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And to a lesser extent, learning about IP networking. This php program is very useful, but don't leave this lying around in your web directories. Best easiest option if you don't want to provide on-going support for and security of this stuff yourself and deal with the operations of and interactions with the various pieces of Mac OS X Server and its installed php4 bits?

Upgrade off of As for your choice here, you know your own current gear best and particularly whether it is supported for use with Leopard Server, for instance , and with how you want to spend your time and your budget here.

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And when you're budgeting this, should you add your own php5 pieces here, you're also accepting the ongoing costs and time for the upkeep and any subsequent upgrades needed for the php5 bits you've loaded. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

User profile for user: rabbitdog rabbitdog. When I ran 'make test' as a prior command to 'make install' make test wasn't mentioned in TopicDesk's instructions , I got the two error messages: 1. Or should I go all out and upgrade the server OS to Next, I tried Entropy's 5. After the installer happily installed PHP 5 without any complaints, Server Admin could no longer get web service to start anymore until I removed the symbolic link to Entropy PHP's conf file. Not sure if this was expected behavior of the install.

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Ask a question Reset. Also when I used the universal installer for mysql it never gave me a chance to set a root password and I have tried the commands to set one but with no success.

Last edited 27th August at PM. Most everything else will fail if you do. To see if the path has been set properly, we can check the contents of the.

Need something that works - please. By scgf in forum Windows. Configuring remote users for thin client servers By tosca in forum Thin Client and Virtual Machines.

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By monsterplastic in forum Windows. Info needed for configuring plist files, etc. The time now is AM.

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Apple uses. Mac OS X Tiger ISO installation file to install mac in virtual box? Mac os x tiger downloaden iso. DMGConverter 5. Keka - the macOS file archiver. Download all MacOS X ISO installation file to install When you visit a website, you are of course observable by the site itself, but you are also observable by third-party trackers that the site embeds Mac OS X