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And here is a link to our rebate center. Let us know if you have any other questions! Slot nr 3 on my mac pro died. Is it better to also remove the memory in slot 4? Thank you so much for your question!

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We are very sorry to hear that slot 3 has died. Please feel free to contact our Technical Support Team if you have any further questions. Can I add an extra 4gb or 8gb from other brands to the 4th slot in my MAC? Great question Duy! You will be able to add another 4GB or 8GB chip without any problems. This is one of the great qualities the Mac Pro has to offer! Please let us know if you have any further questions. Great question iKapero! Thank you for your question! Hello, — i currently have 3X 4GB factory ram modules installed.

Hi, Alex.

If planning on using the 16GB chips, you will only be able to use other 16GB chips. It is all depending on how much RAM you would like to upgrade to.

How and when to upgrade your Mac's RAM

The best solution would be to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the correct RAM. Originally came with 6 gb of Ram and now I put the 8 gigs on the 4th bank and it shows that I have 4 gigs or Ram. How so? Mac Pros will pair their memory in sets of 2s or 3s.

Your computer originally shipped with a set of 3x2GB modules. Having installed a 4th module that will have the computer trying to create 2 sets of 2 modules, which is 2x2GB modules and 1x2GB and 1x8gb module which will not work. The sets need to be of equal size.

1. “I Don’t Need More RAM”

It is only the MacPro6,1 that can use individual modules as outlined in this blog post. Yes, the slots should be filled in numerical order. If 3 modules are installed they should be in 1, 2, and 3 with 4 being empty. Wonderful and helpful test. If yes — by how much — as I will be wanting to purchase ram in the next few days.

That is an excellent question. This boils down to whether your computer will take advantage of more than 64GB. If your computer and the applications you use it for will use the 96GB, then you will see a great difference, though it is difficult to say exactly how much faster it will be. The 32GB modules are handled a little differently by the new MacPro and end up running at a slower rate.

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Also, you have the multichannel effect in memory, so the more matched modules the faster it goes when using the same amount of memory. All that together, it is best to make sure the computer will use more than 64GB or else it may actually go slower with the upgrade.

It is worth checking into, though, as the upgrade is great when it benefits the system. This is a delicate question which will depend greatly on your workload.

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I know Micro Center has another. But i did get the 4 16 gig ram …As of 11 am they have the 6 core in stock….

Shipping update — I just checked my order status for a MacPro ordered on December 26th. This would put shipping at 7 weeks at the earliest if it ships in the next few days. For computing, in general the more RAM you have, the better. If you are uncertain how much memory your system can handle, then the following Apple knowledge base documents should show you the capacities of your system:.

These documents also contain a number of images outlining how to install upgrades on your system, but in general, once you have exposed the RAM slots per the above articles' instructions, you unlatch and remove the old RAM and then fit the new RAM in its place. While you might be concerned about whether RAM is seated properly, keep in mind that you cannot easily damage RAM or your system if it is not properly seated.

At most, when your system boots up it will not be able to detect and test the RAM, and will issue three beeps without booting, or will boot and not show the RAM as being available. Even though improper seating cannot easily damage RAM, do keep in mind that static electric discharges to it can damage it. Therefore, when opening and installing new RAM, regularly touch the system to ground yourself to it, and use a static-free surface like a wood or glass desk.

While some vendors may try to sell Mac-specific RAM, you can use any that matches the requirements for your system.

2. “RAM Size Is All That Matters”

In doing so, you can avoid places that sell "Mac RAM" at a premium. After upgrading, be sure to run Apple's hardware test suite to check the new RAM for errors. This is perhaps the most important step of any RAM upgrade, since corruption in RAM can result in crashes, hangs, and data corruption. In addition, RAM errors can go unnoticed for a while, and then suddenly start to affect the system.

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