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Protocol7 says you can find it at the Old Mac Archive, but I could not find it there. I did find it at the sheepmyshaver archive. I think there is another upload link to the same file in the emac 9. I've collected the later ROMs as it's always handy to have them around. After 9. There was a discussion about them on 68kmla and now that I see it, ccmac was in on that too!

The restore CDs are not the easiest and fastest way to get up and running, especially if you don't have a Mac OS X install to use, but they are the official way you could say. If someone wanted to rip out the essentials to make a Mac OS 9 booting System Folder for a machine and upload it and edit it in, that's fine by me. I'm just happy to image whatever official media I have and share, and hopefully help out some retro enthusiasts.

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Yep it's the same idea as the MDD one. It just contains the Applications and System Folder. A better method if you have a spare Mac with OS X installed is to attach the Mac you want to put OS9 onto in firewire target disk mode.

Install Mac OS 9 & Mac OS X On Macintosh G3 & G4 ITA/ENG

Then mount the dmg and copy the files to the target drive. The only way to make is Classic-friendly would be to make a DiskCopy image of it but I gathered that ccmac would manage fine with the dmg. The reason I didn't upload the whole restore cd is it doesn't give you an option of what gets restored so it would nag for disc 2 so it could install all the other OS X bundled software. An important point, but I have a feeling, like the OS9. Importantly, it requires you to boot into OSX from the hard disk and install the contents by drag and drop.

I can upload the OS9 dmg tomorrow if you need it. If it's just for the ROM I could upload that seperate. It can be added to any 9. The eMac Mhz install CD has a Sounds like you bought it - woohoo!! In OS9 it's seriously fast.

Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware (Page 6) - Hacks & Modifications - ThinkClassic

And I mean poo-your-pants fast. You'll question why you use OSX. It can even run the installer and install OS9. BUT then you can't boot off that system you've just installed. Not strange, similar perculiar things like that exist for other Macs, ie. I guess there would be little if any difference between the OS X install discs.

And the iBook only had 3 restore discs so there's more software in the MDD set. I have a similar set 9. Would there be any point uploading it? I'm not sure yet how different they would be. To the best of our knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers. If you know otherwise, please contact us and we will remove them accordingly.

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Thank you for your attention. This page is a wiki.

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  • Mac OS 9.0.4!
  • Please login or create an account to begin editing. Rating: Select rating Blech! Your rating: None Average: 4. Emulation This app works with: SheepShaver ,. Table of Contents. Mac OS 9. More Disc Images Japanese 9. More Disc Images International 9. More Disc Images 9. Login or register to post comments. If I remember correctly, on the first day they were in the shops, he went down, slapped his credit card on the counter, and walked out with possibly the most desirable Mac that Apple had ever made—I was so jealous that he could do that.

    And actually, this new material, aluminum, was much more resilient than the titanium shell of the previous PowerBook G4.

    Mac OS 9: Some Love for the Classics!

    As Jason Snell observed in his review, rather than you lifting the keyboard up to get at the internals, the AirPort Extreme card slotted in beside the battery, and there was an access panel on the bottom under which you could fit more RAM. And, oh, that keyboard! It still feels fab today, thanks not least to its new-found rigidity, and like with the new MacBook it goes right from edge to edge.

    Something capable. Adam Rosen said… Kent, you can run Tiger up to v Kent said… Thanks, Adam! March 17, at PM. October 7, at PM. JT said… I am still a huge fan of many older Macintoshes. While the and Color Classic were upgraded to a and a LC , these little systems still rock!

    Mac OS 9.0

    The Power Macintosh is a music server. February 6, at AM. Still waiting for the new Amiga, too.

    • Actual work on vintage Macs is possible – System Folder.
    • Ode to the 12-inch PowerBook G4, Apple's first desktop-quality laptop.
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    • August 12, at AM. I blame Apple for making them so backward comptible and well built. December 28, at PM. It should have 9. It was a single processor 1. It was my main computer until when I bought a Intel iMac core i5. But during the 7 years I use my MDD it received numerous upgrades. It is clocked at 1. It required a flash of sorts from Sonnet to work and needs at least Everything still works and I use I do have to say that it is very fast with that upgrade and I surf the net, play Diablo 2, send email and other games without a hitch.

      Mac OS 9.x (Main Page)

      But I love it and as long as it works, I will keep it running. If the power supply gives up, I will likely replace it with a working one and keep going. I even wrap it in the middle top to bottom with a towel to prevent accidental scratches or bumps under the desk. My Mac never gave up on me, so I plan to return the favor until death do us part.