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Return to the previous folder after verifying that these files are here. Open the Minecraft saves folder. Open the. Open the saves folder. You will see a list of folders for all of your saved games. Select "Library" from the Go menu. Double-click the Application Support folder and then open the Minecraft folder.

Finally, open the saves folder. All of your saved worlds will be listed here in separate folders. Linux - Open your User folder your name and then open. Double-click the saves folder. You should see a lit of all of your saved worlds. Copy the map folder to the saves folder. Copy the map folder containing the level. Start Minecraft. After copying the map files, you're all set to start playing! Load up the Minecraft Launcher and start the game. If you're trying to play a map for an older version, make sure to change your profile before starting the game.

Click the "Edit Profile" button in the Launcher, and then click the "Use Version" drop-down menu to select the version of the game you want to load. Open the Singleplayer menu. This will display a list of your saved worlds. Your new map will be on this list. Then delete others in the saves file. Find and load your new map. Oftentimes, the new map will show up at the bottom of the list, but this isn't always true. Scroll through the list until you find it, and then double-click it to load it.

Method 2. Download and install a File Manager app that supports archives. You'll need a file manager that will allow you to open ZIP files. You'll be using this app to extract the map files and then copy them to your Minecraft PE worlds folder. You can also use a file manager like ES File Explorer, also available for free.

how to download minecraft maps 1.4.7 mac

Make sure that the map file is for Minecraft PE, and not the computer version. Also make sure that you're downloading a map that matches your version of Minecraft PE, as it isn't as easy as it is on PC to change the version you are playing. You can see the version of Minecraft you are using on the Minecraft PE main menu. Open the Downloads folder in your File Manager app. Your File Manager will display all of the folders on your Android device.

Minecraft for Mac OS X

You can find the Downloads folder in the base directory. Tap the downloaded map archive to open it. You should see a folder with the name of the map you downloaded. Press and hold the folder inside the archive. This will open a menu of actions you can take with the folder. Select "Copy" from the menu.

This will copy the folder, allowing you to paste it elsewhere. Navigate to the games folder. You'll find this on your base directory, in the same location that you found the Downloads folder. Open the com. This will contain a folder for each of your saved games. Press and hold a blank spot and select "Paste". This will paste the new map folder into the minecraftWorlds folder. Start Minecraft PE and select the new map. Your new map will be listed in your saved games. It usually appears at the bottom, but could show up anywhere in the list.

Method 3. Install iExplorer on a computer. You can download the free version from macroplant. The only way around this is if your device is jailbroken and you can install a file manager app such as iFile from Cydia. Download and extract the map file on your computer. Download the map file that you want to install on your iOS device.

Make sure that it is compatible with the version of Minecraft PE that you are running. You can see which version you have from the main menu screen of Minecraft PE. Right-click the downloaded file and select "Extract files". This will create a new folder containing a folder with the map name. Close iTunes if it opens when you connect the iOS device. Start iExplorer. You should see your device appear in the left frame of iExplorer. Expand the "Apps" section of your device. This will display a list of all of the apps installed on your device. Find and select "Minecraft PE". Folders will appear in the right frame of iExplorer.

The minecraftWorlds folder will contain folders for each of your saved games. Drag and drop your new map folder into the minecraftWorlds folder. It should only take a moment to copy. After it has finished transferring, you can disconnect your iOS device and close iExplorer. Play your new map in Minecraft PE.

You'll be able to find your new map among the list of saved games. It may not appear on the top of the list after you add it. What if it has 3 level. First, play the world. If it doesn't work, delete level. It should work. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. Properly selects bit Java installations for macOS users.

Added ability to launch demo mode for non-premium users. This section is a stub, meaning that it lacks some important information. You can help by expanding it with further information relating to the topic. It has been suggested that the contents of this page be split. Discuss The topics presented on this page may be diverse enough to warrant distinct pages. Keyboard navigation is now supported for the username and password fields [9] The game can now be started by pressing enter on any screen where the Play button is visible Sound cues can now be enabled for login state and results.

New download system that should improve download reliability and speed. Fixed the launcher updater failing when the. Added a function where the launcher will re-validate its files after failing to start on Mac. Fixed the launcher stalling during startup if YouTube is not responding. Updated translations. The progress bar now updates properly in the "Prepare" phase [11] Speed of the "Prepare" phase has been improved on multi-core machines Fixed a bug causing game launches to stall on Linux Fixed an error that would pop up when changing game directory in any configuration Fixed the launcher update progress bar not working on mac Fixed sounds not working in Minecraft versions prior to 1.

