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Small Business - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. While Word for Mac has some level of support for SharePoint and Visual Basic, it does not support all aspects of these features. ActiveX is slowly being axed by Microsoft, but the inability to work with it in Word for Mac may cause problems for users who need that feature.

Other features present in Word for Windows that are absent in Word for Mac include Digital Ink with its freestyle drawing tools; Document Inspector, which removes personal information and hidden data from a document; and embedded fonts. Word for Mac is available in two formats: as a monthly subscription or as a one-time software purchase. There are minor cosmetic differences between the two versions of Word for Mac.

Even though they were released in the same month, the new Word icon is only available in the subscription version, while the one-time-purchase software retains the Metro design interface for the most part. More important than the cosmetic difference is the update status. Although the one-time-purchase software receives necessary security updates from Microsoft, it does not benefit from new feature updates, which are included in the subscription package.

The subscription model of Word in Office can be used on multiple computers, tablets, and phones. The one-time-purchase version can be used only on one computer.

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  5. Microsoft Word for Mac is available in the Mac App Store, both as a stand-alone app and as part of the Office bundle, but both options require an Office subscription. The easiest way to install Word on your Mac is to download it from the App Store.

    What is Microsoft Word for Mac?

    You can also sign in to your Microsoft account online and order an Office subscription there. The Mac OS comes with a functional word processor called Pages , which has a WYSIWYG interface, allows you to embed pictures or create charts, and can handle invoices for small offices, term papers for students, and many other standard uses for a word processor.

    Microsoft wants to help enterprise users migrating from antiquated legacy Windows 7 kit to new platforms — but wants to make sure they keep using its cloud-based business solutions when they do. You can purchase the complete Office collection. The code used for the Mac App Store installation is slightly different than that used in other distributions. Some enterprise users may want to explore tying their Office licenses in with the Mac App Store and their own existing computer and device deployment systems.

    Microsoft Office Home and Student 12222 (1 Mac)

    In part this is because it makes it very easy for busy admins to provision multiple Macs remotely — computers simply download the software from the Mac App Store during initial set-up, and permissions can be managed in the console. Microsoft has updated its Office deployment guide to reflect that its Office suite is now available from the Mac App Store. The document may contain additional information relevant to your unique enterprise deployment, but this is some of the most salient information.

    In order to deploy the apps you need to use an enterprise mobility management EMM tool that works with one of the following:. Jamf Pro is a good example of an EMM that can handle this task. The Microsoft note explains that Office supports managed distribution, which means your MDM system can install Office even in the absence of an Apple ID from the end user.

    Office 365 for Mac is available on the Mac App Store

    Microsoft recommends using content caching in order to expedite software updates when managing large numbers of seats. You can tell which version of the software Mac App Store or from Microsoft you have by finding the Office app in your Applicatoins folder, control-click the app icon and choosing Show Package Contents.

    From Mac-friendly Pages to wallet-friendly Google Docs

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