats On Here's a list of events on this weekend to keep you entertained.

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  • 'She doesn't whinge, just pushes through'.

Clip description Gayle Shann may not have survived her horrific injuries if her neighbour Robyn Newbury had not been a trained nurse. To play the downloadable video, you need QuickTime 7. For the past 13 years Mac Shann left has been his wife Gayle's right primary carer following an accident. She is pictured in hospital following the accident. Mrs Shann, 39, said she thought the couple's story struck such a chord with so many viewers because theirs was a rare story of true love.

In August Mrs Shann was renewing a garden fence and was using a post hole digger to drill into the ground.

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Her glove got caught in a release pin, which pulled her into the hole. In an iconic scene Mr Shann put on Mrs Shann's makeup. Mr Shann still acts as her primary carer and still does her makeup - and he's gotten 'cocky' about it, she joked. My right arm was torn off straight away and the left was also tangled in a little bit. Mrs Shann was airlifted to Townsville where she spent three weeks in hospital, before being flown to Sydney for more than two months of treatment. She received ground-breaking nerve graft surgery which meant her left arm — which looked completely dead post surgery — was able to regenerate giving her muscle and life back in the limb.

The arm does not have much functional use but she is able to bend her elbow, wrist and fingers and Mrs Shann is hopeful medical advancements will one day see her using her arm again.

Australian Story

The couple still go to a number of campdrafts every year, where they enter their horses in the unique Australian sport which sees horsemen usher a single cow from a group of cattle. Since the accident Mr Shann, 37, has acted as Mrs Shann's carer, meaning he brushes her teeth and helps her shower, get dressed and eat her meals every day. Mr Shann also does her makeup — footage of which became the most iconic scene from 's Australian Story episode. Mrs Shann says he still does her makeup for her thirteen years later.

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The year-old said she thought the footage affected viewers so much because of what it said about their closeness. The sport is important to both of them, and is how the pair met in They married in October Although she relies on Mr Shann for a lot of her day-to-day activities, Mrs Shann has regained a lot of independence in the 13 years since the accident. She does a lot of the book work for their businesses using a computer with an extra-large keyboard and mouse on the floor. Friends have also given her a modified four-wheel motorbike so she can muster horses, and there are low handles so she can do work in the couple's cattle yard.

First responder tells of her longest two hours

The sport is important to both of them, and is how the pair met and started dating in Mrs Shann was airlifted to Townsville where she spent three weeks, before being flown to Sydney for more than two months of treatment.