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A "Runtime Environment" RE that also allows you to run Java "applications" directly within the operating system. Which version of Java do you recommend?

If you don't need Java don't install it. So if you are running: OS X OS X If none are listed you do not have Java installed.

Install Java (JRE) | Mac OS 10.7 and later

The last update produced by Apple is Java SE v6 v1. If you need a secure version of Java and you have: OS X I have Java SE v7.

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See also this How do I update Java for my Mac? Is there anything I can do? If you have OS X If you have macOS Java Links Java. If you are running Mac OS X Go to the disabling Java SE v6 instructions below. If you have a Java preference pane and the Java Control Panel opens separately go to the "Security" tab in the control panel.

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If there is no Security tab you have an old version of Java SE v7 installed - update Java SE v7 first, then come back to these instructions. Set the 'Security Level' slider to "Very High". If you don't use Java untick "Enable Java content in the Browser".


Now go to the 'Update' tab and tick "Check for Updates Automatically". Now go to the 'General' tab, click "Settingsā€¦" under 'Temporary Internet Files' and untick "Keep temporary files on my computer" and click "Delete Filesā€¦". Click "OK". You are now also recommended to switch off Java in your web browsers. The only way would be to have a program pack with JRE included. CafeTran Espresso is very good and I don't bother about the extra layer that is needed for Java I mean: as long as Java is updated easily or even automatically and no confusion of an average computer user is caused.

I remember Igor saying that we should not install the JDK. So shall we use JDK packages now? The other thing is that CT works with Mojave and Java 8 the one you usually get , but some click features do not work, so this should be noted. The solution section about what Java to choose should be updated.

Java SE licensing, macOS, and AutoPkg - what now?

A Dutch parachutist has sent me today the Java 10 version mentioned above. At Oracle,com you only get it after registration I did this, but the confirmation email may take some hours to arrive. Home Solutions Forums. How can we help you today? Enter your search term here Login to submit a new ticket. Check ticket status.

How to Fix Java Jar File Problems (Mac)

Then, no update was installed. CafeTran Espresso works again. I guess that I'll just have to ignore this message? What wil happen on November 16?

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Will Java 10 stop working? Same here. This is a crazy story: we were on Java 10, cannot install 11 and have to roll back to 8? This is 'funny' too: From the command line, I get version 11 reported: From the applet in the System Preferences I get Just received this answer: How to install Java 11 on macOS