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And also with Mac Iperf3 is a free an open source command line tool for measuring network throughput in real time. It is based on the Iperf series software that performs active measurements to find the maximum attainable bandwidth.

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As we learned before, to improve overall network performance, we need to enhance throughput and reduce latency. Iperf3 allows you to perform tests and to produce statistics so that you can tune up the TCP or UDP connections in a particular flow. As a result, the tool can report insightful information such as:. System Requirements: It is cross-platform. Download: Get iperf3 for free by downloading it from its official site. TamoSoft Throughput Test is a simple yet powerful throughput testing tool.

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The Server listens for connections, the client and server exchange information, and the client calculates and sends the final metrics. Download Throughput test from TamoSoft official site. It specializes in measuring throughput for NetStress just run tests on IPv4 networks.

NetStress uses a performance benchmark to test the network and track changes. This benchmark is defined when the network is running smooth. Download: Get NetStress from its official website. Now that you understand throughput, you know that the time it takes for bits going from point A to point B will depend on many factors.

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Just like the cars running in a five-lane highway towards a destination, they will have delays, tolls, accidents, etc. The width of the highway bandwidth can provide a total rate but does not give you the actual rate. When referring to communications, network throughput is the actual rate of messages successfully delivered over a single channel. The problem is that throughput is often confused with bandwidth and even worst with Internet Speed. When you buy an Internet connection at a certain speed, you are theoretically paying for a specific bandwidth connection.

The idea of throughput optimization is to bring it up as close as possible to the total bandwidth. Some of the tools listed above will help you measure and create benchmarks.

WiFi Speed Test Apps

Some others will go beyond and even help you optimize it. Related Articles - Jump straight to an overview of related articles if any Google Plus - Share this page Related Articles. Jan 21, - AM - aldwada Comment Link. Oct 31, - AM - noname Comment Link. How can I get this extra information about my wifi connection on Windows OS? This is helpful.

LAN Speed Test

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    How To Check Your Ping & Internet Speed on Mac

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