The launcher will now display a notification of new launcher versions, even if they release while the launcher is already running. Bug fixes MCL - Long text on gray buttons is not centered and moves when hovering over it MCL - Profiles are in wrong order if there are more than ten entries in the list MCL - Launcher does not sort profiles correctly.

Added option to sort profiles either by name or by last played. Added a "Copy" button next to profiles. MCL — Launcher crashes after staying on and exiting the game Other unknown changes. MCL — "Need Assistance? Bug fixes Fixed launching modded versions [13] MCL — legacy. MCL — Minecraft Launcher 2.

First official release that replace the old launcher.

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Changed font from the Minecraft default to Segoe UI. Fixed a crash when you launched any minecraft. Fixed a bug where the Launcher could get stuck on 'Loading November 2, [17].

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  • Minecraft Bedrock?
  • New launcher iteration for testing initially for Windows and macOS Runs as a native application that no longer requires Java Interface redesign. Now warns the player when their profile has been opened in the new launcher.

    How to Install Minecraft Java Maps on PC/Mac

    Fixed Launcher window closing. Fixed closing the "Profile Editor" window. Minor changes. Launcher now creating folder " server-resource-packs " in game directory. IllegalArgumentException: Parameter 'directory' is not a directory". MCL — Fatal error launching game.

    Test launcher [20] Launcher for Windows now available as. Test launcher [21] Update for the native bootstrap Uses a local, launcher-managed Java runtime instead of system Java. Re-launching Minecraft with a user used previously will override the game output tab for that user MCL — Inherited JSON is overwritten when a library download takes place.

    Fix launcher stuck on Loading Development Console tab renamed to Launcher Log You can now run multiple instances of Minecraft at once, provided they're on different users Play button renamed to Already Playing Added some command-line switches on the Profile Editor? Added version inheritance [23]. Added a "Switch users" button to make switching users easier Another attempt to fix MCL , but the fix didn't work. Attempt to fix MCL , but the fix didn't work. MCL — Custom Versions are not loading. Added " Why can I only play demo?

    The link redirects you here. MCL — Cannot play offline in 1. Rearranged the assets folder for the new Assets Management System. Faster downloading of some big files.

    [] Asleep Adventure Map Download | Minecraft Forum

    Bridging of Mojang and Twitch accounts. Added time it took to finish jobs. Faster resource downloading. Bug fixes MCL — False positive detection of modded minecraft when crashed by stack overflow MCL — Launcher states crash of 13w36b and newer is modded.

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    Added an open game directory button in the profile editor. MCL — Launcher doesn't work. September 12, [28]. MCL — Can not log out of launcher. September 3, [29]. MCL — Many versions makes the launcher slow. August 7, [30]. MCL — Selecting Alpha 1. August 6, [31] [32]. ClassNotFoundException: net. Added a "Time Machine" feature to use Beta versions. An option for Alpha has been included but the versions are not available yet.

    Also allows players to play versions 1. July 27, [33]. MCL - Cannot play offline. Further support for Hopper Client crashes can be flagged as Public Nothing is currently done with these Profiles have the option to disable Hopper support Reporting directly to the bug tracker is only allowed if Hopper is turned off or the launcher can't connect to Hopper Hopper will not send crash report to bug tracker if the game is modded MCL — "Report to Mojang" Button creates blank report without crash report. Added support for the new crash-reporting system, Hopper [34] Any client crash will automatically submit the crash report MCL — Client token collisions can prevent players from logging in to servers.

    July 9, [35]. Fixes to the launcher having trouble playing 1. July 8, [36].

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    • MCL — Saves Password no matter what. Bug fixes MCL — Full game can be played with non-premium account MCL — Launcher gives wrong message when you sign in with username instead of email. Launcher downgraded to 1. Enabled Yggdrasil, The new auth system More secure and much more featureful. MCL — Crash after using custom version. Now includes a Profile Editor tab.

      Choosing the game's version can only be done by double clicking your profile and changing the version in the drop down list. Changes to the Version Selector area. MCL — Version selection doesn't persist between launches. Client window now uses Crafting Table icon for main window when a snapshot build is selected; Launcher window still uses Grass Block icon Selecting release builds on Windows currently uses the basic Java icon.